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11 Best Shopify FAQ Apps in 2024 To Increase Sales

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April 24, 2024

Are you a busy entrepreneur looking for the best Shopify FAQ App to help your customers find the answers to frequently asked questions? You want to increase your conversions, establish trust, solve customer queries the quickest way possible, but don’t know where to start from? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered up! 

Customers often have a lot of questions about the payments, shipping, returns, products, or services, and these queries need to be answered quickly to convince them to buy your offerings. Shopify FAQ page apps help you create FAQ sections/pages, so your customers get the most basic information most effectively. According to the statistics, 75% of online customers expect help within 5 minutes. 

11 Best Shopify FAQ Apps

1. Easy FAQ Page

by Avocados Lab

Easy FAQ Page Shopify App by Avocados Lab

Easy FAQ is considered one of the most popular Shopify FAQ apps. It makes it simple to design trendy FAQ pages for your Shopify store. This app is meticulously designed with keeping all requirements of end-users in mind, thus making the full process much easier.

The FAQ page is customizable, which means you can change some important things like text size, color, and style to better match your brand and style. The solid underlying infrastructure and built-in caching enable quicker page load time, allowing your users to load the FAQs page in a fraction of a second, thus also increasing your brand image. 

With one-click installation, it enables the Shopify retailers to create their FAQ sites without any third-party assistance. The app does operate independently, also you do not need any coding or programming experience to use it. 

Key Features

  • Intuitive UI design
  • Ability to embed at various locations.
  • Fully responsive user interface for better user experience.
  • Easily matches your brand design.
  • Rich text editor for answers.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: It features two paid plans, i.e. Essentials for $3.99/month and Professional for $7.99/month. It also features a free plan for starters. 

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2. FAQ & Accordions

by EnormApps

FAQ & Accordions by EnormApps

Being on the 2nd number of our list, FAQ & accordions is a great option for Shopify FAQ apps. 

With FAQ & Accordion, you may personalize the look of your FAQs as per your liking. You can also customize the layout by simply changing the colors, text size, including images, and much more. Various colors can be used for questions and responses to better represent your brand.

You can also add your FAQs page to any of your product pages by copying the embed code and pasting it into the relevant spot.

FAQ & Accordion allows you to display your FAQs in two formats that are accordion or basic questions and answers in a tabular format.

Key Features

  • Rich and intuitive user interface.
  • Responsive to all devices.
  • Freedom to use embed code where you want it most.
  • Different colors for questions and answers.
  • Ability to insert images in your answers

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: It features two paid plans you can choose from, i.e. a Basic plan for $4.99/month and a Professional plan for $9.99/month. It also features a free plan to get started.

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3. HelpCenter - Shopify FAQ App

by Vertex LV

HelpCenter Helpdesk by Vertex LV

HelpCenter is a user-friendly FAQ app for Shopify stores that aims to improve client interactions with Shopify stores. By using HelpCenter you'll be able to create an informative, user-friendly FAQ website that will address your customer queries before they reach your inbox.

It empowers the Shopify merchants to handle any questions received through various channels. All this in a single HelpDesk. You can communicate by email, chat, or Facebook Messenger. By using custom tabs, you may manage your product descriptions, delivery information, and other information on the go.

Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • SEO-friendly FAQ page that fully integrates with site design.
  • Ability to add pictures in both header and footer for brand promotion, cross-sell, and up-sell.
  • Import or export content of a FAQ page into another Shopify shop with ease.
  • Integration with Shopify “Orders”.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: It features three pricing plans, i.e. FAQ plan for $5.99/month, a Tabs plan for $4.99/month, and a Helpdesk plan for $19.99/month.

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4. FAQ on Product Pages

by Simprosys InfoMedia

Product Questions and Answers by Simprosys InfoMedia

FAQ on product pages is known for providing hassle-free help to integrate it with any Shopify App, thus eliminating the need for you to struggle on your own. They also provide you with Auto SEO for your product pages, which helps you to improve the overall SEO of your product page. 

Their Shopify FAQ for Future Customers on the product page feature helps your future customers get clarity about the doubts they might have, as the questions asked by Past visitors are answered accordingly. It also comes with the Add Asker's Email to Mailchimp feature, with the help of which asked's Emails are synced to your Email List on Mailchimp, this helps you with your brand too.

