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6 Innovative Upsell and Cross-Sell Techniques for Shopify in Selleasy

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June 7, 2024

Do you have a catalog of great products and still your ECommerce store's inside sales and  Average Order Value (AOV) is low?

It means, you are missing the powerful method to grow your revenue and your store's AOV, which is upselling and cross-selling.

As online shopping continues to soar, knowing upselling and cross selling examples or techniques is one fine method to increase your online store's revenue. It has proven its worth time and again which uses customer retention methods to boost sales.

Customer Retention is more powerful and cheap than customer acquisition. In fact, acquiring new customers costs 5 to 7 times more than retaining old ones. Upsell and Cross-sell is such a powerful tool that can retain your customer while increasing your inside sales.

Increase your AOV by 20% with an upsell and cross-sell app.

Needs for upsell and cross-sell strategies

The pandemic days forcefully opened the new world of E-commerce and is here to stay for decades to come. It created a sharp surge in the numbers of both online sellers and shoppers. According to ARTS, online sales in the US rose from $571.2 billion in 2019 to $815.4 billion in 2020 (4.25 trillion globally).

upselling and cross selling best practices
Rise of E-Commerce sales after the pandemic

This increased crowd in the online marketplace, also increases the competition in the E-commerce market. Even though there are a number of E-Commerce giants, at the early stages your true competitor is your fellow niche store owner. For a good E-commerce store, you need,

  1. A good selling platform
  2. Quality products
  3. First-time Buyers
  4. Ways to market your product

Once you get these things right, you are already ahead of the curve. With all these steps, you will get the first-time customer, but to turn them into repeat loyal customers, you need a good customer retention method.

Upsell and Cross-sell is the best method for customer retention that enables you to capitalize your existing customer base. When you properly follow upselling and cross selling best practices, it can boost your sales by 10-30%.

6 Proven Upsell and Cross-sell Techniques

Employing the right marketing and sales strategies only keep you in the front line of the competitive E-Commerce world and by following such strategies, brands like Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay became the market leaders. 

To make such strategies and tools available to everyone, Logbase have developed 'Selleasy' for Shopify which has compiled the best upselling and cross selling techniques of the E-commerce giants at one place.

If you are a Shopify user, you can skip the hardest part, that is writing codes to bring the upselling/cross-selling widget in your store as the best upsell and cross-sell app for Shopify is just a click away.

There are six awesome techniques to upsell a product and cross-sell in Selleasy. Let us discuss them in detail.

cross selling and upselling strategies

1. Frequently Bought Together (FBT)

When you understand your customer better and suggest them with complimentary products, then the trust and reputation of your brand will rise. This is what 'Frequently Bought Together' will let you do.

When a customer views a product or adds it to their cart, they are presented with recommendations for complementary items that other shoppers have frequently purchased alongside the chosen product. This prompts customers to consider additional purchases, ultimately increasing the value of their shopping cart.

cross sell techniques


For Customers- Offers better shopping experience by lowering extensive searching; Save money with bundle offers; Provide personalized shopping experience.

For Sellers- Increased AOV; Improves Customer Loyalty; Helps to understand customers better.

Best Practices:

To implement the this cross-sell method properly, you need to consider things like,

  • Accurate Recommendations
  • Non-intrusive Presentation
  • Clearly crafting promotional bundles and discounts
  • Continuous Trial and Test to get best results

2. Product Add-ons on the Product page

Incorporating the "Add-On at the Product View Page" into your e-commerce store can be a win-win for both customers and sellers. It streamlines the shopping process, adds value, and contributes to increased sales, all while improving the overall shopping experience.

When a shopper is viewing a specific item, the cross-sell widget with product recommendations under the main product.

With Selleasy, the product prompts can be shown in different views like List, Grid or a Carousel. The difference between FBT and Add-on is that in FBT, you present the pre-selected bundles and in add-on, the customer has to make the selection.

upselling products examples


For Customers- The FBT is slightly intrusive as we are providing the pre-selected bundles. Thus, careful selection of the add-on is a must in FBT. But, in 'Product add-on' we let the customers select the products they need from the list. Thus, it is less intrusive for the customers and will enhance their shopping experience.

