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9 Best Shopify Analytics Apps to Boost Your Sales in 2024

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April 24, 2024

Are you running a Shopify e-commerce store and looking for the best Shopify analytics app to keep track of all the important metrics of your store? You want to optimize your store to increase your traffic and conversion rates, do customer analysis to boost your profit to new heights. Don't worry, we've got you covered up.

Shopify Analytics app provides a better way to collect accurate data to offer a more personalized, customer-targeted marketing experience. You can properly track the impact of your marketing strategies, get actionable insights to drive up your sales.

We curated this detailed blog based on their views, pros and cons, features, and pricing of each app. This curated list includes Shopify analytics tools with free to paid plans. Without further ado, let's start.

9 Best Shopify Analytics Apps

1). Conversific ‑ Profit Analytics

by Conversific Ltd.

Conversific Shopify app logo

Conversific — Profit Analytics developed by Conversific Ltd is an app that helps you to better analyze your data and make decisions based on data. Conversific is a customer and profit Shopify analytics tool that provides a boost in your revenue and profits by doing efficient customer analysis, optimizing your store to increase traffic and conversion rate.

This app allows you to monitor which products bring profits and which don't, based on that you can make your decision about which products should be featured. Get smart, actionable suggestions based on profit metrics and ratios to increase conversion rates and sales. Conversific also sends you a daily and weekly KPI (Key Performance Indicator) report based on your settings and dashboard to make you stay up to date with the important events of your store.

Get a direct look at your marketing channels (Facebook, Instagram included) to help you crush your ROI reports. Without any doubt, Conversific offers the best analytics for Shopify.

Key Features

  • Get a curated list of products or product categories that should be featured.
  • Actionable tips and analytics to increase your profits.
  • Daily and Weekly KPI report.
  • View industry e-commerce benchmarks to see how your store website performs against your competitors.
  • Get data from Google Analytics to help you look directly at the marketing channels that are working best for you.

Reviews — 4.8/5

Price — Pricing plans start from Free with limited features to SCALE ($199/month).

App link

2). Customer insights & analytics

by LoyaltyLion

Customer insights & analytics Shopify app logo

Customer insights & analytics developed by LoyalityLion is one of the best Shopify analytics apps when it comes to offerings. This app helps you discover the number of customers who haven't returned and bring them back. Identify clients who are at risk of leaving and engage with them to increase retention and build a strong following.

Find out which your most loyal customers are and how much they increase your profits. The app offers live and daily insights to help you analyze your vital stats. About 12 months of order history gets automatically processed, so you can concentrate on the areas which can aid in boosting your profits.

Key Features

  • Identify your most loyal customers and by how much they increase your revenues.
  • Bring back your lost customers.
  • Automatically process up to 12 months of order history.
  • Get live and daily insights.
  • See how your Shopify store compares with your competitors.

Reviews — 4.2/5

Price — Free

App link

3). OrderMetrics

by OrderMetrics

OrderMetrics app logo

OrderMetrics offers some important analytic features like Real-time profit tracking, actionable e-commerce analytics. It is the best app for you to support your advertising campaigns as well as products. Get rid of spreadsheets, reviewing vital data in several places, and manual hassle. This app also helps you to track your expenses, ad spending, shipping, COGS, marketing efficiency, and more with its all-in-one view leading to saving in time, and effort.

This effective e-commerce tool lets you collect data from Facebook Ads, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. OrderMetrics helps you with understanding important behavior factors like bounce rate, abandoned cart rate, and time on site. You can optimize the efficiency of your marketing expenditure, allowing you to get your target customers, capture their attention, and finally convert them into your loyal customers.

Key Features

  • Track your profits in real-time.
  • Get rid of conventional manual work.
  • Get detailed financial reports and dive deeper into P&L.
  • Run profitable ads with detailed marketing reports.
  • Customer report.

Reviews — 4.2/5

Price — Plans start from $59/month (Essential) going all the way up to $299/month (Ultimate).

App link

4). Connector for Google Analytics

by Littledata

Connector for Google Analytics Shopify app logo

Connector for Google Analytics Shopify app offers you the ability to set up improved tracking in minutes. Catch 100% of orders, track discounts, refunds, lifetime value, and even more straight into Google Analytics.

Intelligent script fixes marketing attribution for Shopify, including organic channels, paid, search, social, and email. You can keep track of your checkout pattern and repeat purchases. Intelligent connections for ReCharge, payment gateways, CartHook, and multi-currency sales.

Key Features

  • Smart Google Analytics tracking ability for your Shopify store.
  • Automatically do audit check and fix.
  • Intelligent script system fixes marketing attribution for Shopify.
  • Get detailed sales data.
  • Seamless integration and optimization tools.

Reviews — 4.4/5

Price — Plans start from $99/month (Standard) to $499/month (Plus).

