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10 Best Shopify Cart Upsell Apps in 2024 (with Reviews & Price Comparison)

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April 24, 2024

Want to extend your customer’s purchase cycle in the cart page too? Cart upselling can do that. 

With cart upsell, a sale will happen in your store for your customer’s intended product primarily and in addition, it can extend beyond if you upsell the right product. Thereby, your store’s AOV will increase.

Here’re the best Shopify cart upsell apps to increase your AOV in 2024.

Best cart upsell methods:

Even though there are many places where you can upsell offers within a purchase cycle, here are some best places to upsell your product.

  • ‍In-cart upsell / cart page upsell
  • Cart drawer upsell
  • Product page add-ons 
  • Pop-up upsell funnels 

And did you know that cross-sells and upsells can drive up to 30% of your revenue? Yes and cart page upsell is one significant facet of product upselling on your Shopify store.

Best upsell app for Shopify to increase your sales

S. No App Name Free Plan Built for Shopify Rating / 5 Review No. of Installs
1 Selleasy - Upsell and Cross sell 5 1520 21,669
2 In-cart upsell and cross-sell ✖️ 4.8 959 6151
3 Free Gift + Cart Upsell Monster ✖️ 4.9 546 3951
4 Slide Cart Drawer by AMP 4.9 468 88,648
5 Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC ✖️ 4.9 957 3906
6 UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell 4.8 542 10,477
7 Monk Cart Upsell & Free Gift 4.9 402 1360
8 Qikify Upsell & Product Bundle 4.9 842 4164
9 Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro ✖️ ✖️ 4.9 1701 5298
10 UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle ✖️ 4.8 991 $24.99/month

1. Selleasy - Upsell and Cross sell

Developed by: Logbase

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 1520 & 5/5

No.of Installs: 21,669

shopify cart upsell
Source: Selleasy

Selleasy is one of the highly rated Shopify upsell apps. With versatile options in Selleasy, you can cover all your upsell and cross-sell needs. You can customize your Shopify upsell widgets in 6 unique ways using Selleasy. 

Key Features:

  • Frequently Bought Together

You can show a pre-selected bundle of the products that were frequently purchased together with the primary product on the product page.

  • Product page Add-on

It is similar to “Frequently Bought Together”, but the only difference is that the customer can select specific upsell products instead of bundles.

  • Cart page Add-on

It’s a pop-up widget that will show up with the upsell product bundles once the customer clicks on the “Checkout” button.

  • Cart page upsell

Rather than showing bundles, you can focus on one upsell product here. You can also show discount offers with a timer to emote the sense of urgency in customers.

  • Post Purchase upsell

If you don’t want to interrupt the customer's intended purchase, you can use a post purchase upsell in which the upsell offers will show up once the payment is made.

  • Thank you page Add-on‍

If you don’t want your customer to leave, show them the upsell product while thanking them for their initial purchase.

Click here to get all these features in a single app with a free plan.

Selleasy Reviews:

“FANTASTIC APP!! This app has replaced a much more expensive app that I was using for pre and post purchase upsell, and also has enhanced functionality.”

“I am over the moon with this app - I used to use another upsell Shopify app which cost a fortune, and it didn't do half of what this does.”

“I have seen an increase in my average order value, it is exactly what I was looking for and the support team is great!”

Increase your sales and AOV with Selleasy.

2. In-cart upsell and cross-sell

Developed by: In Cart Upsell

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 959 & 4.8/5

No.of Installs: 6151

shopify cart drawer app
Source: In-cart upsell and cross sell

In-cart upsell, an app with exclusive features for cart page upsell and cross-sell. This offers a compact upsell option in the cart drawer making it look sleek and simple.

Key Features:

  • You can setup upsell and cross-sell widgets in cart page, AJAX cart and product page.
  • Various triggers and rules to create targeted upsell and cross-sell offers.
  • Upsell through frequently bought together and related product widgets.
  • You can analyze your offers’ performance with an analytics dashboard.

Access the free plan for In-cart upsell and cross-sell by clicking here.

In-cart upsell and cross-sell Reviews:

“This was the only app I could find that did exactly what I wanted. It was able to only show my add-on item for the products I wanted it to.”

“Really good app, tested with loads of others. This one is a good cost and has everything you need and support is really helpful and quick to fix any issues if you have any.”

“We had issues with the app affecting our page loading speed, and conversion was very low.”

3. Free Gift + Cart Upsell Monster

‍‍Developed by: Monster Apps

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 546 & 4.9/5

No.of installs: 3951

add to cart upsell shopify
Source: Cart Upsell Monster

The Free Gift + Cart upsell Monster, great for offering plenty of multiple upsells, gifts, and rewards. If your store is more into offering gifts and rewards, this app could match your business model. 