For Sellers- Product add-ons don't mandate the closely related products to be listed. By presenting different products, you can provoke the customer to stay more time on your site and let them explore the products from other categories.

It can also improve the chances of bringing the customer back again even if he/she doesn't buy from the cross sell offer by increasing their curiosity towards a different product. Thus,it is one of the best cross sell techniques.

Best Practices:

  • Display highly relevant products for higher conversion rate.
  • Show off relevant products from other categories to let the customers explore your portfolio.
  • Due to less space availability, use simple visually appealing designs and precise description.
  • Continuously track the clicks and conversions and make informed decisions.

3. Cart Page Upsell

The Cart page Upsell technique utilizes the pivotal timing of the customer who is already in the buyer zone. It involves displaying enticing upsell offers in the form of pop-ups or banners on the cart page once he clicks the 'Check-out' button.

These offers typically include complementary or related products or services that customers may want to add to their order before finalizing the transaction.

Selleasy also allows discount offers with a count-down timer which uses the sense of urgency to let the customers make quick decisions. This method is the best for upsell/down-sell as you can present different offers when the customer accepts or declines an offer.

best way to upsell


For Customers- It can reduce search time of related products if he/she wants some additional related product and the customer can also make use of the limited time discount offers.

For Seller- Since, the customer is already in buyer zone, you can upsell or down sell the related products which can increase your AOV and this method will have higher conversion rates with better ROI.

Best Practices:

  • Since the customer is already in the buyer zone, showing highly relevant products will increase the chances of successful upselling.
  • Since, you can present an offer when the customer accepts/declines an offer, careful segregation of products is must as there are chances of high intrusiveness. 
  • Create compelling offers and discounts by calculating your ROI.
  • Due to enough space availability, giving clear descriptions of the products will keep the customer more informed.

4. Cart Page Add-on

It is much similar to cart upsell, but the only difference here is that you can list multiple products on a single widget. Cart page add-on is where you can upsell and cross-sell at the same time and can reap the results of the both simultaneously.

upsell techniques


The Cart page Add-on has the similar benefits as the cart page upsell. An additional thing is that we can focus on upsell and at the same time we can display the offers for premium memberships, products from other categories and more. In this way, the cart value, ROI and the conversion rate, everything can be improved.

Even though both cart upsell and add-on look similar, both have their own benefits, as cart upsell is highly effective for upselling the higher versions of a base product whereas cart add-on can be used for upselling or cross-selling different products.

Best Practices:

  • Include offering highly relevant product recommendations with discounts.
  • Have an eye on timing your prompt display.
  • Craft clear and compelling offers, using discounts with countdown timers.
  • Deliver a personalized shopping experience by understanding user behavior.

5. Post Purchase Upsell

Post Purchase upsell is like adding value to your existing customer. It is one of the best methods of customer retention.

In this method, additional products or services are offered to customers after they have completed their initial purchase.

When you follow up even after the purpose gets fulfilled, the customer will have the feeling of getting importance from the seller. Selleasy will allow you to display a list of add-ons once the payment is made.

It is the best way to upsell value adding products like premium memberships or premium products at discounts as a token of gratitude for their purchase.

With Selleasy, the customer doesn't want to enter the payment details again if he/she accepts an offer. The app itself will use the details of the previous transaction and checkout the product automatically if the customer wishes to use the upsell offer.

ways to upsell a product


For Customers- It will be a wise choice for a customer to utilize the discount offers for premium products and they can skip another round of search, add to cart, check out and payment. The product will be in their ordered list with just a click.

For Sellers- With the post purchase attention to the customers, the seller can gain their trust and let them know that you are valuing their presence while increasing the AOV.

Best Practices:

  • Cross-sell products will work better than upsell products in this method.
  • Limit the choices and have a strategic plan to bundle the post-purchase product as they are already a buyer and it will be good to make use of them as much as you can.
  • Being more transparent about the price, review and benefits of a product will have a higher chance of conversion.

