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10 Best Upsell Apps for Shopify in 2024 (with Reviews and Feature Comparison)

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April 24, 2024

Is your store not getting enough sales and profit despite having amazing products and proper SEO?

Product upsell has the potential to make the difference. Here, we bring top 10 upsell app recommendations, which will ensure that you never fall behind in terms of profits and sales.

What is upsell?

Upselling is a sales practice that involves encouraging customers to purchase an upgrade or more expensive version than what they originally intended to buy. This leads to an increase in sales and an increase in average order value, thus driving more profits with the same effort.

Best Shopify Upsell Apps in 2024

S.No App Name Free Plan Trial Period Built for Shopify Rating / 5 Review No. of Installs
1 Selleasy - Upsell and Cross sell 30 days 5 1520 21,669
2 Candy Rack | All-in-one Upsell 14 days 4.9 245 8627
3 SpurIT BOGO Free Gift Upsell No trial period available ✖️ 4.2 122 5
4 Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell ✖️ 7 days ✖️ 4.9 504 189
5 ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell 30 days ✖️ 4.9 4535 17,525
6 One Click Upsell ‑ Zipify OCU ✖️ 30 days ✖️ 4.7 362 7,757
7 Simple Bundles and Kits No trial period available 4.8 316 2412
8 Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory 30 days ✖️ 4.8 692 2951
9 Essential Free Shipping Upsell 7 days 4.9 404 6,392
10 AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell 30 days 4.8 741 3,100

List of 10 best Shopify upsell apps

1. Upsell and Cross Sell - Selleasy

Developed by: Logbase

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 1520 & 5/5

No.of Installs: 21,669

shopify upsell app
Source: Selleasy

Selleasy is currently one of the best upsell Shopify apps to boost your sales. You can prompt your customers to purchase related products and accessories, in addition to their desired product. The highlights includes,

  • Maximize conversions with pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. 
  • Reduce bounce rate with lightning-fast loading and no annoying pop-ups. 
  • Display relevant products by handpicking them yourself or use Selleasy’s automatic recommendations.
  • Optimized widget styling feature for both smartphone and desktop.

Key Features of Selleasy:

  • 6 unique locations to display your upsell and cross-sell widgets.
  • Quick loading and unobtrusive upsells that are pre-embedded on the page.
  • Completely customizable to match your Shopify theme.
  • Supports multilingual and multi-currency options..
  • Compatible with almost every theme.

Increase your AOV now with a 30-day free trial.

Selleasy Shopify app review:

“Selleasy works great. It allows you to quickly and easily upsell and cross sell products. I had an increase in sales after only having basic "cart add ons" set up. Definitely recommended for helping to increase average order value.”

“Just started using this app and already love it!!! So cool and the price for this app was the best i could find when searching for an app that did the "Frequently bought together”

“This has increased my revenue so much...a great investment for a big ROI. And customer service is quick and responsive.”

Boost your sales with this upsell and cross-sell app.

2. Candy Rack | All-in-one Upsell

Developed by: Digimoothie

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 245 & 4.9/5

No.of Installs: 8627

candy rack shopify

One-Click Upsell app offers the ability to launch upsells across your store with just some clicks. You can pick the product to upsell or let the AI-powered system do the job. The app’s highlights includes,

  • You can upsell straight away when the customer clicks the “Add to cart” button. 
  • Slick pop-ups to display upsell offers which were optimized for desktop and smartphones. 
  • Integrate currency converters to increase the user experience and sales.

‍Key Features of Candy Rack:

  • Easily adapts to the screen.
  • Offer currency converter option for overseas customers.
  • Boost your sales by offering an extended warranty and gift wrap options.
  • Monitor and optimize the performance of upsells using in-built analytics.
  • Customize to match your purchase flow.

Click here for the 14-day free trial.

Candy Rack Reviews:

“A must have for every retailer. Very easy to set up and works great - it has already brought us dozens of sold products and a very nice turnover within the first weeks.”