Key Features:

  • Options to increase AOV like progress bar, free gift, discounts, promotions and free shipping.
  • Offer tiered discounts like “Buy more, Save more” to increase sales.
  • Automated “Frequently Bought Together” bundle creation.
  • Options to increase sales like volume discounts, tick upsells and product recommendations.

Click here and get a 10-day free trial.

Cart Upsell Monster Reviews:

“The app is absolutely fantastic. It's really simple to use and does everything you need it to do. We use the app for all sorts of upsell campaigns and it never fails.”

“It’s pretty good. Can make a professional design which is highly customisable. Really recommend to anyone who has started making a few sales and needs good upsells.”

“This app is so good for boosting your cart design and function, but I can't believe that this app does not have native support for language translation.”

4. Slide Cart Drawer by AMP

‍‍Developed by: App HQ Pte. ltd.

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 468 & 4.9/5

No.of Install: 88,648

cart upsell
Source: Slide Cart Drawer

Slide Cart Drawer comes, an app exclusive for cart page upselling. It comes with more options for cart page upselling than any other methods. 

Key Features:

  • Suggest Frequently Bought Together bundles.
  • Motivate customers to spend more with “Rewards Progress Bar”.
  • Offer gifts for specific products, cart value and minimum order quantity.
  • Let your customers apply and stack discounts in the cart drawer.
  • Show a sticky cart drawer that can be accessible from anywhere within the store.

Access the free plan here.

Slide Cart Drawer Reviews:

“The Slide Cart is very useful to us and helps us to provide a custom cart and checkout experience to our customers.”

“I recently integrated Slide Cart into my Shopify store, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic and the addition of a free gift feature is a standout!”

“Translation of the text does not work at all! I changed all the text to German, but in the end nothing changed. ”

5. Cross Sell & Upsell by SSC

‍‍‍Developed by: Cross Sell

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 957 & 4.9/5

No.of installs: 3906

cross sell app shopify
Source: Cross sell and Upsell

Cross sell and Upsell, an upsell app that is focused on popups. It lets you show product suggestions, product add-ons, bundles, etc., as popups. 

Key Features:

  • 8 different locations to cross-sell like product page, cart page, home page and more.
  • Smart auto-generated suggestions for upsell product bundles based on purchase history.
  • You can add quick view buttons, “complete the look” feature and quantity discount bundles.
  • 100% customizable to match your brand’s style.
  • A bold pop-up widget to grab the customer's attention. 

Try it now with a free 14-day trial.

Cross Sell and Upsell Reviews:

“I love Cross Sell & Upsell. I have been using it for over 3 years. It has increased my average order value and upsells.”

“We just started to use Cross Sell again and it immediately started to show results. It is very easy to use”

“Not so excellent. Does not work with Langify anymore. So all our English speaking customers can't see the related products.”

6. UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

‍‍‍Developed by: AfterSell by Rokt

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 542 & 4.8/5

No.of installs: 10,477

shopify upsell in cart
Source: Upcart

UpCart, a cart upsell that is focused on matching your brand. UpCart provides extensive customization options to match the upsell offers to your brand identity.

Key Features:

  • Sticky cart buttons are there to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Increase conversion rates by displaying promotion bars or discount bars.
  • Increase your brand awareness by showing brand updates in cart announcements.
  • Create add-on offers for insurance and other related products.

Install now to get a 14-day trial.

UpCart Reviews:

“Great product and support team. It has helped us to create a more seamless check out process, improve conversion rates and increase sales.”

“I love the free shipping calculator, the ability for customers to review after they add something in the dropdown, the add-ons and the product recommendations!”

“The app works great, but their app conflicted with our theme, and there's a small bug that their developers need to fix in our theme, and it's been 1.5 months now.”

7. Monk Cart Upsell & Free Gift

‍‍‍Developed by: Monk Commerce

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 402 & 4.9/5

No.of installs: 1360

cart upsell apps shopify
Source: Monk Cart Upsell

Monk Cart, an app that is focused more on gifts rather than upselling products. You can upsell your offers right from the product page to the post checkout process.

Key Features:

  • Combine Cart upsells and tiered progress bar for better conversions.
  • Show upsell offers and gifts based on specific products, quantities and cart values.
  • Offer upsells, cross-sells and bundles across the entire purchasing journey,
  • Completely customizable widgets and popups as you wish.

Claim your 7-day free trial here.

Monk Cart Upsell Reviews:

“I'm using this app to power our gift with purchase upsell. Highly recommend this app if you need a simple way to activate a Gift with Purchase campaign!”

“A really solid app packed with features and works seamlessly. We needed a gift with purchase functionality for our Black Friday sale and this app was delivered.”

“I experienced limitations and glitches with the app that ended its usefulness. During our use of the app our conversions were severely impacted.”

