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Shopify Post Purchase Upsell: Ultimate Guide To Drive AOV

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April 24, 2024

Post-purchase upsells are the best revenue-boosting methods that you will ever find for your Shopify store. They help stores enhance their customer journey and boost average order value by driving more sales. You can enhance customer loyalty and up your user engagement while also maximizing revenue with post-purchase upsells. 

In this blog, we cover everything about post-purchase upsell, along with the best Shopify apps for effective post-purchase upselling.  

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What is Post Purchase Upsell?

Post-purchase upsell is a unique selling strategy that aims to get customers to purchase more products after they make a transaction. It is a method that involves store owners suggesting product recommendations that complement any initial purchase made by a customer.  

Subscriber emails, product notifications, pop-up ads on the Shopify store, and various other methods are used to make a post-purchase upsell. 

You can increase your AOV and boost sales by recommending related products while a customer purchases from your store.

Examples of Post Purchase Upselling 

Here are a few examples of post-purchase upselling campaigns by some reputed platforms:

  • Amazon Music: The music streaming platform has a free plan that allows anyone to join. However, only paid subscribers can access premium features like ad-free music, unlimited plays, offline playback, etc.
  • CRVFT: They offer lots of expensive bundles and add-ons. Customers can save when they add a styler, plus free shipping on hair styling product stacks. 
  • Level 8: They offer free organizers and cosmetic bag kits with luggage cases, with discounts on their bundles.   

Benefits of Post-Purchase Upsell

By exercising post-purchase upsells, Shopify stores can increase client loyalty and engagement. Guests are more likely to buy from Shopify stores that offer products relevant to their requirements. 

Also, post-purchase upsells act as another revenue source for Shopify store brands as they help to boost average order value and generate further deals. This is especially applicable for Shopify stores as it helps to increase their overall profit without having to invest in complicated marketing efforts. 

Improve conversion rates

Post-purchase upsells are a great way to boost your Shopify store's commerce conversion rates. They serve as a product recommendation engine by offering applicable suggestions and recommendations. Shopify stores can increase their conversion rates and drive further sales. 

Also, post-purchase upsells help e-commerce businesses showcase their products or services in the context of sales. This helps customers make informed decisions. For instance, when a client orders a pair of shoes, you can recommend a pair of shoes. This can lead to increased client satisfaction and advanced conversion rates for e-commerce stores. 

Grow your revenue

Post-purchase upsells can help stores boost profit further. By offering relevant items and services, e-commerce businesses can increase average order value and generate more sales. It can be optimized by using Shopify checkout upsell apps. 

Also, e-commerce stores can use post-purchase upsells as a chance to cross-selling products or services, which can further increase their profit. 

One example of post-purchase upsells boosting profit is the popularity of branded tracking pages. Rather than sending customers to a carrier's website to track their packages, brands are now transferring guests to a page that has their tracking information.

These pages are filled with recommended products. Customers are more likely to buy from the recommended products while checking the status of their order.   

By using post-purchase upsells targeting Shopify post-purchase pages, e-commerce businesses can dramatically increase their profit and maximize gains. 

Foster customer loyalty

Post-purchase upsells are a great way to foster connections with customers, making them loyal customers who will be your repeat customers. By suggesting relevant products and services, Shopify stores can demonstrate that they understand their customers' needs. 

This can help Shopify businesses establish trust and loyalty among their customers, which will impact conversion rates and increase profits.

Also, Shopify stores can use post-purchase upsells to award their customers with exclusive deals and offers, which will further strengthen the relationship. 

How to Implement Post-Purchase Upsell on Shopify

The key to selling and upselling is getting to increase sales without making an impression that you are trying to sell at any opportunity. This means you should make sure any add-on product you upsell is relevant to the purchase your customer already made in the first place. 