Key Features

  • App dashboard shows statistics for all pending questions.
  • Improves SEO.
  • Customers receive additional information about any issues they may have.
  • Admin can also add FAQs.
  • App customization settings are available.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: It features three pricing plans, i.e. an unlimited plan for $1.99/month, a Pro plan for $4.99/month, and a Standard plan that is free to use.

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5.  EasySlide FAQ & Accordion

by NexusMedia OÜ

EasySlide Accordion tabs

EasySlide FAQ & accordion is also a great option when it comes to the best Shopify FAQ apps in 2022. It provides you with the ability to improve your store's UI/UX and sales by grouping product descriptions into an accordion tabs widget with several sliding tabs. Also, with this app,  you can easily add a FAQ page to your Store. You can easily add questions and answers straight to your product page content, and the program will instantly convert the page to the Accordion tab. 

This app is very flexible when it comes to assigning tags to your products, certain collection(s), or individual products of your Shopify store. Also, the app installation procedure is incredibly simple, and a bonus automated, so there is no need to manually enter any code, thus making it less hustle for you while also saving your time.

Key Features

  • Can add reviews widget as a separate Accordion tab on your Product page.
  • Most of the popular 3rd party apps are supported.
  • Copy/paste app Embed code is available.
  • Extremely easy app installation process.
  • Easy widget customization using its interactive Layout Editor.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: Only one paid plan is available for $5/month also a 7-day free trial is given.

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Shopify Upsell App

6. FAQ Page


FAQ Page | Easy Customer FAQs

POWR FAQ is also an option worth opting for when it comes to choosing a good FAQ app for your Shopify store. FAQ page makes it easier in finding an answer to common questions easy. This app gives you the comfort of including text links to images and videos in your answer, thus helping your customer to better understand and clear their doubts and thus helping your brand’s image.

The ability to use accordion layout makes it easy for your customer to browse through the frequently asked questions and provide the customer with the info regarding his query quite easily. POWR FAQ is also mobile responsive on all devices. Also, with this, you get instant access to more than fifty POWR apps, which acts as a boon for your Shopify store and helps your brand grow at a faster pace.

You can also enable up voting or down voting on FAQ answers, which makes it easy for your customers to get the most useful answer for their query, thus increasing your brand’s loyalty.

Key Features

  • Can include text, links, images, and videos in your answers.
  • Ability to add a search bar to make your FAQ accordion much more searchable.
  • Responsive on any mobile device.
  • Instant access to 50+ POWR apps
  • Availability of accordion layout, which makes it easy for customers to browse through different questions.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: It features three paid pricing plans, i.e. a Starter plan at $5.49/month, a Pro plan for $13.49/month, and a Business plan at $89.99/month. A free plan is also available.

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7. Shopify Page App

by Corner

FAQ Page App

Claiming the seventh spot on our list, the Shopify page app by the corner is recommended by many Shopify users. With its ability to auto-translate UI texts into 20 languages and fully customizable desk/FAQ page, it works like a charm. 

It is also easy to install on your Shopify store. Also, with the ability to fully customize accordingly to your Shopify store’s look and feel, it provides you with the facility to drag & drop re-ordering of your FAQ articles thus saving your time. 

Talking about its usability aspect, it is very easy to use which enables Shopify merchants to create professional-looking FAQs in minutes, without any prior technical knowledge. With its fast-loading widgets, it enables your store to get high-speed scores.

Key Features

  • Auto-translate UI texts into 20 languages.
  • Fully customizable FAQ/desk page.
  • Easy to install.
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • Faster loading widgets.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: With one free plan for beginners, it offers two paid plans for its customers. These are a Standard plan for $5.99/month and a Pro plan for $11.99/month.

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8. FAQify

by Zifyapps


FAQify is also great when it comes to choosing a good Shopify FAQ app for your Shopify store. With a load of features, it has been rated 4.9 by various Shopify users. This app provides both horizontal and vertical tab format for your FAQ page, which makes it easy for you to better suit your Shopify store accordingly to your customers. 

