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10 Best Shopify Shipping Rules Apps in 2024

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April 24, 2024

If you are running an online business store, you must know the hardships in calculating precise shipping rates for your products. 

The Shipping rules app lets you customize all aspects of your shipping rates with several rules based on various product parameters, orders, zip/postcode, dimension, distance. And this can significantly reduce your efforts in calculating shipping rates.

In this article, you will learn about 10 best Shopify shipping rules apps to help you set up custom shipping rates for precise rate calculation.

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‍Best Shopify Shipping Apps for rate calculation

1. Shipping Rates ‑ Shipeasy

Developed by: Logbase

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 718 & 5/5

Shipeasy is one of the best and affordable Shopify shipping rate apps. Shipeasy also gives you the ability to set conditions based on the cart and product parameters, thus allowing you to precisely control your shipping methods. 

Key Features:

  • Flexibility to set custom shipping rates based on multiple conditions. 
  • Features to show rates based on 30+ parameters. 
  • Multi origin shipping rates. 

  • Multi supplier rates for dropshipping to reduce your losses.
  • Different shipping rates for different locations. 
  • Ability to show precise rates based on zip/postcode, distance.

‍‍Install now to get a 14-day free trial.

Here’s a video walkthrough on how Shipeasy can help you calculate your shipping rates. 

Shipeasy Reviews:

“This app has been great so far! i went through about 10 different shipping apps before finding shipeasy”

“It's a great app for people like us who have complicated shipping methods. This app can have as lot of scenarios as we want.”

“This app works amazing for us. We have a 3PL, so we needed to create custom shipping categories for packages with certain weights/dimensions so that the correct carrier is used with our 3PL. We've been using this for about 6 months, and the customer support is next level.”

2. Ship Shippify‑ Shipping Rates

Developed by: ReConvert

Price: $9.99/month

Reviews and Ratings: 44 & 4.5/5

Source: Shippify

It is one of the few apps that give you the flexibility to calculate shipping rates and shipping rules based on product tags. It lets you to:

  • Create simple transport procedures along with complicated delivery methods.
  • Combine multiple transport procedures. 
  • Customize shipping rates & rules with their no code shipping editor.
  • Create shipping scenarios by asking simple questions.
  • Offer free shipping for all or some products.
  • Analyze your rates advanced shipping rates analytics.
  • Set advanced shipping rates by product variants and quantity.

Click here to avail the 30-day free trial.

Shippify Reviews:

“Very simple and straightforward app (in a good way!). Allows you to have customized shipping prices on the product level (if necessary also differentiated on the shipping zone level).”

“I struggled to find an app that would suit my shipping needs, and tried more than 10. This app was the only one that provided the flexibility I needed, and as an added bonus, it's one of the easiest ones to use! ”

“The app is very convoluted to use initially but there are videos available so you will definitely need to review those first. A major issue is that this app does not work with our upsell app.”

3. Parcelify: Shipping rates

Developed by: Clever Few Corp

Price: $19.99/month

Reviews and Ratings: 305 & 4.7/5

Source: Parcelify

Parcelify, one of the best Shopify shipping rules app that gives you the freedom to completely control the shipping rates and the options your customers see at checkout.


‍Key Features:

  • Customize shipping rates based on product types, names, weight, collections, tags, vendor, and SKU. 
  • Provide in-store pickup or local delivery.
  • Customize rates based on zip/postcodes and city names.
  • Offer free shipping for products over a certain price. ‍

Click here to get a 14-day free trial.

Parcelify Reviews:

“I've been using Parcelify for over a year now and it's really helped simplify my shipping options when I have a wide variety of products that require different box sizes.”

“I am rating the Parcelify app 5/5 stars because we have been using it across 3 stores for many years now with no issues. The new version required some getting used to, but we are already seeing the benefits of the new format.”