“I've been using CandyRack for 4-5 years, between 3 different stores, and it's always done exactly as I needed and the support team has always been fantastic!”

“Crashed our themes. Tried contacting them but no reply.”

3. SpurIT BOGO Free Gift Upsell

‍‍Developed by: SpurIT UAB

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 122 & 4.2/5

No.of Installs: 5

 upsell in cart shopify
Source: SpurIT BOGO Free Gift Upsell

SpurIT BOGO, as the name suggests this upsell app is focused more on Buy one Get one offers, free gifts and discounted upsells with pop-ups. The highlight features are,

  • One click upsell to encourage your customers to spend more.
  • Get pop-ups that suit your store design. 
  • Create irresistible deals that look awesome on any device. 
  • Display low selling items to boost conversions. 

Key Features of SpurIT BOGO upsell:

  • Display upsell offers once the “Add to Cart” button is clicked.
  • Use product bundle builder to quickly clear slow-moving stock.
  • Use Shopify AI to display recommendations.
  • Real-time analytics to keep track of your upsell campaigns to maximize profits.

Get the free plan now.

SpurIT BOGO Free Gift upsell Reviews:

“This app is really great! I love that I can (SIMPLY) customize with great complexity. Takes about 20 minutes to set up but well worth it. Very modern and a pleasure to work in.”

“We have been using Upsell since we opened in 2014. The instructions to create an upsell were user friendly. Overall a well designed app that does exactly what it is for.”

“Does not work with other discount codes and this is not disclosed anywhere that I can see.”

4. Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell

‍‍‍Developed by: Skup

Price: $27/month

Reviews and Ratings: 504 & 4.9/5

No.of Installs: 189

in cart upsell shopify app
Source: Voyager Upsell & Cross‑Sell

Voyager Upsell & Cross Sell enables you to instantly increase your revenue by offering a smart upsell that adjusts to your customer's shopping experience, thus boosting your average order value. The highlights of the app includes,

  • Keep track of every single product your customer has in the cart 
  • Personalize user experience by knowing from which device they're shopping to make it. 
  • Smart recommendations of related items based on the customer's cart.

‍Key Features of Voyager upsell and cross-sell:

  • Boost your average order value by offering In Cart Upsells.
  • Apply similar or different discount to every upsell item.
  • Track your upsell campaigns with real-time analytics.
  • Show upsell popup once customer clicks Add to cart button.
  • Showcase related items on the cart page.

Try it now with a 7-day free trial.

Voyager Upsell & Cross-sell Reviews

“I absolutely love the Voyager Bundle for upselling. I'm very new to e-commerce and so I love the stability that this upsell creates, as well as how easy it is to use and customize!”

“It has come in handy many times and is extremely user friendly. Great for newbies and seasoned vets alike.”

“Cannot handle currency conversion so pretty much useless for international sellers.”

5. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

‍‍‍Developed by: ReConvert

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 4527 & 4.9/5

No.of Installs:

reconvert post purchase upsell shopify
Source: ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell

ReConvert post purchase upsell lets you create your upsell offers without any technical knowledge required by using their magic designer and ready-made templates. The app’s highlights are,

  • Create a sense of urgency with a count-down timer for discount popup upsells
  • Features to create one-click post-purchase upsell
  • Use Birthday collector and post-purchase surveys to offer personalized experience. 
  • Keep track of full analytics for the thank-you page and every widget.

‍Key Features of ReConvert upsell & cross sell:

  • ‍Offer one-click upsells at checkout page, thank you page and at every post purchase widgets.
  • Build and customize your upsell widgets easily with drag and drop editor.
  • Define your upsell separately like bundle upsells, cross-sells and one-click upsell.
  • Increase sales with post-purchase funnels, surveys and CTAs.

Get the 30-day free trial here.

