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16 Best Shopify Apps and Deals for BFCM [2024]

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April 10, 2024

Shopify BFCM 2023, the much-anticipated season for sellers and shoppers, presents a prime opportunity for deals and discounts. According to Shopify, there was a sharp rise in Shopify store’s collective sales from $5.1B in 2020 to $6.3B by 2021. There is no doubt that these numbers will not go down any sooner.

Both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores need to reassess and upgrade their business strategies to taste success in this season. The key lies in enhancing shipment practices to ensure customer satisfaction and capitalize on the Shopify Black Friday deals and sales.

Integrated apps play a crucial role in implementing effective strategies for the online shopping season. These apps are essential for fine-tuning your store, attracting potential customers, and processing orders swiftly during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

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Things You Should Look For While Selecting Shopify Apps for BFCM?

BFCM calls for specific modifications in the requirements this year than it was before. So, you have to analyze which apps can add more value during this season. 

Here are a few basic norms you should look for in the apps, such as:

·       Easy installation and setup

·       Excellent customer support 

·       Free trial 

·       Will not negatively impact your store speed

·       Does not interfere with your existing tech stack

The Best Shopify Apps For BFCM 2023

Apps for best bundle Upselling on BFCM

BFCM is the event of the year to garner new customers for your store. Exciting Shopify BFCM sales deals can change the way you do business to a new level. But being a part of online retailers, acquiring new customers can be nearly 70% more costly than selling to existing customers.

The best Shopify apps for bundle upselling will help you increase your AOV (average order value) without any extra marketing cost. 

1. Upsell and Cross Sell - Selleasy

The Selleasy app, built for Shopify is a top-rated upsell and cross-sell app designed to display high conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. Aimed at influencing customers to include related products while increasing the average order value (AOV), this app is the best to handle your BFCM deals and sales effectively. 

Selleasy allows you to identify the products that convert best. It has different upsell and cross sell types such as, Frequently bought together bundles, Product add-ons, Cart page upsell funnel, Cart add-ons, Post-purchase upsell, and Thank you page add-ons.

Key Features:

Maximizes conversion rate through pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell/cross sell offers

Displays automatic product recommendations for select widgets. 

The free plan includes a 30-day free trial

Paid plans start from $8.99/month to give a cost-effective option

Try Selleasy for Free!

Apps for managing in-person Black Friday sales

In-person pickup and delivery is another factor you should consider for BFCM. Shoppers will need the option to order whenever they want and hold it if they prefer. They will expect in-person pickup that will allow them to pick up their orders from their preferred location.

2. UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing

by Secomapp

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing by Secomapp

In order to create successful affiliate marketing programs, merchants certainly need the help of an affiliate marketing app.

UpPromote is best known as the Top Recommended affiliate marketing solution on Shopify App Store. It’s an excellent choice for all-size businesses with outstanding features that fill the needs of recruiting, managing, and paying affiliate marketers with a personalized dashboard.

What differs between UpPromote and other apps is that you can build an affiliate team with unlimited affiliates on all plans. Moreover, business owners can encourage their existing customer base to turn into affiliates via the Customer Referral feature.

In this BFCM, UpPromote has a special discount of 20% OFF for all new users who install UpPromote via the link. The discount is automatically applied to all our pricing plans.

Key Features:

  • Customizable affiliate registration form and affiliate link
  • Offer multiple commission programs, auto-generate coupons, lifetime commission, auto-tier commission
  • Track affiliates' performances through clicks, orders, sales
  • Reach even more potential affiliates with UpPromote Marketplace
  • The customer referral feature allows your customers to refer your products to their friends and family and earn a small commission.
  • Pay affiliates AUTOMATICALLY through PayPal, store credit, or manually.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Pricing plans are as follows: FREE PLAN, GROW AFFILIATE ($29.99/month), PROFESSIONAL ($89.99/month), and ENTERPRISE ($199.99/month). A 14-day free trial is also available.

Read our guide on BFCM and get actionable checklist + examples to get a complete roadmap for BFCM 2022

3. Pickeasy- For In Store Pickup and Local Delivery

Personalization is what attracts customers the most. Pickeasy is one of the few apps on the Shopify app store that can significantly increase your store sales. This app lets your customers schedule their orders by selecting delivery date, delivery time, local pickup, click and collect.

Also offer enhanced shopping experience by customizing the picker for mobile displays.

