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8 Easy Ways to Prepare your Shopify Store for Black Friday Sale

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April 24, 2024

1. Announce Your Black Friday Sale with a Homepage Banner

'First impression matters' and your store's home page is where you can tell your customers about the special sale. Many big brands do it and so can you!  Inform your regular customers of the sale ahead of time to register about the sale and create anticipation. 


By adding Black Friday banners, you can create a buzz and win the word-of-mouth marketing for your sale. 

How to do it?

  • Visit the themes page of your Shopify store and replace it with a Black Friday sale banner that you've created.  
  • Make sure to design the banner with discounts added and the deadlines for Black Friday sales.

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Few examples of Black Friday sale home page banner 

2. Create a Sense of Urgency with a Countdown Timer

The 'FOMO' effect plays a major role in sales. You can use this strategy by adding countdown timers to your Shopify store. A study by WhichTestWon showed that, with a countdown timer to the product page has a sales conversion up to 9%.


With the timer ticking down to Black Friday, customers are more inclined to shop before the offer ends. 

How to do it?

Install the 'Hextom: Countdown Timer Bar' to create exciting countdown timers for your Black Friday sale. 

This timer ticks down the days, hours, and minutes until the big Black Friday sale. You can also customize the color, fonts and type based on your preference.

Example of countdown timer for special sale

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3. Offer Volume Discounts to Customers

'Buy more for more discounts' is how volume discounts work. This strategy has real-time results of boosting your Average Order Value (AOV).  For example, when customers buy 2 quantities  of the same product, you can give 10% discounts and when they add 3, you can give 15% and so on. 


Offering volume discounts are a great way to encourage  customers to make larger purchases. Moreover, it has an advantage of reducing the inventory by clearing stocks. 

How to do it?

For this you can install the 'Dealeasy - Volume Discount' to offer volume discounts on your products.

When a customer adds multiple items to their  cart, the app automatically calculates the discount.

Example of volume discounts

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4. Add Black Friday Sale Labels to Products

'Not every product in your store goes into Black Friday collection'. In such cases, you can add a Black Friday label to certain products. This simple visual cue can make it easy for customers to spot special deals. 


Adding labels not just helps your customers to identify offer products but can also be a standalone Black Friday preparation. 

How to do it?

Install the 'Labeler - Product Labels' app from the Shopify store to add Black Friday labels to your special offer products.

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Example of products with Black Friday sale labels

5. Motivate Customers with a Progress Bar

'Visual elements' always work quicker than texts. Rather than just telling customers to shop for $50 to unlock a discount, you can show them through a progress bar.  


Progress bars display a visual tracking to unlock a specific cart value which is more effective than just telling. 

How to do it?

You can use the 'Yoca Progress Bar' app to add such features to your Shopify store. 

You can use the progress bar to offer free gifts, special discounts and free shippings. Moreover, you can display the progress bar on the product page as pop-ups and in the cart page as well. 

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Few examples for progress bar

6. Create Frequently Bought-Together Bundles

'From Amazon to every Shopify store out there, product bundles are evergreen'. Bundle offers like frequently bought together go hand-in-hand with Black Friday sales. In fact, customers are more familiar with bundle offers and anticipate more such offers. 


Frequently bought together offers are an effective way to sell more products in bundles rather than just single products. This strategy is sure to increase your cart value. 

How to do it?

You can use the 'Upsell & Cross sell - Selleasy' app to set up bundles that include products commonly purchased together. 

The best part is, you get more than just bundle offers with this app. You have features like product add-ons, cart page add-ons, post-purchase upsell and thank you page offers. 

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Example for Frequent together bundle offer

7. Use Pop-Up Notifications

'Skip the usual way, introduce special offers with creative pop-ups'. Once customers scroll through your Shopify store, you can display Black Friday offers with pop-up notifications. 


Most customers skim through your website without noticing the offer. In that case, a pop up notification can help grab customers attention quickly.

How to do it?

You can install the 'EcomSend Pop-ups' app to set up pop-up notifications and even collect emails. 

Apart from adding pop-ups to highlight specific Black Friday deals you can even redirect customers to your Black Friday collection page through a click.

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8. Offer Free Gifts with Specific Purchases

'We all love free gifts, don't we? And when it comes to Black Friday, free gifts when offered the right way, can boost your sales.  Free gifts can be any product that does not affect your profit margin and can increase the average cart value. 


Offering free gifts has been an evergreen tradition to increase sales. You can choose a low cost product or the one you wish to give away to your customers for this. 

How to do it?

For this, you can use the 'Free Gift: Buy X. Get Y' app that allows you to choose products to be given as free gifts. 

You can set conditions to reward customers with offers like Buy X, Get Y and Buy one, Get one. 

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Few examples of stores offering free gifts

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Wrapping up

Prepare your Shopify store for Black Friday success with these 8 simple strategies. We've handpicked these Shopify apps based on the strategies  however, not every app suits your store. 

You can choose the Shopify app that suits your business and theme for the Black Friday sale. 

Here's a quick summary of the 8 ways to customize your shopify store:
Wishing you the best for the Black Friday season!

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