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10 Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar Apps (with Reviews and Pricing)

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July 5, 2024

Looking for a way to improve sales through exciting offers and discounts? Well, try using a shipping bar to let your customers unlock free shipping and boost your AOV in the process. 

Almost 47% of customers would rather add more products to the cart to unlock free shipping than pay separately for shipping. 

With shipping bars added to your Shopify store, you can either provide a store wide free shipping or provide free shipping based on cart value.

App Name Built for Shopify Ratings /5 No. of Reviews Free Trial Period (in days)
Volume Discounts - Dealeasy 4.9 153 30
Essential Free Shipping Upsell 4.9 432 7
Yeps Announcement Bar, Banners 5 172 7
UpCart–Cart Drawer Cart Upsell 4.8 635 14
Quicky—Trending Bars & Banners 5 173 7
Attrac: Bars, Banners, Pop ups 4.9 642 7
Sales Box - Free Shipping Bar 4.4 144 7
WebRex Multi Announcement Bar 4.9 440 7
qikify Sticky Add to Cart 4.9 504 7
KartDiscount - Coupon on Cart 4.6 167 3

List of 10 best shopify free shipping bar apps

1. Volume Discounts - Dealeasy

Key Features

  • Great app to boost sales and AOV.
  • Provides multi-tier free shipping. 
  • Create volume discounts along with shipping offers for better conversion rate.
  • Generate free shipping based on cart value or total product weight.
  • Works with all default and custom themes.
  • Helps with creating volume discounts on Shopify

What do people say about this?

“Very easy to install, and much cleaner looking than the alternatives. Help is very quick on the Live Chat.”

“We spent a long time looking for the right app and have now found it. The installation was very easy and the customer service found my errors immediately - and helped quickly. Thank you very much!”

“This app does what it says. It's super easy to use and understand. The support team is always there to help.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Available $6.99/month $12.99/month

Double your sales by offering free shipping.

2. Essential Free Shipping Upsell

Key Features

  • Shipping progress can be displayed on the announcement bar in addition to the product and cart page.
  • Options to upsell products alongside the shipping bar.
  • Store analysis to keep track of your orders and offers. 
  • Provides product recommendations.

What do people say about this?

“Great one! I wish I could upload my own font! great app but need more development to make me top notch”

“Great app and the shipping bar looks great! Just wish it was responsive because it's too big on my mobile site.”

“Amazing App, some minor issues but still the best one out there. Motivated support team!”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Starter Essential Professional
Available $9.99/month $14.99/month $29.99/month

Shopify app link: Essential Free Shipping Upsell

3. Yeps Announcement Bar, Banners

Key Features

  • The announcement bar can be converted into a shipping bar. 
  • Options to provide free shipping based on delivery location and cart value. 
  • Emojis and buttons can be added to the shipping bar.
  • Free shipping with a timer can also be displayed.

What do people say about this?

“This app is great. We have used it for announcing sales and promotions and also for the email builder. very easy to setup. Would love to have a feature to auto-sync the emails collected using the email builder directly to Shopify customers.”

“ Works so well and looks fantastic! Most of the notification bars don't look nice with our website and their code worked seamlessly.”

“Made a collapsible notification, got confused initially but support was very helpful. Great app. Thanks very much.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Plus Pro Scale
Available $5.99/month $9.99/month $17.99/month

Shopify app link: Yeps Announcement Bar, Banners

4. UpCart–Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Key Features

  • The shipping progress bar shows all offers and discounts available in one shot. 
  • A cart timer can be added to create FOMO.
  • Options to upsell products along with the shipping bar to unlock free shipping. 
  • The free shipping badge can also be included. 

What do people say about this?

“We use and like Upcart, however the Support is ghosting us, and appears to requires a Slack account rather than their in app support”

“Works well and definitely boosted conversions/AOV. Customer service is superb and very fast.Would love to have a HTML section for "Above Upsell" to title the upsell.”

“Great support, I like the design, it was easy to setup not like other apps similar to this but having only the cart drawer ruins my other upsell app which is currently making me a lot more upsells.If this app had an option for normal cart then I would keep this app but cart drawer is not an option for my store.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Up to 500 orders Up to 3000 orders Up to 5000 orders or more
Available for Development and Partner stores $29.99 - $34.99/month $89.99 - $119.99/month $149.99 - $199.99/month

Shopify app link: UpCart–Cart Drawer Upsell

5. Quicky–Trending Bars & Banners

Key Features

  • Shipping progress bar appears as a banner.
  • Provides detailed analysis about each banner created. 
  • Free shipping based on location and cart value.
  • Option to schedule a specific time limit for the free shipping banner.

What do people say about this?

“I installed the app and noticed that I have a font problem, contacted support and within minutes the problem was fixed. Absolutely incredible app and an even better support team. I will be using this app for many years to come.”

“Great app, support was very helpful and quick to fix the issue I was encountering!”

“Quick and easy”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Pay as you go Professional Premium
Available $.50/ 1000 impressions over monthly limit $6.99/month $19.99/month

Shopify app link: Quicky–Trending Bars & Banners

6. Attrac: Bars, Banners, Pop ups

Key Features

  • Set free shipping in bar, banner, and as a popup. 
  • The estimated shipping and delivery time can be displayed with the shipping progress bar.
  • The announcement bar can be used to offer free shipping for a limited period. 
  • The free shipping progress bar is part of the banner design. 

What do people say about this?

“Works well for free for having one bar in your shop! If you need more than one, you should use another app or pay for a subscription.”