You have to make it obvious that you're not just trying to sell anything to them for the sake of increasing sales. Your focus should be on increasing value. You should do this by choosing an upsell product that is something the client is familiar with. You can implement this in multiple ways, and here's how: 

Post-purchase emails

Post-purchase emails are exactly what they sound like – emails are transferred after a purchase is made. By transferring targeted order confirmation emails and other emails like product recommendations, e-commerce stores can increase average order value and increase sales.  

Also, e-commerce businesses use post-purchase email campaigns to engage guests and keep them informed about new offers or services.

Post-purchase emails can also help e-commerce stores make connections with their guests by providing them with relevant content. It also means that you don't always have to shoot emails with product recommendations. 

For instance, if you sell cosmetics, consider sending marketing material like videos that you created that are similar to the products a client bought. This can have a huge impact on conversion rates and increase profit for your brand. 

Post-purchase SMS

Additionally, e-commerce businesses use post-purchase SMS or post-purchase messages to engage customers and keep them informed about new products and order tracking information. 

Post-purchase SMS can also help e-commerce stores build relationships with their customers by providing them with personalized content. This can result in higher conversion rates and increased revenue for e-commerce brands. 

Post-purchase SMS marketing involves sending targeted text messages that are a great way to increase e-commerce conversion rates. By sending targeted SMS with relevant product recommendations, e-commerce stores can drive more sales and increase average order value.   

Also, e-commerce businesses use post-purchase SMS to increase customer retention and engagement and keep them informed about new products and order tracking information. 

Branded tracking pages

Branded tracking pages can be a great way to boost e-commerce profit. By offering guests branded tracking pages, e-commerce stores can enhance the client experience and make it easier for them to track their orders.   

Also, Shopify stores use branded tracking pages to inform customers of order status to customers, which will foster trust with them. This promotes client satisfaction and increases conversion rates for the store, eventually leading to further sales.  

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty & rewards programs are another profitable way to increase your store's revenue. By offering rewards or discounts for repeat purchases, you can encourage your customers to come back and shop frequently.   

Pop-ups after checkout

Pop-ups after checkout are like show-stoppers in getting the customers to make instant purchase decisions that boost your store's revenue. Offering relevant product recommendations or discounts encourages customers to complete their purchases and increases average order value. 

Post-purchase retargeting ads

Ads are like an evergreen medium to target your existing customers. Post-purchase retargeting is a great way to increase your revenue. Presenting relevant ads to your customers after they make a purchase encourages them to purchase again.  

Incentives for a review

Another smart and efficient way to implement a post-purchase upsell is by offering incentives to customers for leaving reviews. This can increase your revenue to a great extent. Encouraging customers to leave reviews and rewarding them will further increase customer engagement.  

Replenishment reminders

Replenishment reminders are another great way to boost revenue. It reminds customers to restock their favorite products before they run out of stock, which can encourage customers to shop frequently.   

Tips for Successful Post Purchase Upsell on Shopify

When it comes to upselling on Shopify, there are many Shopify upsell apps that can simplify the process. But you will have to find out which apps will work for you.  

Before and after installing your app, the first thing you need to do is to track your conversion rate. 

When you detect that the percentage of store visitors who complete a purchase goes down, tweak your upsell offers.

4 Best Post Purchase Upsell Apps for Shopify in 2023 

Now, here are our recommendations for the best Shopify upsell apps!

1. Upsell and Cross Sell - Selleasy 

The Selleasy app is a top-rated upsell and cross-sell app designed to display high conversion pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. Aimed at influencing customers to buy from the related products while increasing AOV, this app is the best to handle your Upsell and Cross Sell deals.  

Selleasy allows you to identify the products that convert best, offering options to configure Shopify upsell on product pages and Post-purchase Shopify upsells after checkout. It includes Frequently bought together bundle, Product add-ons, Cart page upsell funnel, Cart add-ons, Post-purchase upsell, and Thank you page add-ons.

Key Features:

  • Maximizes conversion rate through pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell/cross-sell offers
  • Displays automatic product recommendations for select widgets.  
  • Displays a post purchase upsell page with one click upsell (checkout upsell).
  • All widgets are embedded & unobtrusive
  • Supports multi-language and multi-currency Shopify stores
  • The free plan includes a 30-day free trial.