Key Features:

  • Creates time slots for days on which you want to allow pickups/delivery.
  • Limits the number of pickups or deliveries per time slot.
  • Setup specific pickup times like Friday pickup can only be scheduled till Thursday noon.
  • Blackout holidays like Christmas and store holidays.
  • Set delivery rates by zip code, product type, weight and cart value, day of delivery, and time slot
  • Different local delivery dates by Zip code
  • Provides different slots for pickup and local delivery.
  • Product-wise preparation time, fulfillment, availability.

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4. Product Filter & Search

Best Shopify Apps and Deals for BFCM [2022]

It is an advanced Shopify Filter & Search app with a proven method to grow sales. This app helps shoppers find any product within seconds. Its search features are designed to sell more and to offer fast performance, and high-level security using premium AWS infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Includes Upsell & Cross-sell to grow conversions
  • Redirect shoppers to a relevant page
  • Promote products with specific attributes
  • Hiding old-fashioned items from collections & searches.
  • Insightful analytics of Shopify product filter & search to report on revenue, popular search queries, and 'no results' cases.

Shopify App link

Apps for streamlining and simplifying your workflow for dropshipping!

5. DSers

Dropshipping business is profitable with the right marketing tactics and tools. DSers is a leading AliExpress dropshipping tool helping e-commerce business owners to streamline the whole business process for sellers. The dropshipping app provides almost everything dropshippers need to grow their businesses, including official integration with AliExpress, bulk order fulfillment, placing 100s orders in a few seconds, and access to over 150,000 Shopify sellers. 

And thanks to its 24/7 support, users can get their problems solved in a short time. Furthermore, DSers simplifies your workflow with dropshipping by using the DSers Agency feature.

Key Features:

  • Supplier Optimizer makes you find new suppliers selling the same product but with higher ratings and lower prices. 
  • Automatically track the status and information of all orders. New orders will appear once you receive them, and orders will move to different tabs based on their current status.
  • Place all new orders from customers with just a few clicks with Bulk Order. 
  • Automatically apply some pricing rules to all new products you import.
  • Create a Pack Of AliExpress Products to increase the average cart value with Bundle Products.
  • Link each product variant to the corresponding variant provided by the vendor with Mapping.
  • Automatically sync the AliExpress tracking number and transmit it to your store to notify customers.
  • Pre-select your preferred shipping method, by country, price, or delivery time, depending on your preference.

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6. Rush ‑ Order Tracking & Lookup

Rush ‑ Order Tracking & Lookup

Rush is a shipment and order tracking app that helps your business leverage delivery to increase ROI & customer retention. Their shipment tracking technology makes it easy for your customers to track the delivery of packages.  

Their app provides shipment info by tracking number lookup from 600+ international carrier companies. All shipments are automatically tracked in close to real time - in any language, carrier, and your website domain.

Rush also automates all shipment tracking and turns each delivery into a new sale opportunity.

Key Features:

  • Track orders in real-time
  • Real-time package tracking integration for USPS, UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, Swiss Post, Hermes, NinjaVan, and 600 more.
  • Detailed In-app Analytics - Filter your shipments even if they don't show a particular problem but are simply in transit.
  • CSV Exports Made Easy - With a single click, export all your orders and tracking information.
  • Identify Late Shipments - Rush identifies late shipments even if they don't show the particular problem, but they are simply in transit.
  • Blacklist (hide) locations - super handy feature for dropshippers.

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7. Shipping Rates- Shipeasy

Shipeasy allows you to take control of your shipping rates. You can set up multiple conditions based on 20+ parameters to display the accurate shipping rate.

Key Features:

·       Set different rates depending on product and order parameters.

·       Multi-origin shipping rates.

·       Post code/ Zip code, distance-based rates.

·       Product dimension-based rates.

·       Rate blending allows you to define how rates must be combined at checkout.

·       No code setup.

·       Multi-supplier rates to handle drop shipping.

·       Special rates by customer

·       Complete flexibility to show only desired rates.

·       Applicable in all countries supported by Shopify in the currency of their choice.

·       Shipping rate per product.

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Apps for building BFCM-Friendly store

Creating a BFCM-friendly store is essential. The regular design and functionality of your store must be upgraded or replaced with a more appropriate version of your store for BFCM.

8. PageFly (Page builder)

PageFly (Page builder)

Shoppers on BFCM will scroll through many online stores while screening out the unattractive ones. This means their buying decision depends on the design of your store, how clean the site is, and how user-friendly your store is. This is why designing a BFCM-friendly site is highly important for this holiday sales season.

Pagefly makes this experience simple and accessible. It offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools that really, anyone can use. It is one of the best Shopify BFCM apps.