“No way to sort/organize your rates in the backend interface making it a nightmare to juggle more than a few rates”

4. Advanced Shipping Rules

Developed by: Bambri

Price: $9/month

Reviews and Ratings: 456 & 4.8/5

Source: Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules, a Shopify app exclusively designed to fine-tune your Shopify shipping rates. The app requires no coding or programming experience for setup, and you can customize all your own rules and rates without any help. It gives you:

  • Ability to set unique rates for multiple products, rule-based rates, carrier rates, and free shipping for some products. 
  • Features like edit shipping rates based on zip/postcode, customs/duties, package dimensions, and many more.
  • ‍Ability to show, hide, and adjust shipping rates using numerous variables and conditions.
  • Option to offer special rates for a specific group of products.
  • Freedom to integrate with Printify, Pixels, Printful, and Gooten.

Click here to get the 7-day free trial of Advanced Shipping Rules for Shopify.

Advanced Shipping Rules Review:

“I can't imagine running our business without this app. It provides critical shipping versatility and the service is top shelf.”

“Advanced Shipping Rules gives us better control over our many sites with regards to complicated shipping set ups with rules management with integration for our ERP and Shopify platforms.”

“This app doesn't play well with large stores. The previous version just took the Product Vendor field and based calculations on that. The new version forces you to Sync products in its own system.”

5. ShipperHQ

Developed by: ShipperHQ

Price: $75/month

Reviews and Ratings: 58 & 4.9/5

Source: ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ, an effortless app to create custom shipping charges. You can show the shipping rates at both cart and checkout page. ShipperHQ shipping groups feature lets you to,

  • Automate your shipping rate calculation process, convert more carts, reduce shipping charges, limit PO boxes, table rate, and more.‍
  • Integrate easily with 50+ carriers worldwide.
  • Customize shipping rules and surcharges based on cart quantity, product type, customer location, and customer group.
  • Customize Shipping rates based on product weight.‍

Click here for the 15-day free trial.

ShipperHQ Review:

“We've been using ShipperHQ for years, first with Magento and now Shopify. It handles our oddball shipping requirements smoothly, and the ability to test rates has made troubleshooting easy.”

“I've been using ShipperHQ for years. It's great for dimensional shipping. It has saved our customers and my company a tremendous amount of time and money. We get accurate shipping costs through the app.”

“This app doesn't play well with large stores. The previous version just took the Product Vendor field and based calculations on that. The new version forces you to Sync products in its own system.”

6. Shipping & Delivery - ShipZip

Developed by: CirkleStudio

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 307 & 5/5

Source: ShipZip

ShipZip, an all in one shipping rate calculator. It provides shipping solutions for international destinations and also for store pickup and local delivery as well. ShipZip lets you to,

  • Provide shipping solutions based on products, weight and zip code.
  • Connect with third party carriers like Canada Post, Australia Post, GoPeople, and ShipRoket.
  • Set Custom Shipping Rates by cart total, quantity, surcharge and Tier rates.
  • Create unlimited locations.
  • Set the shipping rates for store pickup, local delivery, and can also show estimated delivery dates.

Click here to avail 30-day free trial.

ShipZip Review:

“We have been using this app for several years now and to say it exceeds all expectations is an understatement.!”

“This app is everything I wanted to help my small business with zip code based delivery zones. I’m also able to set different fees based on different cart types.”

“Excellent and versatile. Somehow manages to combine the ability to make complex shipping rules with ease of use.”

7. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Developed by: Code Black Belt

Price: $4.99/month

Reviews and Ratings: 400 & 5/5

Source: Shipeasy

Shipping rate calculator plus, an app to enhance user experience. You can calculate and instantly display accurate shipping rates at the cart page, by which you can gain customer’s trust. It also allows you to,

  • Display accurate shipping rates based on location and zip code.
  • Display free shipping bar to improve purchase values.
  • Integrate with carriers like USPS and FedEx.
  • Customize the widget’s appearance according to your store.

Click this link to get a 30-day free trial.