Try Selleasy for Free!

Here is a quick overview of how to set up Post Purchase Upsell on Shopify using Selleasy.

You might have customers who do not prefer to be bothered by pre-purchase checkout upsell. They don’t want to be interrupted while they try to complete a purchase at your store. In this case, you can put together a post-purchase upsell offer that shows up only after your customer completes a purchase. 

The Selleasy app allows you to set effective post-purchase upsell offers that can entice customers to buy more even after they make a purchase. 

In Selleasy, your customer completes an order by adding a main product to cart and then proceeding to checkout. Then the customer enters the credit card details after which the post-purchase page will be displayed. The only condition it requires is that customers can access this only through Shopify Payment Gateway. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up Post Purchase Upsell on Shopify Using Selleasy. 

2. Bold Upsell – True upsells

Bold Upsell allows you to make your orders better with upsell offers that can be displayed on product, cart, or thank you pages. And it allows you to schedule offers in advance for key selling seasons. It also allows customizing the offers and tracking the performance with reporting.

Key Features:

  • Sets upsells that can make customers move from a single product to purchasing a product bundle or kit
  • Boosts average order value with a post-purchase offer on the thank you page
  • Upsell in multiple locations via pop-up, in-cart, or post-purchase
  • Shows additional offers after the first one was accepted or declined with funnels
  • Tracks performance with offer analytics

3. Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell

Honeycomb offers upsell funnels that allow you to feature upsell and cross-sell offers anywhere in your store. Upsell offers can be added to the product page, cart page, post-purchase, and on your thank you page.  

Key Features:

  • Product page, cart page, in-checkout, and thank you page funnels
  • One-click-to-buy post-purchase offers  
  • Easy customization without theme code  
  • AI recommendation engine matches the best upsell offers with the right products.
  • Offers Downsell, custom fields, autopilot mode, discount stacking, pixel support & more

4. Candy Rack – All-in-One Upsell

Candy Rack is an upsell & cross-sell app that can drive more sales with pre-purchase and post-purchase checkout upsells.

Candy Rack is an all-in-one upsell app that makes you upsell & cross-sell products to customers who purchase. 

With Candy Rack, you can combine both pre-purchase and post-purchase checkout upsells, which creates an upsell funnel.

Key Features:

  • Combination of pre & post-purchase checkout upsells & cross-sells
  • All upsells are optimized for a seamless mobile experience
  • Allows customization of the content and design to match your storefront
  • Smart Auto-Upsells let AI to choose the relevant upsell product
  • Mobile-first Design, where Upsells are optimized for a seamless mobile experience


What is the conversion rate for post-purchase upsell?

On average, post-purchase upsell offers have a conversion rate of about 4%. However, we see some merchants with conversion rates of upwards of 10%. 


Should I upsell before or after checkout?

Offer your upsell where it makes sense. Add them to:  

  • Product pages, where you have many chances to display product versions.
  • As shoppers add items to the cart as it's when you have to show complementary products or services that add more value to them.
  • Places where customers reach a success milestone. For eg., when you've added a few tasks, you'll get an email showing you how to manage tasks even better with a premium product.

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Wrapping Up

By offering relevant product recommendations or discounts after checkout, e-commerce stores can encourage customers to complete their purchases and increase average order value.

Shopify stores use post-purchase upsells as an opportunity to build relationships with their customers by providing them with personalized content. 

From checkout pop-ups, post-purchase retargeting, and offering incentives for reviews to providing personalized product recommendations, Shopify stores can benefit from a range of upsells to increase AOV.

These are our top 4 picks for the best Shopify upsell apps! We're sure that there is at least one that will fit into your store perfectly. 

Some of these apps have a 7-day free trial or a 14-day free trial. But Selleasy offers a 30-day free trial, which gives you ample time to see if it increases your AOV. 

Start to upsell, cross-sell, and start growing your Shopify store. Give Selleasy a try today!

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