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Top 5 Best Shopify Cross Sell Apps in 2024

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April 10, 2024

Looking for the best Shopify Cross Sell Apps to boost your sales and revenues? Sit tight because we have got you covered up. Here are our top 5 recommendations for Cross Sell apps based on the features, pricing, ratings, and user experience.

Before we start, First let's take a look at what Cross Selling is?

Cross-Selling means the process of selling a different product or service in addition to the product which they have already bought or planning to buy to increase the value of a sale. For example, selling or recommending a wireless mouse with the purchase of a laptop. To increase the value of a sale and encourage your buyer to purchase more, you can either use Upsell app (selling a more expensive or better version of the same product) or Cross Sell app.

With Cross Sell app, you can customize which product or service you want to sell in addition to the selected product.

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Top 5 best Shopify Cross Sell Apps

1. Upsell & Cross Sell Kit by LogBase

Upsell & Cross Sell Kit by LogBase app icon

Upsell and Cross Sell Kit designed and developed by Logbase is one of the best cross-sell apps to grow your business. This app lets you maximize your conversions by showing pre-purchase and post-purchase cross sell offers on the product page. This encourages customers to buy not only the desired products, but also purchase related products and accessories. It helps you increase your average order value, hence increasing profitability.

You can increase your cross-sell conversions by offering bundle discounts, recommend hand-picked related products/accessories. Automatic recommendations come in handy if you have numerous products. Exclude out-of-stock items to optimize offers.

Quick loading, unobtrusive cross-sells that are embedded on the product page. You can customize styling and positioning to match your Shopify theme.

Highlight Features:

  • Maximize your conversions by showing “frequently bought together” pre-purchase and post-purchase cross-sell offers on the product page.
  • Fast loading with excellent user experience.
  • You can customize positioning and styling to match your Shopify theme.
  • You can increase cross-sell conversions by giving bundle discounts.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.

Plans: Plans are as follows: TIER I (FREE), TIER II ($8.99/month), and TIER III ($16.99/month). The app also offers a 30-day free trial.

Ratings: 5.0/5

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2. Candy Rack - One Click Upsell by Digismoothie

Candy Rack app icon

Candy Rack developed by Digismoothie is an upsell and cross-sell app. This app allows you to cross-sell your valuable customers on the product pages after they hit the add to cart button. The cross sell offers are displayed through a slick pop-up optimized for both smartphones and desktops.

You can cross-sell premium paid services from the pre-designed templates like gift wrap, extended warranty, first in Line, etc. This app lets you automate the cross-selling based on the API software recommendations. Functionalities like currency converters can be integrated, thus allowing store owners to grow their business worldwide. This app is also mobile responsive.

Highlight Features:

  • You can increase your sales by offering gift wrap, extended warranty-like benefits.
  • Offer cross-sell popup in the cart page.
  • Mobile responsive easily adapts to screens.
  • Currency converter helps you expand your business overseas.
  • Fast loading offers a friction-free user experience.

Plans: Pricing starts from $49.99/month (Basic Shopify) to $399.99/month (Shopify plus). App offers a 14-day free trial.

Ratings: 5.0/5

3. Personalized Recommendations by Expert Village Media Technologies

Personalized Recommendations app icon

Wiser is one of the best Shopify cross-sell apps that lets you show personalized product recommendations across your website. The app has multiple widgets that enable you to cross-sell products and accessories; including related products, top-selling products, frequently bought together, trending products, recently seen products, newly arrived ones, featured, and many more by displaying recommendations.

This app comes with an in-app dashboard to continuously monitor widget performance and an A/B testing feature to test with conversion strategies. You can select multiple preset templates to match your store branding. This app also helps you to increase your conversion rates by 20% to 30%.

Highlight Features:

  • The in-app dashboard enables continuous monitoring of widget performance.
  • A/B testing feature to test with conversion strategies.
  • Multiple widget recommendations.
  • Enables you to show product recommendations on thank you page.
  • Enables to show recommendations on all website pages including cart page.

Plan: Pricing starts from $49/month (Early Start-up) to $999/month. 14-day free trial is available.

Ratings: 4.9/5

4. Cross Sell & Cart Upsell by Cross Sell

Cross Sell & Cart Upsell app icon

Cross Sell app helps you show similar products on product and cart pages to encourage your consumers to purchase more. You can boost your average order value by offering bundled product suggestions, related product suggestions.

This app enables you to hide out-of-stock products and display only available products. The intelligent software automatically stops displaying in cart products, so consumers do not pick the same thing twice.

You can show up to 15 products per website page to cross sell. You can also fully customize it, and it works with every Shopify theme.

Highlight Features:

  • Display up to 15 products per page to upsell and cross sell.
  • Boost your sales by showing related products on product and cart pages.
  • Hide products that are not in stock.
  • Hide items that are already in the cart.
  • AI-enabled product recommendations.

Plans: Pricing starts from a Free plan (limited usage) to Unlimited ($99.99/month). A 14-day free trial is available.

Ratings: 4.8/5

5. Frequently Bought Together by Code Black Belt

Frequently Bought Together app icon

Frequently Bought Together app enables your customers to buy related products with just a click, thus increasing your average order value and boosting your profits. Smart product recommendations displayed on product pages encourage customers to buy more products, thus boosting your revenues and conversion rate.

AI-enabled Frequently Bought Together displays the best and most relevant product recommendations. The app is lightning fast and very smooth to deal with an enormous number of products, traffic, orders with no hassle.

Highlight features:

  • AI-powered Frequently Bought Together displays the best recommendations.
  • Amazon style Frequently Bought Together widget.
  • Boost your revenues by displaying related products.
  • Display random products when there is not enough sufficient data for automatic recommendations.
  • Create your product bundles.

Plans: Plans start from Free (Starter) to $9.99/month (Professional). 30-day free trial.

Ratings: 4.9/5

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Final Verdict of Top 5 Best Shopify Cross Sell Apps in 2022

Cross Sell app helps to boost your sales and average order value by offering complementary products and accessories with the selected product. Cross Sell apps not only just help store owners, but they also help customers find the products which they might need.

Our Upsell and Cross Sell kit app is a perfect solution to fulfill all your demands. Our app enables you to improve product discoverability, thus increasing your average order value (AOV) and boosting revenue with the same effort.

Smart Pre-purchase, Post-purchase upsell/cross sell tool reduces the friction and offers gratifying customer experience. With these extensive features you might be thinking that our app will cost you hundreds of dollars, well you're wrong.

We have kept our app totally Free to help entrepreneurs and businesses sustain themselves in these crucial times.

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