8. Qikify Upsell & Product Bundle

‍‍‍Developed by: Qikify

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 842 & 4.9/5

No.of installs: 4164

shopify best upsell app
Source: Qikify

Qikify, an all-in-one upsell Shopify app. You can do one-click upsells, cross-sells, volume discounts, offer product bundles and gifts with Qikify.

Key Features:

  • Increase AOV with upsells and increase sales with Volume Discounts.
  • Offer cross-sells like BOGO, Bulk Pricing, cart discounts etc., and 10+ product bundles.
  • Offer free gifts based on cart value and shipping goals.
  • Optimize your discount campaigns with real-time analytics.
  • Customize the appearance with multiple layouts and combine your offers easily with Shopify’s native discounts.

Click here to get a 7-day free trial.

Qikify Reviews:

“Amazing App! Fully customizable, very intuitive, and looks great on our store. And to top it off, it's completely free.”

“It was easy to install and function. It's great to have all your upsell needs in one place. It would be easy to analyse and sync the designs.”

“App is faulty. Does not show the discounted price of the product on the cart page. And calculates wrong pricing on the checkout.”

9. Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro

‍‍‍Developed by: Codeinero

Price: $8.99/month

Reviews and Ratings: 1701 & 4.9/5

No.of installs: 5298

upsell shopify app free
Source: Sticky Add to Cart

Sticky add to cart, as the name suggests, the app is focused on sticky buttons. You can add sticky buttons in the entire customer purchase cycle from product page to checkout page.

Key Features:

  • Enable faster and easier checkout by placing sticky buttons at every page.
  • Quick buy buttons are there to make purchases on the product pages.
  • Upsell and Cross using Ajax cart slider.
  • Quick view option lets your customer view product details with just a click.

Get a 14-day free trial here.

Sticky add to cart Reviews:

“Have been using it for more than two years and have given us a lot of sales.”

“Best sticky add to cart app you will find out right now. Very good app. I recommend this for beginners to advanced shopify store owners!”

“The interface is so confusing to work with, but when you finally figure it out, then it's worthed. Be prepared for a bunch of headaches.”

10. UFE Cross Sell & Upsell Bundle

‍‍‍Developed by: UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 991 & 4.8/5

No.of installs: 6978

shopping cart upsell
Source: UFE

UFE cross-sell and upsell, a lightweight upselling app. You can offer the best user experience for your customers while upselling.

Key Features:

  • Offer personalized recommendations to your customers like discounted upsells and quantity breaks.
  • Offer one-click upsells using pop-ups, in-page and floating styles.
  • Various upsell offers are available like product bundles, volume discounts and frequently bought together.
  • Test various upsell options with A/B testing and customized designs.

Get your 7-day free trial here.

UFE Cross-sell Reviews:

“Great app which helps to increase my revenue and average order value. Very happy with it.”

“We particularly like UFE because the Frequently Purchased With feature updates the variant of the trigger product as it's changed further up the page.”

“I spent literally so many hours trying to get the app to run my buy 1 get 1 50% off offer. encountered a bunch of bugs that required their team to edit my theme.”

Less sales? Try upselling to increase your AOV by 20%.

How to choose the best Shopify cart upsell app?

Here, we have listed some of the best cart upsell apps for Shopify. If you have made a choice from the above list, use this checklist to verify that you have selected the right cart upselling app for your Shopify store. 

  • The pricing plan is affordable.
  • Has enough free trial period to explore all features
  • Got good ratings and user reviews
  • Customer support is available.
  • Fewer issues faced by the users.
  • Supports multi-language translations.
  • Compatible with your Shopify themes (If it doesn't then the app's support team should get it done for you).

Selleasy got 7 out of 7 in the checklist. Try it now with a free plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shopify cart upsell?

Cart upselling happens when you upsell your products on the cart page instead of the product page. It is one of the many ways of upselling methods that you can apply in your Shopify store. 

Is there a free Shopify app for cart upsell?

Yes. As far as we have researched there aren't many Shopify apps that offer free plans. However, the Selleasy app offers a free generous plan for stores with orders below 100 per month. 

‍Can I customize my cart page to upsell and cross-sell products?

Yes. Selleasy lets you customize your cart page based on your requirements. You can add upsell features like product add-ons, product recommendations, upsell funnels, cart drawer upsells, etc. 

‍Will upselling on my cart page affect sales and result in abandoned carts?

It all depends on the way you upsell your products on the cart page. Until you keep the product recommendations relevant and useful, upselling will never be a distraction.

Does cart upsell increase sales and the AOV of my Shopify store?

Upselling products on the cart page can boost your sales and it's evident from top e-commerce websites like Amazon,  AliExpress, eBay, etc. 

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