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10 Best Shopify Free Gift Apps (With Reviews and Pricing)

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June 28, 2024

If you are a Shopify shop owner looking for ways to increase your sales and boost your conversion rates, then adding a free gift with purchase might do the trick. 

Surveys show that more than 61% of consumers find gifts and discounts as effective business strategies. 

The size or price of the gift doesn’t matter. But freebies and free gifts with every purchase or based on the total cart value helps with sales.

App Name Built for Shopify Rating Reviews Free Trial Availability
Dealeasy 4.9 152
qikify 4.9 897
BOGO.io 4.9 1886
Monk 4.9 425
Corner 5.0 315
Kite 4.9 181
Monster Cart 4.9 560
Cart King 4.9 76
BOGO+ 4.9 183
Upsellio 4.6 127

1. Dealeasy - Volume Discounts

Key features

  • Integrates smoothly with all themes. 
  • The progress bar has a minimalist sleek design that does not clutter your page.
  • The widget can be customized.
  • Works hand in hand with all your discounts. 
  • Free gift with purchase option is absolutely free for stores with less than 50 orders/month.
  • Options to unlock more gifts and offers as the cart value increases.
  • Helps in boosting AOV.

What do people say about this app?

“This app fits the need for certain types of sales we want to offer. Customer support was super helpful helping me set up my first discount. There were so many customizing options to make the design fit the look of my store.”

“Great App! Love the discounting by product tags. Support was able to help implement additional changes!”

“Great app for upselling and volume discounts! I recommend adding this app to your store! Customer support was a great help to us in getting the app to function as we like and to match the styling of our store!”

Available plans and pricing

Available $6.99/month $12.99/month

Increase your cart value by offering free gifts.

2. qikify Cart Upsell & Free Gift

Key features

  • Creative and colorful progress bar to make it more attractive and appealing.
  • The progress bar shows the different offers and free gifts available all at once. 
  • Multiple gift options for customers to choose from. 
  • Provides insights and analysis to improve sales strategies
  • Recommends products to unlock free gifts with purchase. 

What do people say about this app?

“Great app! Easy to set up and create a pop-up for exactly what is needed, will use this on other stores!”

“Pretty good not gonna lie, very glad I used it and everything went smoothly when I added my site to the service and I'm very glad we are getting more sales.”

“This app works well and is simple to set up and get the ball rolling! I like that you can put the trigger on the add-to-cart button on the product page and on the checkout button on the cart page. The one feature I wish was available was to customize the copy of the pop-up for each offer!”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Premium
Available, but does not include a free gift with purchase option $19.99/month

Shopify app link: qikify

3. BOGOS.io

Key features

  • Helps to add a free gift with purchase based on cart value or product quantity.
  • Has options to create exclusive gifts and offers for specific sets of customers. 
  • You can either automatically add a gift to the cart or create a gift slider for the customers to choose.
  • Add a badge to the products with free gifts.
  • Create pop-ups for available offers and free gifts.

What do people say about this app?

“Amazing app! Great support! It looks very clean. The only thing that needs improvement is the product page icons and visuals.”

“Very good app for free gifts, but too expensive for using it just for this action. I was hoping the app would let me run a 3 for 2 (buy 2, get 1 free) on selected collections, letting the customer pick the 3 items and then adjusting the cart total for the cheapest item to be free. The app works very well, but it would be nice to add more functions to justify its high price.”

“The app was a little clunky to get started, but the support team were great at getting us sorted and also fixing my user error issues straight away. The app did exactly what we needed, with bonus add-ons.”

Available plans and pricing

Basic Professional Unlimited Plus
$29.99/month $49.99/month $69.99/month $99.99/month

Shopify app link: BOGOS.io

4. Monk Free Gift & Cart Upsell

Key features

  • Has three different options to add a free gift with every purchase.
  • Apart from automatically adding gifts to the cart, it will show a pop-up with options for the customer to choose from. 
  • The widget designs are customizable.
  • Added benefits and options for Shopify Plus. 

What do people say about this app?

“So far the app has worked great, and the customer service is spot on - they answer very quickly and offer to help with a specific problem we had.Using the app takes a little bit of getting used to, it's not something you can do without getting to know instructions first.”

“This app has everything I have been looking for in regards to free gifts for my customers. I did need help and the live chat support was awesome and rectified all of my issues. Highly recommend it.”

“Works as expected most of the time. And if not, the support team is very helpful and fast.”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Growth I Growth II Growth III Growth IV
Free for Development, Sandbox, and Partner stores $30/month $80/month $170/month $290/month

Shopify app link: Monk

5. Corner Free Gift & Cart Upsell

Key features

  • The progress bar can show multi-tire gifts and offers.
  • Multiple gift options as pop-up for the customers to select. 
  • The widgets can be customized to suit your store theme. 
  • Create marketing campaigns to increase AOV.

What do people say about this app?

“We really like using this application, it certainly has a number of features that other apps don't. The pricing is perfect; so no issues there. More customisation options are definitely needed though, with the addition of integration with other apps. Quick checkout buttons are also important. We may consider continuing this. Recommended.”

“This widget is amazing. I love how You can change the depth the button appears in the scroll. The only issue is that if your product has different variants, it doesn't integrate well with the button. Other than that, no complaints.”

