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How to create great Black Friday Deals with Volume Discounts to increase your sales?

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April 24, 2024

Are you ready for the greatest shopping days of the year i.e., Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How are you going to capitalize on this shopping festival season and increase your sales?

Volume discounts is  your answer, and Dealeasy, our Volume Discounts app exclusively made for Shopify, can help you with it. 

In this article, you will learn essentials about Volume discounts and how to use it efficiently to increase your sales in every Black Friday season.

Increase your cart value by offering volume discounts.

When is BFCM 2023?

It's on November 24th and November 27th respectively.

Black Friday generally occurs the day after Thanksgiving. For years, people have celebrated it as a sign of new beginnings and have marked it as the first day of holiday shopping.

Cyber Monday is for the working community, and it attracts online shoppers with tantalizing bargains.

Volume Discount
BFCM 2023

The Best Black Friday Discount method

So, what's the big deal about Black Friday and why is there so much hype around it?

Why should a retail store owner make use of it?

The reason is that the BFCM season is not just about the deals and discounts, it's about the shopping experience you can provide to your customers.

In return you will get,

  • New customers.
  • Retain existing ones.
  • Increase in your store's average order value (AOV).

How to get all these? With Volume Discounts, one of the best discount methods which reap the above results in ease.

Quantity Breaks and Discounts
Volume discount Pricing Model

6 Reasons to Try Volume Discounts in Your Shopify Store

There are a number of discount methods, but the volume discount pricing model is a proven method to increase your store's sales. 

  1. Increased Sales: Businesses offering volume discounts during Black Friday experience a 35% increase in sales (source: NRF).
  2. Rise in AOV: Stores offering tiered pricing and volume discounts see a 25% rise in their average order value (source: Shopify).
  3. Customer Attraction: 65% of Black Friday shoppers are more likely to buy with volume discounts (source: Deloitte).
  4. Clickbait and Conversion Rate: During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, discounts influence 79% of shoppers. E-commerce platforms that use volume discounts experience a 15% higher conversion rate on Black Friday (source: Statista).
  5. Customer Retention: Volume discounts contribute to customer loyalty, with a 20% higher likelihood of repeat purchases (source: Adobe Digital Insights).
  6. Customer Expectations: 88% of shoppers expect to see volume discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday seasons (source: RetailMeNot).
best Black Friday Deals

Why is volume discount important in BFCM?

Volume discounts provide a great shopping experience as a bonus with increased sales, which can convert one-time purchasers into loyal consumers.

Offering volume discounts can make your store as a shopper's go-to location in every shopping festival.

Who can benefit from volume discounts?

The short answer is "almost everyone who is planning to use this BFCM season." If you are an industry expert, you already know the importance of discounts in your industry.

best quantity break shopify app
  • Apparel industry can persuade customers to buy more products
  • Electronics and technology stores might encourage the sale of several gadgets and accessories.
  • Beauty and cosmetics brands can provide discounts on bulk purchases of skincare and grooming goods
  • Home decor and furniture stores can encourage clients to arrange their living spaces with more beautiful things.
  • Food and beverage companies can use volume discounts for products like coffee and snacks
  • Toy stores can get into the Christmas spirit by offering discounts on several toys.

Best Shopify Volume Discount App

Dealeasy is our exclusive volume discount app made for Shopify, to help you quickly and easily set up volume discounts in your Shopify store for this BFCM season and beyond.

Shopify Black Friday Deals

Dealeasy can help you to easily setup:

  • Bulk discounts: Offer certain levels of discount for certain number of products when the customer buys it in bulk.
Bulk Discount
  • Quantity breaks: This will be helpful when you want to offer a specific discount when the cart quantity falls between a certain range. For example, if the cart quantity is between 1 to 5, offer 10% discount and for 6 to 10, offer 20% discount.
Volume Discount Pricing examples
  • Tiered pricing: This will be helpful when you have different subscription plans with varying features.
Tiered pricing

Why choose Dealeasy?

Before seeing what Dealeasy holds for you, let's see the experience of the people who tried it already.

Shopify Black Friday App
Customer Reviews

Even though there are many apps available for Volume Discounts, what makes Dealeasy the best app for volume discounts?

Integrate Easily with Your Theme: Dealeasy will not interfere with your store's theme functionalities and will deliver a smooth and visually appealing shopping experience for your customers.

Shopify Volume Discounts
Dealeasy offer on store

No More Checkout Challenges: Concerned about checkout issues? Dealeasy's native discount approach prevents draft orders from disrupting your checkout process. Now, your customers will experience an uninterrupted shopping flow!

Combine with other Offers: The goal of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is to discover the best deals. Dealeasy assures that your discounts are compatible with other offers too. You can combine it with other promotions to maximize your customers' savings.

Black Friday 2023 best deals
Dealeasy Discounts

Ever updating Custom Discounts: Dealeasy is continuously working to keep you updated and to build personalized discounts, guaranteeing that you are constantly at the forefront of e-commerce initiatives.

Create Black Friday 2023 Best Deals with Dealeasy

Being ready before the season is essential for making this shopping festival a success, and Dealeasy already has all your prerequisites geared up. You just need to install the app and create your desired discounts and that's it, you are ready to go.

Dealeasy is one such simpler app, in which you will not find any difficulties to install and work on. Offering volume discounts not only attracts more customers but also encourages them to spend more money.

Cyber Monday 2023
Dealeasy Setup

And the end result?

A large increase in AOV. This is because discounts are too tempting. Shoppers don't hesitate to purchase products they may have overlooked during other times of the year at their regular prices.

Imagine your clients visiting your website and finding a visually appealing, tiered pricing structure that motivates them to buy more to save more. It's a win-win situation!

How to use Volume Discounts efficiently?

To taste the success of volume discounts, you need to be more calculative and should be aware of which of your products has the bulk purchasing power. The points to remember while creating volume discounts are,

  • Understand your margins and set sustainable discounts.
  • Clearly communicate the volume discount tiers and savings to customers. Transparency builds trust and encourages larger purchases.
  • Experiment with different discount structures to find what resonates best with your audience.
  • Leverage email campaigns and social media to announce and highlight the limited-time nature of these special offers.
  • Understand and stay updated with market trends.
  • Avoid setting volume discounts that puts the profitability of your business at risk.
  • Keep your volume discount tiers simple and easy to understand.
  • Analyze customer feedback and try to fulfill customer needs.
  • Don't rely on discounts and maintain a diverse marketing approach.

If you are unsure about how to plan your volume discount, check here for Volume Discount Pricing examples.

Key Takeaway

Understanding volume discounts, and how to take advantage of them is critical to close profitable Black Friday sale deals.

Dealeasy can be your secret weapon in this mission, allowing you to increase your sales and customer base. Remember that volume discounts aren't just for one industry. They can benefit a wide range of businesses, from fashion to automotive.

So, take advantage of Dealeasy's capabilities to utilize the potential of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With Dealeasy, you'll not only survive the holiday shopping season but can create a repetitive customer base.

Make use of Dealeasy with a 30-day free trial in this shopping festival season and see what Dealeasy can do.

2x your sales with tiered discounts.

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