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus Review:

“We have some free shipping and some paid shipping items and some very heavy freight items, so previewing the shipping or freight cost is HUGE for our customer experience and this app is PERFECT.”

“Super easy to install, and an actual asset to your online presence. Once you’ve set your rates and tested to see them in action, you can ensure you’re not losing money on shipping.”

“Absolutely superb! Allows you to make changes to headings and text etc. This app pops up before any of that so that the customers know the exact amount straight away and they can select the options.”

8. Intuitive Shipping

Developed by: Intuitive Shipping Inc.

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 411 & 4.9/5

Source: Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive shipping, an app to reduce the cart abandonment in your store. Either it is free, flat or express shipping rate, let your customers choose it with Intuitive shipping. It offers,

  • 40+ conditions to manage shipping rates.
  • Granular pricing control to create precise shipping rates.
  • Customizable naming options for your shipping and delivery widgets.
  • Description space below shipping options to boost conversions.
  • Smartboxing to calculate accurate dimensional rates.

Avail the 15-day free trial by clicking here.

Intuitive Shipping Review:

“This works great for me. I'm able to enter all my box dimensions and product dimensions. It then chooses the best box and packs the products accordingly.”

“Working with Intuitive Shipping has been a fantastic experience. We took advantage of their setup service and were impressed by their exceptional customer service.”

“It has a major flaw. The app does not notify you when any product is missing the dimensions or weight - and then customers can't check out.”

9. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label

Developed by: Plugin Hive

Price: $9/month

Reviews and Ratings: 381 & 4.9/5

Source: PH Multicarrier

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label, an app dedicated for using multiple shipping carriers. You can connect various shipping carriers and can avoid undercharging or overcharging your customers. This app will help you to,

  • Connect 50+ live carriers around the world.
  • Automatically select the cheapest carrier rate for your customer.
  • Pack into carrier flat-rate boxes and use your own packaging.
  • Print shipping labels directly within Shopify.
  • Use tracking dashboards for merchants and live tracking updates for customers.

Click here and get a 14-day free trial.

PH Multicarrier Review:

“Handles dimensional weight as expected, as well as handling stores that offer very small packages as well as very large ones.”

“We have used this app for almost a year and I must say that this app has made our business very effective and printing the labels has never been as easy as this!”

“UI is complex and unintuitive. Only when we did high volume at Christmas could we remember the many tweaks and corrections that need to be added to many of the shipments.”

10. Shipping calculator: ShipMagic

Developed by: Speedy Squirrel

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 50 & 4.9/5

Source: ShipMagic

ShipMagic, a young advanced shipping rules app. You can show customized shipping rates to your customers based on your business needs. The app lets you to,

  • Set shipping rate based on 25+ parameters like cart total, product tag, zip code and more.
  • Assign different package sizes and show rates according to them.
  • Charge different shipping rates for different products.
  • Avoid shipping rate doubling for shipping from multiple locations.

Try the app with a 14-day free trial.

ShipMagic Review:

“Wonderful app that can be configured exactly how you need it with multiple rates and methods.”

“Very pleasantly surprised by the ShipMagic app. We were looking for a complex shipping setup in which the shipping rates were grouped by box size, each box carrying a certain number of products.”

“ShipMagic is a magic app. It allows me to accurately calculate shipping rates for my customers based on their location and the weight of their orders”

Why should I use Shopify Shipping Rules Apps in 2024?

Because you can calculate accurate shipping rates, thereby you can increase your profits and reduce your shipping rates. 

It is beneficial for both store owners and your customers. 

Shopify store owners get the complete flexibility to customize shipping rules and rates. Customers will get reasonable shipping rates, thus reducing friction between them and simultaneously increasing profits.

Shipeasy is designed to offer Shopify store owners the flexibility to customize shipping rules, rates and elevate the customer shopping experience. 

Calculate accurate shipping rates with Shipeasy, gain your customer's trust.

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