Also, it supports google FAQ schema markup which provides you with better SEO and higher chances for having a rich result on Google search which can help your site reach the right users and in turn improve your brand’s popularity. It is also easy to use and with various customizing options you can easily edit and customize your question & answers on your FAQ page as well as add embed images, videos, iframes in the answers thus making them more valuable for your customers thus improving your brand’s value.

Key Features

  • Horizontal and Vertical tabs for FAQ.
  • Supports Google FAQ Schema markup.
  • Ability to quickly enable/disable FAQ group.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to customize.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: With a free plan, this app features two paid pricing plans, i.e. a Basic plan for $4.99/month and an Unlimited Plan for $9.99/month.

Shopify app link


 by FaqKing

FREE FAQ by FaqKing

Being a worthy contender on our list, Free FAQ by Faqking is considered a very good option among some ranked Shopify FAQ apps in 2022. It offers a variety of configuration options for your FAQ page, which enables you to customize it accordingly with your Shopify store to help with your Shopify business at its best.

It offers various modern yet very responsive templates which are customizable, which means you can customize them easily to match the look and feel of your Shopify store. Also, it supports the creation of multiple FAQ pages, which ensures that your customers get their doubts cleared. 

This increases their loyalty to your brand and thus helps you with better brand influence. You also get a live preview while editing, which gives you a better idea of how they are going to look once they are published, thereby saving your time and that extra effort you would do otherwise.

Key Features

  • Various configuration options for FAQ page.
  • Admins can add images and videos to FAQ answers.
  • Responsive and modern, customizable templates.
  • Ability to see Live preview while editing.
  • Supports creation of multiple FAQ pages.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: It features three pricing plans, i.e. a Monthly plan for $4.99/month, a Yearly plan for $1.99/month, and a free plan.

Shopify app link

10. Product FAQ With Accordion

by SquadKin

Product FAQ

Product FAQ With Accordion by SquadKin is also opted by many Shopify stores due to its flexibility and easy-to-use design. Its live search functionality makes it easy for a customer to search FAQs on the go, thus increasing your brand value. 

The admins get the ability to add Images, Paragraphs, Tables, Links, Italic/Bold, and Custom Fonts in FAQ to increase user satisfaction. You can also add the FAQ, which falls into the same category for all the products as global. This helps you in better managing your FAQ page and making it more presentable.

This app also highlights the key bits of information about the products and other relevant pieces of information to make it easy for the customer to make key decisions regarding purchases in less time with better surety, thus increasing the chances of your product sales, thus increasing your sales.

Key Features

  • Live Search Functionality for Advance FAQ Page
  • Admins get the ability to add the same FAQs for all the products as global.
  • Advance FAQs on a separate page.
  • Ability to manage all products FAQs.
  • Flexibility to add Paragraphs, Links, Images, Tables, Bold/Italic, custom fonts in FAQ.

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Price: only one paid plan is featured, i.e. Forever Plan, which costs $2.99/month. Also, a 7-day free trial is available.

Shopify app link

11. FAQ Accordion

by Elfsight

FAQ accordion by Elfsight is a great FAQ app for your Shopify site as it helps your clients to understand your products, services, and conditions better simply by anticipating clients' queries and removing barriers to buying on your website. You can effortlessly raise your sales using this Shopify's FAQ accordion. Also, In just a few clicks, you can add a customizable and easy-to-use FAQ app to your Shopify site.

Being well-structured, it provides you with single and structured lists which help you to place your content in a much more balanced way. It also features three predefined layouts, you can set it for the best representation of your content in a way that is handy for your customers. 

Key Features

  • Good user interface.
  • Well-structured 
  • Three predefined layouts
  • Works on any Shopify website
  • Regular live updates

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: It features only one paid plan, which is a base plan for $5.99/month or $4.99/month billed at $59.88 once per year. This app also provides a 7-day free trial.

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Conclusion: 11 Best Shopify FAQ Apps

Frequently asked questions can help you improve your customer satisfaction, increase organic search, save cash on customer service, establish trust, boost conversions, serve your visitors better, and a lot more.

Therefore, to get those mentioned benefits, Shopify FAQ apps are the best and simplest way. These above-mentioned apps were shortlisted after checking prices, reviews, functionality, updates, and customer support.

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