App link

5). Reveal: Customer Data Platform

by Omniconvert SRL

Reveal Shopify app logo

Reveal: Customer Data Platform helps you increase profitability by monitoring, improving the customer lifetime value, net promoter rate, and retention score. Advanced buying behavior segmentation (RFM), cohort analysis, and purchasing habits help you figure out, monitor, and forecast customer behavior so that you can offer better and personalized experiences.

You can create advanced and personalized email campaigns using their customer segmentation with your email operator. Reveal also helps you lower your Ad spending, increase your ROAS, and maximize your profits.

Key Features

  • Track all your important store metrics with precision.
  • Send more personalized emails and build your brand image.
  • Lower your Ad spending and increase your ROAS.
  • Anticipate the next move of your customers with high accuracy.
  • Improve your customer experience.

Reviews — 5.0/5

Price — Reveal offers a Free plan. Paid plans start from $99/month(Grow) to $299/month (Scale).

App link

6). StoreView

by optymyze

StoreView logo

StoreView enables you to get in-depth customer activity data like cart changes, page views, checkouts, and orders happening in real-time, making it one of the best analytics for Shopify. You can also track daily reports from your inbox that offers a condensed view of all the activities that happened in your store.

All these features will set up a base, thus allowing you to make smart calls on increasing your conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Allow users to add or remove items from their cart.
  • Track the activity of your users as they check out and place their orders.
  • Get daily reports of all the store activities directly in your inbox.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Effortless installation with regular updates.

Reviews — 4.9/5

Price — Only one plan, which starts from $4.99/month.

App link

7). Hitsteps Analytics

by Hitsteps

Hitesteps Analytics app logo

This app tracks the activities of your customers like when are they coming in and when are they leaving your Shopify store. Just like a physical store, this app enables you to directly chat and engage with your visitors and help them find out what exactly are they looking for.

Identify your selling points by analyzing insights of how visitors use your store, get a list of products that were viewed by visitors. Receive your daily, weekly, or monthly reports without any hassle. Track which websites and which search keywords are sending you traffic.

Key Features

  • Get a report on which websites and search keywords are sending you traffic.
  • Analyze and track the activities of your visitors through heatmaps without even spoiling any user experience.
  • Integrate Google Chrome and Firefox to track website visitors.
  • Smart Shopify analytics dashboard, which shows live web stats and lives stream.
  • Solve any visitor query by directly chatting with them.

Reviews — 4.3/5

Price — Paid plans start from $4.99/month (Starter) to $21/month (Pro). HitSteps also offers a free plan.

App link

8). Sales and Inventory Reports

by Assisty

Sales and Inventory Report app logo

Although Assisty is a newcomer in the Shopify analytics apps segment, the kind of smart and innovative features it is offering to make it stand out from its competitors. Industry-standard features like custom reports, real-time alerts on your scheduled time, a Smart answering system, and many more are available.

Assisty bot helps you streamline your work process. Track your product performance via sales trends, stock value, inventory on-hand, and slow-moving stocks. Summaries of sales, top-selling categories, and best products. Get business insights, KPI monitoring of your business in real-time.

Key Features

  • Get notifications of all store insights directly into Slack.
  • Receive reports on schedule.
  • Fulfillment reports, inventory reports, sales reports & analytics, Product reports & analytics, payment reports, POS reports, and more.
  • Assisty bot streamlines your workflow.
  • Executive summaries, KPI monitoring.

Reviews - 5.0/5

Price - Free

App link

9). Yandex.Metrica Analytics

by Simtech Development Ltd.

Yandex.Metrica Analytics app logo

Get a record of all sessions of how users navigate your store website. Yandex.Metrica enables you to link your store without changing your URL. Want a detailed report of which websites are sending you traffic, this app can help you easily track them.

Measure your ROI from marketing, track conversion funnels, and key interactions. Get in-depth reports and automate CPO calculation. Necessary features like performance analytics of product category, brand, or model are available.

Key Features

  • Recorded sessions of user interactions.
  • Same day data, customizable reports, session replay.
  • Powerful segmentation and easy Ad hoc reporting.
  • Easily connect your Shopify store with this app.
  • Collect visitor data.

Reviews - 3.7/5

Price - Free

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Final words

We know finding and selecting the right analytics app can be a bit intimidating. That`s when we thought of doing our research and curating this list of best Shopify analytics apps to help you take your business to a whole new level.

Apart from analytics app you should also try Upsell & Cross Sell app. This app allows you to increase your average order value (AOV) by upselling your customers leading to more sales and profits.

We showed an overview of all the apps with deep insights into the primary features of these apps. But if you want to know more about any particular app, just follow the Shopify app link of the respective app for more queries.

If you think we didn`t mention an excellent app that was worth mentioning in the list, just drop an email to our team. We will be more than happy to add that. We will be back with a brand-new blog. Until then, keep following us and happy success.

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