Key Features:

  • Build any type of landing page
  • Create custom layouts for multiple devices
  • Track page performance with built-in analytics
  • Increase brand credibility with testimonials

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Apps for simple and effective BFCM marketing campaigns

Running effective marketing campaigns way ahead of the BFCM sale and during the shopping season is crucial to attracting the attention of customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to take a survey and format quizzes to get the opinion of shoppers. This will help you to understand the behavior of shoppers, which you can use to craft highly impactful discounts and deals.

9. Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

A reliable Shopify Marketing App is the first resource you need to boost your campaigns.

Growave is an all-in-one Shopify marketing app that gives you access to powerful tools for photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, gift cards, referrals, and UGC.

Growave is the number one highly recommended marketing app used by leading Shopify Plus brands to improve their customer loyalty and review collection.

It is a multi-tasking app that replaces several other apps and is highly rated with round-the-clock expert support.

Key Features:

  • Strengthens customer-brand relationship, and increases repurchases, and boosts engagement through loyalty points, gifts & VIP-tiers membership, all of which are accessible offline with Shopify POS.
  • Expands your community by rewarding them for referrals online and word-of-mouth.
  • Allows you to get photo reviews, product reviews, and testimonials on autopilot, attracts shoppers to your site, and builds trust with visual product reviews, Q&A, and boosts sales via UGC.
  • Allows customers to wishlist their favorite products easily. Reduces shopping cart abandonment, facilitates order recovery, and sends buying trigger emails.
  • Simplifies account registration, and enables one-click login via all social media platforms and email.
  • Allows turning your Instagram and user-generated content into shoppable galleries to boost sales by allowing direct shopping from your Instafeed.

This BFCM, Growave offers 20% off on all Growave plans up to Enterprise.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pricing Plan: Growave offers a 30-Day Free Trial. Basic plan costs $9 per month. Starter plan costs $19 per month. Medium plan costs $49 per month. Enterprise plan costs $299 per month.

10. Fera Product Reviews App

Fera Product Reviews App

Fera is a Reviewing app with customizable widgets that look beautiful. Customers trust sites with reviews! Start building trust in your store by showing text, photo, & video reviews! Use Fera to import and display reviews from the internet, including Google and Facebook reviews. You can also gather thoughts on autopilot with Fera’s easy-to-use review request system.

Key Features:

  • Manage Reviews+ Easily - Import existing reviews, photos & videos from Google, Facebook, and more!
  • Receive & moderate new submissions, Reply to reviews & touch-up content.
  • Show Reviews+ Beautifully - Product reviews & all reviews - Average product & store rating badges - Customer photos & videos
  • Grow Reviews+ Automatically - Automatically ask for reviews+ from new customers - Request reviews+ from past customers - Offer discounts, loyalty points & cash incentives

Extended 3-month trial!

11. Octane AI: Quiz & Survey Tools

Octane AI: Quiz & Survey Tools

Octane AI is a zero-party data marketing platform. It launches stunning product quizzes. Works with all email & SMS apps. Shopify utilizes Octane AI's Product Recommendation Quiz on the official Shopify Hardware store.

It collects detailed zero-party data to power deeper personalization and makes intelligent product recommendations.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited quizzes (surveys), questions, and logic branches
  • Personalized product and bundle recommendations
  • Detailed analytics
  • Conversion rates
  • Revenue
  • Average order value
  • Number of purchases
  • Engagement and drop-off rates
  • A/B testing, and more.

Shopify App Link

Apps for better BFCM inventory management

Inventory management is one department that you should never try to underestimate, specifically during BFCM. It is crucial to have your inventory stocked up sufficiently to avoid losing sales.

12. Stockbot Low Stock Alerts

This app sends you an email report with the list of items that are below the low stock level set by you. This gives you enough time to restock before those items go out of stock.

You set a low-stock alert level and your email preference: Daily/ Weekly/ Hourly. When any variant's inventory falls below your low-stock alert level we include it in the report emailed to you.

Key Features:

  1. Set alerts on Products, Variants, Collections, or the Entire Store Get notified by email when any variant falls below the low stock level you’ve set.
  2. Get Daily/Hourly/Weekly emails on low-stock products.  
  3. Identify newly low-stock items.  
  4. Realtime Web Report: Check your low-stock items any time of the day using the real-time web report.

Apps for Profit Analytics and Calculation

13. BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports app

BeProfit is a one-stop-shop for eCommerce sellers to keep accurate track of all business expenses and to fulfil their full potential using the power of data. The app centralizes data which streams from endless sources fast and at once, to provide a 360° view on business performance including insights to optimize profitability. BeProfit features custom reports, marketing performance & product insights, LTV cohort analysis, and more.

