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How to add appointments with a Shopify booking app?

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June 7, 2024

To convert any product on your Shopify store into a bookable service, you need a Shopify booking app. And this is because Shopify doesn’t offer an in-built appointment booking feature.

For this, you can install an appointment booking app from the Shopify app store to add a calendar-based booking system. 

There are many booking apps on the Shopify app store but not all apps suit your business. A good Shopify booking app must be compatible, user-friendly, and flexible to match any store. 

Why should you have a Shopify booking app?

Though Shopify is designed around e-commerce product business, you can also offer services in your store and even a mix of both. For this, you need to add a Shopify app to integrate an appointment booking system. 

By doing this, you can allow customers to book your services through appointments. You can also set working hours, manage appointments, and blackout days, add team members, etc.

How to add appointments with the Bookeasy app?

Let's explore how to add appointments to your Shopify store with the Bookeasy app. 

Bookeasy is an all-in-one solution for your Shopify store to add a calendar-based booking system. This app seamlessly integrates a calendar and displays it to customers to book appointments. 

You can allow customers to book appointments where they can select time slots and even select multiple days. Many features on the Bookeasy app can make your appointment bookings more effective. Let's explore!

How to create appointments with the Bookeasy app?

Step 1: Install the 'Bookeasy' app, from the Shopify app store. 

Step 2: After the initial setup, add the service or product for which you wish to display a calendar booking system.

Step 3: You have settings to adjust appointment duration, slot interval, and multi-day appointments to allow customers to select multiple days. 

Step 4: Add your working hours and break timings to manage bookings from customers.

Step 5: Add blackout days on which you wish to block bookings or orders from your customers. E.g. Days like Christmas. Moreover, you can also get additional information from your customers.

Step 6: Add and manage your team members to allow customers to choose their preferred staff.

You're all set! Try the Bookeasy app to offer a seamless booking experience to customers.

Why choose the Bookeasy app?

To start off, the Bookeasy app has earned the 'Built for Shopify' (BFS) badge which highlights trustworthiness, easy usability, and works fast on your store.


Tailor the app to match your brand's aesthetics and customize time slots and breaks to suit your unique requirements. 

Efficient Holiday Management

Easily block out service availability during significant holidays to maintain consistency and prevent scheduling conflicts. 

Time Management

Set specific time limits for appointments, ensuring efficient staff scheduling and preventing overbooking. 

Controlled Appointment Volume

Limit the number of appointments per time slot to maintain a high-quality customer experience. 

Multi-Day Appointments

Schedule services, events, or rentals spanning multiple days, offering solutions for your business. 

Free appointments

Accommodate services that don't require upfront payment, such as free consultations or introductory sessions. 

Staff Management

Create individual schedules for staff members, streamlining staff management and allocation.

Who can choose the Shopify booking app?

Here are a few types of stores that can use the Bookeasy app to add appointment bookings. 

Salons and Spas

You can manage appointments for hair salons, spas, and wellness centers, ensuring staff allocation and holiday management. 

Healthcare Providers

You can streamline patient appointments for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, while efficiently blocking out holidays. 

Fitness Studios

Optimize class scheduling, personal training sessions, and resource allocation for gyms and fitness studios.

Consulting and Coaching

Manage appointments for consultants, coaches, and advisors, ensuring efficient scheduling and staff allocation. 

Auto Repair Shops

Schedule vehicle inspections, maintenance, and repairs, preventing overbooking and maintaining service quality.

Take the first step!

To integrate an appointment facility into your store, you can install a compatible Shopify appointment booking app like Bookeasy to get it done.

The Bookeasy app offers features to manage appointments, time slots, working hours, team members, blackout days, and more. The app is also one of the Shopify appointment booking apps to earn a Build for Shopify (BFS) badge. 

Moreover, the Bookeasy app offers a free plan. Try the app to integrate appointment bookings on your Shopify store. 


1. Do I need a Shopify app to add appointments to my store?

Yes. You must a need to install a Shopify app to add a calendar booking system to your store. Try a good Shopify calendar booking app and get started. 

2. How to use Shopify for salons and spas?

You can seamlessly use the Shopify store to offer salon and spa services. Though, Shopify is used majorly for e-commerce, offering salons and spa services is easy with an appointment booking app. 

3. Can I use a Shopify booking app for both services and products? 

Yes, you can use an appointment booking app to offer both services and products in your store. You can use a Shopify appointment scheduling app to offer a booking facility.

4. How do I choose the best Shopify booking app for my business? 

When choosing a Shopify calendar booking app, consider factors such as your business's specific needs, budget, scalability, user-friendliness, and compatibility with your store. 

5. How to use Shopify for hotels?

With a Shopify appointment booking app, you can add a calendar-based booking system to get started.  Moreover, with a booking app like Bookeasy, you can create multi-day appointments which allows customers to book rooms for multiple days. 

6. Is there a Shopify app for event bookings?

Yes. There are many Shopify event booking apps to integrate booking systems for events, seminars, and webinars. 

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