6. Thank You Page Add-on

It is another similar post-purchase upsell widget, the only difference is that the offer will be displayed at the last phase of an online purchase i.e., at the Thank you page.

It provides shoppers with enticing product suggestions based on the items they've just bought.

upsell and cross sell app shopify


For Customers- With the personalized suggestions from the seller, the user doesn't have to start from scratch and buy the related products that they forgot during the initial purchase with just a click.

For Seller- This method will help you to drive the customer back to your site again without allowing them to leave. Since, the recommended products are much relevant to the initial purchase, the conversion rate will be high.  The new product exploration can trigger a new upsell offer and facilitate additional sales.

Best Practices:

  • Since, thank you page is the final phase of an online purchase, the intention of the upsell widget should be like turning the customer back to the store.
  • Use analytics to plan your upsell products
  • A/B test different products and track their performance
  • Have an appealing thank you page and clear CTA.

Upsell and Cross sell - Selleasy

Executing Upsell and Cross-sell requires some effort and cost, but it is nothing when you compare the ROI it can give. According to a 2022 Hubspot blog survey, upsell and cross-sell boosted the sales of online stores up to 30%.

Selleasy was carefully crafted in a way that will let you seize every opportunity to upsell/cross-sell a product. 

best cross sell app for shopify

Selleasy is the one of the best upsell apps for Shopify, meticulously designed to make the lives of online sellers easier. With its seamless integration, Selleasy effortlessly installs high-conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers, encouraging customers to explore related products and accessories that perfectly complement their initial purchases.

What sets Selleasy apart is its versatility. Things that make Selleasy as easily the best upsell/cross-sell app are,

  • Craft upsell and cross-sell offers manually or harness the power of automatic product recommendations.
  • Selleasy can cater to your unique needs.
  • Seamlessly accommodates multi-language and multi-currency requirements.
  • Unobtrusive widgets can be tailored to match your store's style regardless of the theme.
  • Can bundle other discount offers without any hiccups.
  • Free setup assistance and follow up support via Zoom, chat, or email.

And above all, Selleasy is a free shopify upsell app, up to 100 orders per month. When you have a better understanding of your customers and your products, Selleasy can easily uplift your revenue.

Our customer reviews and ratings are the testament to show how it has boosted their sales, which makes Selleasy easily one of the best cross sell apps for Shopify.

Less sales? Try upselling to increase your AOV by 20%.

Which is best? Upsell or Cross sell

The choice between cross-selling and upselling strategies ultimately depends on the specific factors like type of product and the customer's buying journey. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. For certain products, upselling may be the ideal strategy.

For instance, when a customer is purchasing a high-end smartphone, suggesting an upsell for a more advanced model or an extended warranty can be effective, as it enhances the customer's primary purchase. Tech based products are some of the best working upselling products examples.

On the other hand, cross-selling shines when complementary products come into play. For instance, if a customer buys a camera, cross-selling can involve recommending memory cards, camera bags, or lenses.

The key is to understand the customer's needs, preferences, and the context of their purchase. In essence, both upselling and cross-selling are valuable tools in an e-commerce arsenal, and their success depends on the synergy between products and the timing of the offer.

best upsell app for shopify
Difference between Upselling and Cross-selling

In conclusion, upsell/cross-sell is the opportunity to skyrocket your sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The ultimate aim of all these upsell/cross-sell widgets is to hold the customer in your store as long as you can and let them explore and buy more products.

Selleasy is the one-stop solution for all your upselling and cross-selling needs.

Selleasy allows you to combine multiple upsell and cross-sell offers at different places of a purchase journey and ensures that you will have a great AOV.

Actually, the blog discusses just the tip of a mountain, but the true potential of Selleasy is much more than you think. 

Try Selleasy today and discover the untapped potential of upselling and cross-selling in your Shopify store. Explore the Shopify apps by Logabse, which were built with the intention of easing the works of an E-Commerce store owner.

Your success story begins here.

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