“Is a good app and support is quickly handling my question. They are very nice and patient, they help me a lot.”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Shopify Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify Plus
Available, but does not include free gift feature $15/month $29/month $59/month $99/month

Shopify app link: Corner

6. Kite: Free Gift & Discount

Key features

  • The free gift can be displayed on the product and cart page. 
  • Discounts on cart value can be done without scripts. 
  • Free gift based on individual product or total cart value. 

What do people say about this app?

“The app is easy to use and is very customer friendly! The customer service is fast and helps with any problem directly. Our only wish is that we can use a promotion twice at the same time, with different customer tags, but this is something they are working on. I can only recommend this app!”

“We use this app for all of our gift with purchase campaigns. It's perfect for what I need. Customer service is fast and effective! Highly recommend!”

“Nice app, support team is really good. Only wish it didn't have a watermark in the free plan.”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Essential Plus-For all Enterprise-For all
Available $9.99/month $29.99/month $49.99/month

Shopify app link: Kite

7. Monster Cart Upsell+Free Gifts

Key features

  • Customizable designs.
  • Progress bar with goals to unlock.
  • Provides sales analysis.
  • Comes with a one-click upsell option but not as popups. 

What do people say about this app?

“Great app. A few bugs here and there but nothing that their team can't handle. Makes it very easy to promote products and increase average cart value. Definitely worth the cost.”

“Good app, mostly works well.”

“Good and quick customer service. App is easy to use. Haven’t had success with what they’ve claimed yet but will wait and see! Looks promising!”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Up to 50 orders Up to 200 orders Up to 500 orders Up to 1000 orders Up to 2000 orders Up to 3000 orders Above 3000 orders
Available for partner development store $12.99/month $21.99/month $36.99/month $56.99/month $91.99/month $116.99/month $134.99/month

Shopify app link: Monster Cart

8. CartKing - Free Gifts

Key features

  • Helps clear out excess stock in inventory through free gifts
  • Free gifts appear on the cart page and cart drawer. 
  • You can provide multiple gifts for the same order. 
  • Assists with creating and scheduling campaigns to boost sales.

What do people say about this app?

“Simple app, but works well for my requirements. Had a few issues at first, but the CS was really prompt in their reply.”

“Great app even on free plan.”

“Great app, we had some issues with the app but the support team was excellent!”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Silver Gold
Available $6.99/month $14.99/month

Shopify app link: CartKing

9. BOGO+ - Easy Free Gift Upsell

Key features

  • Multiple gift options for the customer to choose from. 
  • Popup announcing free gift with purchase. 
  • You can add a badge to products on sale. 
  • Provide free gifts based on order value. 

What do people say about this app?

“ Every single problem I had was solved by different people. Also I wanted a customization and it was done!”

“This app has helped my conversions greatly. It's easy to use and set up. I did have a small hiccup, but the communication with the app creators was phenomenal. They helped me resolved my issue quickly, and I'm really happy with it”

“Easy instruction to set up the app - had a minor inconvenience in how I wanted to use BXGY campaign. I contacted the support and they had a solution for me in 10 minutes. Awesome!”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Basic Professional Advanced Plus
Available $15.85/month $25.85/month $35.85/month $65.85/month

Shopify app link: BOGO+

10. Upsellio BOGO & Free Gifts

Key features

  • Comes with analytics to track return on investment.
  • Free gift with purchase popup when offer is unlocked. 
  • Helps to increase average order value. 
  • Offers can be displayed on all pages of the store. 

What do people say about this app?

“Have used this app twice - both times the discount did not work however support resolved the issue for me. Is a good work-around to offer a free gift with purchase via a free app.”

“Nice app! Customer support is really helpful and fast, the free pricing is really helpful. Hope there will be more functions in the future!”

“I had an issue installing the app, but the support helped me right away and they solved the problem for me in a few hours. Very reactive support, thanks.”

Available plans and pricing

Free Plan Startup Premium Plus
Available for shops with less than 50 orders $5.99/month $12.99/month $19.99/month

Shopify app link: Upsellio

How to choose the best Shopify free gift app?

While selecting a free gift app for your Shopify store, there are a few things you should consider. The factors to consider are listed below for your reference.

  • Affordable pricing and plans.
  • Responsible customer support.
  • Should be compatible with your store’s custom theme.
  • Smooth and simple integration. 
  • Reasonable free trial period. 
  • Automatically remove free gifts when the set criteria is not achieved. 
  • Customisable widgets and options

From the list of Shopify apps mentioned in this article, choose the best free gift app that suits your business and your needs.

With these apps, you can easily increase your overall sales and boost your business. 

Boost your sales and AOV through free gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add an automatic free gift on Shopify?

In order to add an automatic free gift to every order on your Shopify store, you have to purchase a free gift app such as the Dealeasy app from the Shopify app store. 

After the initial setup of the app, based on the criteria set, free gifts will be automatically added to the cart.  

2. Is there a default free gift with purchase option on Shopify?

Right now, there is no default option on Shopify to automatically add a free gift with every purchase. 

Instead, you can use apps such as Dealeasy to provide a free gift with purchase. 

3. Why should I offer a free gift on my Shopify store?

To offer a free gift with every purchase on your Shopify store is up to you as a Shopify shop owner. 

But from a marketing point of view, offering free gifts will help increase your AOV and boost sales. 

4. How can I avoid duplication of free gifts? 

Almost all the free gift apps on Shopify are programmed with a reverse gift option. 

When the product is removed or the cart total goes below the set value, the free gift will be automatically removed from the cart.

Thus avoiding the duplication of free gifts for the same order. 

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