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15 Top Baby Shopify Stores in 2024 For Design Inspiration

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April 24, 2024

Are you a busy entrepreneur looking to start your own Shopify baby store but don't know where to start? You want to make your store stand out from the rest of your competitors and increase your sales, but you are lacking design ideas. Don't worry, we've curated a list of 15 top baby Shopify stores from which you can take your design inspirations and skyrocket your sales and profits

The baby accessories and baby clothes business is an evergreen industry. The UN estimates that approximately 385,000 babies are born each day around the globe, and as the number increases, spending will also increase. The global baby apparel market was valued at $62.04 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $82.54 billion in 2027 with a CAGR of 4.2%. 

Baby apparels, accessories are something parents will never comprise. If you have been a parent yourself, you know how quickly babies grow up and quality apparels, toys are something you will always need. For any parent, safety, trust and quality are of top priority, and as a digital business, apart from these points, user experience, look and feel are something parents will keep an eye on. If your digital baby store offers a good design, better user experience, there is a high possibility that parents will prefer to buy from your Shopify store.

Let's take a look at some top baby Shopify stores, so you know where your rival stores stand, and you can take some inspiration from them. Let's get started!

15 Top Baby Shopify Store Designs

Happiest Baby - Baby Sleeper Solutions

1. Happiest Baby - Baby Sleeper Solutions

Happiest Baby is a California-based smart baby sleeper solutions providing company. Their offerings include SNOO, which is a smart baby bed developed and researched with the help of Dr. Harvey Karp, America's leading pediatrician with more than 20 years of experience. Apart from this, they offer baby swaddles, blankets, sheets, baby sleep advice, toddler tips backed by science, and much more.

Enough talking about the offerings, let's come directly to the point. The clean look and interactive nature of the homepage make it very compelling. From the point of accessibility, the colors and images used perfectly work in harmony, helping the target audience to better understand the product. 

The addition of reviews and testimonials on the homepage offers a strong sense of trust, safety and especially with these delicate and important products, this small touch becomes a must-have.

Pipette Baby - Non-toxic Skincare

2. Pipette Baby - Non-toxic Skincare

Pipette Baby offers cruelty-free skincare products for moms and babies. The plant-derived products are clinically proven to nourish and protect sensitive skin. One of their super innovative products includes baby moisturizers, which are developed in-house by their scientists. They use Squalane, a moisturizing ingredient that is a replica of squalene and derived from renewable sugarcane, which is super safe for the baby's delicate skin.

Talking about the design, the high-grade colorful images, compelling website copy, and gorgeous color scheme superbly complement each other. These are some qualities that make a website good. The production quality of images, videos, and clean homepage setup offers a super immersive experience.

Natural Baby Shower - Quality natural Products

3. Natural Baby Shower - Quality natural Products

Created with the idea of offering UK parents more sustainable and environment-friendly products for their babies. The brand provides high-quality baby products at affordable prices with the commitment of enabling parents to offer a more sustainable lifestyle to their little ones. Parents can also avail themselves of expert advice from the customer support team through detailed blog posts or via live chat.

The brand offers a wide variety of safe and stylish products to cover all your requirements. The product range includes pushchairs, strollers, baby carriers, apparel, meal items, play items, and much more. 

At the first glance, the store offers a more lovely and caring vibe. The adorable images, superb web copy, well-designed homepage, lovely textures, and colors perfectly complement each other. Specially curated blogs for parents with expert advice add a caring touch. Reviews and testimonials are very important to establish trust among parents, and these guys perfectly nailed it.

Sleeping Baby - Sleeping Clothes

4. Sleeping Baby - Sleeping Clothes

Sleeping Baby is a baby clothes Shopify store that was born when two working parents found it very hard to give their little newborn baby a good night’s sleep. They resolved this problem by creating their custom swaddle called Zipadee-Zip Zipper. The product is perfectly designed to give babies the comfort, the warmth they need during their relaxing times.

Their beautiful product range includes swaddles transitions, pajamas, adorable teethers, and cute tummy timelines.

“Better sleep for your baby, better sleep for you”. The tagline perfectly hits the spot. The best part about the design of this store is that they know how to pick and play with fewer colors. Talking about building trust, the homepage displays a new and stories section which has some pretty big names like Forbes, Good Morning America, Shark Tank, where the brand got featured. You can also see customer testimonials, product reviews, and FAQs embedded in the design, thus offering a better customer experience.

Saranoni Luxury Blankets - Comfy Baby Blankets

5. Saranoni Luxury Blankets - Comfy Baby Blankets

The brand offers luxury blankets made from special fabric that is custom knit to ensure you get incredible comfort, fluffy, and plush blankets. They offer several varieties of blankets, like baby blankets, toddler blankets, and adults blankets. Their other offerings for babies are Muslin quilts, crib sheets, swaddles, and much more.

Talking about the design, the brand follows a serene design scheme with some luxury elements in it. The beautifully planned web copy, high production quality images, neatly designed website, and luxury offerings perfectly blend with the brand. Reviews and testimonials are some other things the brand has intelligently worked on. 

One best thing about the website which I fell in love with was the use and thoughtful implementation of assistive technology. Saranoni has partnered with Essential Accessibility to ensure their website is accessible to as many people as possible regarding their disabilities.

Magnolia Baby - Cotton Clothes

6. Magnolia Baby - Cotton Clothes

Magnolia Baby was built with the vision to create diversity, increase design choices in the baby clothes industry. Hand embroidered, crafted with love and elegance, and made with the finest and supreme quality of cotton called Pima, the brand has more than 450 products and markets it in the UK, the Middle East, and Asia.

The brand believes in simplicity and this can be seen in its design philosophy as well. Something as important as colors is missing, and that I feel makes it a little outdated. The seasonal collection is something that is a nice touch and will surely help parents pick the right apparel for their babies.