Reconvert post purchase upsell Reviews:

“This app is definitely a priority upon owning an e-commerce brand/platform of any such! With its fascinating luxury touch & feel for a website, this app offers multiple benefits & capabilities.”

“The first setup is very simple and quick. If you want a custom solution, you can pretty much customize everything to your needs!”

“I was using this app and had to pause my store - this meant that the checkout hadn't even been operating. I then got charged last month's usage fees - when the app wasn't even in use.”

6. One Click Upsell ‑ Zipify OCU

‍‍‍Developed by: Zipify Apps

Price: $35/month

Reviews and Ratings: 361 & 4.7/5

No.of Installs:

upsell app shopify
Source: Zipify OCU

Zipify’s One Click upsell Shopify lets you create pre and post-purchase upsell offers easily with no coding knowledge or developers required. The highlight features includes,

  • Available in Shopify’s shopping app, Shop.
  • Create upsell offers throughout the purchase cycle.
  • Optimize your upsell’s performance with in-built split testing. 
  • Simple to create and optimize upsell offers with drag and drop functionality.

Shopify One Click upsell by Zipify’s features:

  • Will not be charged based on the number of people seeing your offers.
  • Create pre-purchase upsells like product page offers, discount ladders and free shipping.
  • Test different upsell offers with built-in split options.
  • Create more offers in Shopify’s native checkout page and Thank you page.
  • Show multiple product page upsell offers.

Get the 30-day free trial and try it.

Zipify One Click upsell Reviews:

“So far it's responsible for an extra 10-15% of revenue which I think could easily be closer to 20% if I were doing a better job of creating the offer and all that entails.”

“Installed the OCU app on our store just over 30 days ago and saw a 10% increase in overall store volume. It continues to increase day by day.”

“This app is very expensive and it charges you a percentage off the sales even for items that were canceled or refunded. it's way too expensive!”

7. Simple Bundles and Kits

‍‍‍Developed by: Freshly Commerce

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 315 & 4.8/5

No.of Installs:

shopify in cart upsell
Source: Simple Bundles and Kits

Simple Bundles and Kits- This app got its name right as it makes the upsell bundle creation process simpler. The order fulfillment process was made easy with real-time inventory syncing and individual SKU bundles. The notable highlights are,

  • Numerous bundle options like mix and match, multipacks, subscription sets and more.
  • Offer better user experience for simple bundles by bypassing Shopify's variant limits.
  • Create separate product pages for showcasing bundles to merchants.

Key Features of Simple Bundles and Kits:

  • Use bundle breakdown for easy order fulfillment and  product sync.
  • Enhance customer experience by showing the upsell bundles separately.
  • Create curated sets, wholesale packs and offer volume discounts to increase sales as well as AOV.
  • Easy integration with 3PL, WMS, MCF, Shopify POS and other shipping apps.

Get your free plan here.

Simple Bundles & Kits Reviews:

“I thought creating bundles would be super hard to do, but this app made it so easy for me.”

“Simple Bundles truly makes everything easy. Simple Bundles now meets exactly our needs, is easy to understand, is 100% reliable.”

“Maybe try this app but be aware there are LOTS OF ONGOING BUGS that can't be fixed and will keep on breaking.”

8. Bundles & Upsell | PickyStory

‍‍‍Developed by: PickyStory

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 690 & 4.8/5

No.of Installs:

add to cart upsell shopify
Source: Bundles & Upsell

Bundles and Upsell lets you create AI-driven personalized upsell offers based on your customer’s purchase history. You can utilize every possible way to boost your sales using bundles and upsell. The highlights includes,

  • Various pre-purchase offers available like bundle products, BOGO and quantity breaks.
  • Create in cart upsell Shopify offers like Rewards and product recommendations.
  • Let the AI decide the places to showcase upsell offers.