Key Features:

  • Integrations with ad, email and shipping platforms
  • Profit & expense breakdown
  • Custom reports & predefined report templates
  • Marketing performance insights
  • LTV cohort analysis
  • Multiplatform support 

Install Beprofit! Get 30% off on any paid plan for the first 3 months using the following link OR discount code upon registration: -Discount code: LOGBASE30

Apps for a memorable BFCM customer experience

Customer is king, particularly you will experience this during this BFCM shopping season. Therefore it is important to create a store that treats users in a like manner. Enhanced customer experience must be achieved with a completely optimized store.

14. Bold Product Options

Bold Product Options

This app allows you to sell products your way with Bold Product Options. It offers flexibility and customization to create a selling experience tailored to your store, products, and customers’ needs. It provides unlimited options across your entire store.  

Key Features:

  • Streamlines your custom order process
  • Use conditional logic to show or hide options
  • Build a custom order form using flexible options to provide a quote
  • Customers can easily upload custom designs, mockups, photos, and logos, including robust file sizes.
  • Style your app to match your site’s branding using CSS.
  • Create option sets and apply them to multiple products.

Shopify app link

Apps to help you meet customers online

15. Add Announcement Bar

Add Announcement Bar is synonymous with announcing sales to draw the attention of your visitors. It engages them to subscribe, and stay connected to know important announcements regarding offers, discount codes, shipping costs, and estimated delivery time.

Key Features:

  • Boost sales, and capture lads with Subscribe form.
  • Reduce abandoned carts.
  • Easy to customize bars: goal, currency, messages.
  • Edit the design easily: font, font size, text color, goal text color, padding, background-color.
  • Easy to install client base.

Apps for Effective Advertising on BFCM

Facebook’s ad platform is still the number one way for most eCommerce merchants to get new and old visitors to their stores during the BFCM period. And this year won’t be any different.

16. Shoelace Facebook and Instagram advertising

Creating a connection with your customers is extremely important for the success of your store. Many retailers switch to retargeting by using ads and other tools to bring customers back and complete their purchases.

You can retarget your customers in a variety of simple ways. It offers automated and ongoing ad journeys targeted toward your audience and lets you increase conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Boost sales with personalized ad sequences
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Take customers through “ad journeys” by re-engaging your customers

Apps for running time-limited offers

A limited-time Black Friday sale is one of the easiest ways to boost sales. Without setting a time limit, there’s no reason for your customers to act immediately. The more time they have to mull over their purchase, the less likely it is they'll buy.

17. Countdown Timer Bar

It could be hard to imagine a situation where a customer visits your store, looks at your products, and reaches the check-out page, only to say “maybe later” and exit your store.

BFCM is a hectic shopping time with an exciting shopping experience. So seizing the opportunity to create a sense of urgency can help you prevent losing your potential customers.

Countdown Timer Bar is a hassle-free Shopify app that helps you give your customers a sense of urgency during the holiday season.

Key Features:

  • Special countdown sales timer and templates for BFCM
  • Schedule offers using the built-in calendar
  • Customize your countdown timer
  • Create excellent customer experience across multiple devices.

Apps for better cancellation management and inventory forecast

Managing your inventory is crucial during BFCM. This season is bound to unexpected surges or falls in demand, selling out of products, and delayed shipments. Recent problems in the supply chain worldwide have led brands and retailers to stock up in surplus, leading to slow movement of inventory, extra storage costs, and loss of revenue.

18. Appstle


It is important to capitalize on the extra traffic your store sees over the BFCM period. One way to do this is by offering subscriptions.

Being one of the best apps for black Friday deals, Appstle Subscriptions makes it easy to manage and customize your subscription services.

Key Features:

  • Segment-based plans, upselling, regular & prepaid billing
  • Inventory forecast
  • Cancelation management
  • Secure migration from other apps

Shopify app link

Wrapping Up

Hope you find our guide on the best Shopify apps for BFCM 2022 helpful. This guide will enable Shopify merchants to get their hands on the best tool for their desired job. the aim of this guide was to help you find the best deals on the Black Friday Cyber Monday apps and also saving money.

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Are things cheaper on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is a better time to buy newer, big-ticket items and shop in stores. Whereas, Cyber Monday is a better time to grab the best tech deals and smaller gifts and it is when you will see better online prices.

When to start Black Friday planning?

There is no planning too early for Black Friday. Black Friday brainstorming starts during the summer, with further proceedings later into Labor Day.

How to take advantage of Black Friday?

You can take advantage of Black Friday by planning early, and running effective marketing. Strategizing campaigns, delivering a seamless personalized customer experience, and keeping a hassle-free inventory, and offering free shipping.

Online retail stores offer great deals to gain customer attention and then use them to drive their sales.

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