“I use this app to create important announcements for my customers, its so simple to use, the only thing is with the images you can't put them in the location of the banner you want them to be”

“ I like the app, but I would prefer options for graphics such as "blinking," "slide-in," "pop up," etc.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Plus Plan Pro Plan Max Plan
Available $6.99/month $11.99/month $29.99/month

Shopify app link: Attrac: Bars, Banners, Pop ups

7. Sales Box - Free Shipping Bar

Key Features

  • Options to provide free shipping based on individual product and geo-location.
  • Display shipping time on the product page.
  • Set limited period free shipping offers.
  • Shows all offers and discounts in each product page.

What do people say about this?

“I use this app to help me let customers know when an item will ship. I like that I can customize it for different listings. I wish it ran faster and I didn't have to wait so long for it to load.”

“Good App, but the date format makes it confusing for customers making the free aspect almost unusable.”

“The app is great and very cheap for what it offers! Though, it feels like a static infobox rather than updating the information according to the products added to cart.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Premium
Not Available $19/month

Shopify app link: Sales Box - Free Shipping Bar

8. WebRex Multi Announcement Bar

Key Features

  • Include coupon codes for free shipping in the announcement bar. 
  • Announcement bar acts as a shipping bar.
  • Offer site wide free shipping or based on the total cart value. 
  • Add a timer, emoji, or button to the shipping bar. 

What do people say about this?

“Very good app, it misses some features I would need but overall is a great and very good Assistance service.”

“I really like this app. There are just some minor things to be fixed and it would be perfect for us!”

“Nice and easy. Shame only 1 banner as a free option. Otherwise, decent and simple to get your head around it.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Yearly Premium
Available $3.50/month

Shopify app link: WebRex Multi Announcement Bar

9. qikify Sticky Add to Cart

Key Features

  • Has a separate option to calculate shipping time on the cart drawer. 
  • Shipping progress bar appears on the cart drawer along with a timer. 
  • Provides insights and analysis to improve sales.
  • Option to include a trust badge.

What do people say about this?

“Very good app and awesome support, the only thing that we din't like so far is the analytics on the app. You cannot see the data properly and make decisions based on that. The analytics doesn't show how much revenue you have generated from the upsell widget.”

“Hello, It is very useful, but I think you could enable a text box to insert some information on bottom or a link to go to delivery page information.”

“So far so good. Only thing missing is an add to cart button on collections pages. I like how professional it looks.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Free Plan Premium
Available, but does not include shipping bar $14.99/month

Shopify app link: qikify Sticky Add to Cart

10. KartDiscount - Coupon on Cart

Key Features

  • Shows actual shipping cost along with the shipping progress bar. 
  • Multiple shipping options on the progress bar. 
  • Calculates estimated shipping rates based on the delivery location.
  • Comes with a discount finder menu to list available codes.

What do people say about this?

“Overall works well, took a couple of tweaks working with support to get it up and running properly. But ever since it's working great.”

“Just started using it, works well thus far. Note that if you want to use it with an app that creates draft orders (we have custom options, for example), you need to use a compatible app.”

“The app is simple to use and perfect for stacked discounts. All interactions were fast and by super helpful developers. I'm very happy with the app.”

Available Plans and Pricing

Basic Plan Lite Plan Plus Plan Custom Plan
$4.90/month $8.90/month $13.90/month $89/month

Shopify app link: KartDiscount - Coupon on Cart

How to Choose the Best Shopify Free Shipping Bar App? 

If you are a Shopify shop owner looking for the best free shipping progress bar app, then here are the most important things to consider and look into. 

  • Premade designs and customization options.
  • Reasonable pricing and plans.
  • Free trial availability. 
  • Reliable ratings and reviews.
  • Free customer service and help desk.
  • Should work with your store’s theme. 

These are some of the features to look out for apart from the actual working and integration of the apps in your Shopify store.

Try out the apps mentioned above and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Adding a free shipping bar is one of the best ways to advertise the offer available. This inturn will bring in more customers and sales.

Boost your sales and AOV through free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add a free shipping bar to my Shopify store?

With the right free shipping bar app, such as the Volume Discounts - Dealeasy app, you can add a free shipping bar to your Shopify store.

2. Is it possible to customize the shipping bar on Shopify?

Most of the apps with free shipping bar apps on Shopify come with customisable options. You can change and modify the shipping bar to suit your store’s aesthetics. 

3. Can I turn the announcement bar into a shipping bar on Shopify?

Yes, there are shipping bar apps with options to convert the announcement bar into a shipping bar. 

Some apps come with a progress bar while others use timers and buttons for free shipping.

4. Is it necessary to provide free shipping on Shopify? 

To enable free shipping is a personal choice of each Shopify shop owner. 

But providing free shipping is a great strategy to boost your sales and increase your revenue. 

Statistics show that more than 75% of customers would rather choose free shipping over fast delivery. 

5. What are the things to consider when providing free shipping on Shopify? 

If you choose to provide free shipping on your Shopify store, you can either set a minimum cart value or specific delivery locations to unlock free shipping. 

While doing so, you have to take into consideration the AOV and the cost of shipping, products, and transaction fee. 

At the same time, be clear and conscious about your profit margin. 

6. Is it possible to offer free shipping along with a free gift on Shopify?

Yes. If you are looking for the best app for free gifts and free shipping on Shopify, you can go with the Volume Discounts - Dealeasy app. 

It does the work with ease and helps in boosting your AOV. 

Increase customer satisfaction with free shipping.

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