Bundles upsell features:

  • Apply upsell for various bundle types like single products, mix & match, kits and quantity breaks.
  • Increase sales by offering tiered discounts, free gifts and free shipping.
  • Boost AOV with one-click post purchase upsell.
  • Upsell at various places like collections, product pages, in the cart and post-purchase.

Try it now with a 30-day free trial.

Bundles upsell Reviews:

“It is so easy to create new bundles in a really customer-friendly way, and it integrates really well with my warehouse software.”

“I recently added Pickstory to my Shopify store and was impressed by its seamless functionality and the significant boost in upsells.”

“It compromises the experience for customers to checkout in a negative way. Definitely not designed for mobile phones, extremely clustered and slow loading.”

9.Essential Free Shipping Upsell

‍‍‍Developed by: Essential Apps

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 404 & 4.9/5

No.of Installs:

best upsell tools for ecommerce
Source: Essential Free Shipping Upsell

Essential free shipping upsell can boost your sales by displaying the free shipping bar throughout the purchase cycle. You can prompt customers to spend more by showing an progressive free shipping bar. The highlights of the app are,

  • Show cart goal value and reward them with free shipping and discount code.
  • Promote free shipping offers with a progressive message across your store.
  • In-built statistics to analyze your upsell offer’s performance.

Free shipping upsell key features:

  • Show the upsell offer in the product page, in cart upsell, cart drawer, or as an announcement bar.
  • Supports 2.0 themed stores, translation and multiple currencies.
  • Create your own design from scratch or use the pre-made templates.
  • Mobile friendly and will suit any mobile device.

Click here for the 7-day free trial.

Essential free shipping upsell Reviews:

“I really like this app, customer service is super helpful. You can improve your conversion rate with the free shipping bar and get higher ticket sales using it creatively.”

“Hey guys, just to say thanks, it's an amazing app and I think is pretty useful to make better connections and engagement with the clients.”

“When I deleted the app to try and declutter my cart to see the effects, installation was incomplete and code was left behind and made it look like I had some cloaked code on some security notifications.”

10. AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

‍‍‍Developed by: AfterSell by Rokt

Price: Free plan available

Reviews and Ratings: 740 & 4.8/5

No.of Installs:

upsell popup shopify
Source: AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell

AfterSell is an app dedicated to post purchase upsells. Let your customers accept your upsell offers in one-click and without the need to re-enter the payment information or go through the checkout process again. The app’s highlights includes,

  • Create customized thank-you page with reviews, FAQs and additional offers.
  • Edit Shopify's native checkout with your upsell widget.
  • Run A/B tests to find your winning offer.

AfterSell key features:

  • Create high converting upsell offers with conversion and session insights.
  • Choose from 15+ triggers like collections, products, tags and more to target the right customer.
  • Offer more personalized shopping journeys using customer and order data.
  • Use the pre-made templates and no-code drag and drop builder to create your upsell offers.
  • Utilize the in-built timer to create a sense of urgency. 

Try it with a 30-day free trial.

AfterSell Reviews:

“We just finished our first month using only one campaign and generated an extra $5400!”

“There is nothing similar about AFTER SELL and any other upsell/post purchase app we have ever used. The increase in performance was clear from the set-up. Huge gains w AFTER SELL.”

“The application crashes constantly and hours of work on the funnels are lost for NO REASON!”

Reasons to use Shopify upsell apps

According to Sumo, upselling increases revenue by 10 to 30% on an average. Upselling is also 68% more affordable than acquiring new customers. To get all these benefits, you must select the best Shopify Upsell app.

Selleasy is designed to give you all those benefits. 

Store owners get the benefit of boosting their conversions and increase profitability. Your customers get to purchase more related products with the best user experience, thus increasing customer satisfaction and generating more profits.

We have kept our app absolutely Free to help entrepreneurs not just survive, but dominate in these crucial times.

We offer free installation and setup guidance to help you start your upselling journey as quickly as possible. 

Install our app and witness the change yourself.

Boost your sales with this upsell and cross-sell app.

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