7amenfant - Winter Clothing

7. 7amenfant - Winter Clothing

7amenfant is a baby clothes business that creates cutting-edge, stylish, versatile, cozy winter clothes made with quality materials, and with a striking style statement. The brand offers a large variety of items including warmmuffs, jumpsuits, snowsuits, blankets, strollers, and much more. 

The brand has done a fabulous job on the design aspect, especially with these enticing visuals. 

With the high-quality images, clean look, lightning-fast connectivity options, the whole website feels and works like a charm. The reviews, customer testimonials, and web copy is a pretty great thing. 

MiaMily - Hipster

8. MiaMily - Hipster

This Swiss brand offers its ergonomically designed and innovative hip seats that ensure your baby always sits in the optimal “M” sitting position with the knees at hip level. Smart, ergonomically, and aesthetically designed hip seats help both parents and the baby to get a comfortable carrying posture. Made from an organic grey cotton exterior and with a polyethylene/polyurethane foam interior, this provides both safety and comfort. 

The award and recognition section on the homepage boosts the confidence and trust factor among parents. High-quality images, warm colors, and beautiful illustrations add a more cozy but modern vibe.

Huxbaby - Organic & Sustainable Baby Clothing

9. Huxbaby - Organic & Sustainable Baby Clothing

Want to give your babies or kids a more professional look, but also keep your climate impact minimum? Huxbaby is just doing that by providing you with its organic and sustainable clothing line, which your babies are going to love. The brand offers a wide range of professional and minimalist designed apparel including jackets, shirts, pants, swimwear, and much more for babies, kids, and adults.

I feel like this is the best Shopify baby store theme design with a more professional style and look. The colors, fonts, unique design, and cute images, clearly make it stand out from its competitors. When hovering over products, the mouse icon switches to a cute bear, which I feel is an amazing way to offer an immersive shopping experience.

Posh Peanut - Cute Matching Baby Outfits

10. Posh Peanut - Cute Matching Baby Outfits

Posh Peanut is another baby Shopify store which offers an immersive shopping experience similar to the Huxbaby. Founded by Fiona Sahakian and started in 2011, this hairstylist mother of two kids wanted to design stylish apparel for her kids. Her taste for fashion was one of the contributing factors to the success of the Posh Peanut. The brand offerings include swaddles, pajamas, rompers, one-piece footies, and much more for all age levels.

Posh Peanut is another brand on the list whose theme design is the best Shopify theme for baby stores. The brand has heavily focused on the quality of visuals, be it product images, soothing and comfy colors, or fabulous fonts. All these little elements perfectly work in harmony, allowing parents to get the best navigation experience. Customer testimonials and featured section is a good touch, but the missing review section on the product page is a major letdown.

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Bebemoss - Handcrafted Organic Toys

11. Bebemoss - Handcrafted Organic Toys

Bebemoss, an organic toys brand helping home mothers to sustain their families by purchasing handmade and organic baby toys, products from them. The USP of this brand is handcrafted baby products, organic and sustainable built, fair trade, and empowering women that also includes refugees from Syria, and Afghanistan.

The brand really knows how to do a proper representation. The heartwarming messages, pictures, warming colors, and professional fonts offer a lovely shopping experience. Having product reviews is a great touch.

Milk Tooth - Baby Toys

12. Milk Tooth - Baby Toys

MilkTooth was a work from the home project for a mom of two daughters, Kath, until she decided to make it a marketplace for thoughtfully and elegantly designed baby toys. Featured in some pretty big names such as The Herald Sun, Home Beautiful Magazine, and Minty Magazine, the popularity, and trustworthiness of the brand are rising.

The brand provides a variety of products including wooden toys, dolls, baskets, decorative items, soft toys, apparel, etc. The color scheme, high production quality visuals, and decent web copy complement each other. Apart from following orthodox marketing strategies, the brand also makes use of email marketing for offering rewards and sharing news.

Wonderfold Wagon - Quad Stroller Wagon

13. Wonderfold Wagon - Quad Stroller Wagon

Wonderfold provides high-quality, safe double/quad stroller wagons designed for easy kids travel, keeping parent’s convenience in mind. The brand provides several wagons models with different carrying capacities to allow you to make the most of your family time. 

The brand uses videos and quality visuals to convey use case stories of their products. Featured section and product reviews add a more quality and trustworthy vibe to the store.

Skobi - Children's Shoes

14. Skobi - Children's Shoes

Founded by Jason, a podiatrist, and a doting dad. He decided to design school shoes because he couldn't find suitable ones in the Australian market for his children. Made from the finest European leather, the brand provides five different ranges of shoes for different activities and helps kids enjoy their active lives. 

The product page is designed in such a way that users get an enhanced navigation and shopping experience. Little but useful features like find my size and pictograms enable customers to find the perfect shoes. Users can also access the list to compare products and figure out the distinction between each product range.

Knuckleheads Clothing

15. Knuckleheads Clothing

Knuckleheads Clothing was founded in 2004 to cater to those parents who want something different from the standard tees, shirts, sweaters, or khakis. The brand features stylish, modern, safe apparel that makes your kids look like professional models.


The neatly designed homepage with apparel categorized according to the category, and new arrivals help to catch more eyeballs. The way product images with real-sized models enable buyers to get an idea of scale and how it will look on their kids. 

Final Words

Offering the best shopping experience to customers should be your first priority and especially for this type of delicate business, it's a must. Every top baby Shopify store example included here offers a unique design perspective, and that can be helpful for new baby Shopify stores to get some inspiration and start dominating in this competitive market.

The stores included in the post were based on our thorough research. Do share this post with your friends, loved ones, so they can take some design inspiration and start growing their business.

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