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10 Best Shopify Pickup and Local Delivery apps in 2024 (Comparison & Reviews)

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April 24, 2024

It is reported that when stores provide store pickup and local delivery in Shopify, customers tend to spend 23% more money on a cart.

39% of shoppers prefer collecting from a local pickup point and 30% prefer a delivery to their workplace or locker.

So, you can offer local delivery and store pickup in Shopify, to customers located close to your store. It speeds up your fulfillment time and gives your customer a good experience which makes them want and buy more.

Ok, but why will you choose an app when you can set up store pickup and local delivery in Shopify itself?

You can use Shopify’s default setting to let your customers choose store pickup and/or local delivery. But you cannot allow them to pick a date or time slot. 

You need to use a pickup and delivery app in Shopify to integrate this feature in your store.

Your store's Pickup and Delivery made easy.

Who can opt for a Shopify local delivery and store pickup app?

A business owner means you are always looking for ways to innovate your business and stay ahead of competitors.

Various industries, such as florists, grocery stores, restaurants, bookstores, home and garden stores, gift shops, clothing, beauty and fitness, as well as food and beverage establishments, can leverage the benefits of utilizing apps to ease their business processes.

Why should you choose a Shopify local delivery or store pick up app?

Here are 5 best reasons why you should choose to do so

  • Increased convenience for customers
  • Increased sales for your business
  • Flexibility in delivery options, both for you and your customers
  • Cost savings
  • Environmental benefits

Here’s a detailed list of 10 best Shopify apps that can help you set up pickup and local delivery on your Shopify store.

How to choose the best local delivery and pickup app in Shopify?

Here is a checklist for you to choose a suitable local delivery and pickup app for your Shopify store:

✅ Affordable pricing

✅ 24*7 customer support

✅ Good ratings and reviews

✅ Multi language translations

✅ Compatible with all shopify themes

✅ Enough free trial period to test the app

✅ Blackout days - Holiday season like Christmas

Choose your app wisely to simplify your local delivery and pickup service.

10 best apps for local delivery and store pickup

1. Pickeasy – Pickup delivery date (5.0 ratings, 904 reviews)

Key features

With Pickeasy, you can

  • Set your preparation time, fulfillment time and availability
  • Set up a date & time picker to your store
  • Allow your customers to choose a slot for local delivery, store pickup and delivery (As you can see from the image below)
  • You can choose to set your blackout days (For eg: holidays like Christmas)
  • You can choose to set your rates based on zip code, product, weight and cart value
  • You can do a multi-location setup to manage your stock.
  • It is intuitive and user friendly
  • Add time picker to your storefront

Works with

Shopify POS, Checkout, Shipping rates - Shipeasy, Hulk Apps

Available plans

Free plan/Trial Starter Smart Premium
Yes/14 day free trial $9.99/month $16.99/month $24.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“The most useful app to manage both delivery and collection orders, couldn't manage my store without this app, and the customer support is efficient and always friendly!"

“Superior support and a great way to customize the cart page to allow people to choose pickup or shipping (with special rules to disable whatever you need to - on specific products! yeah!)”

“Really needed something to help manage curbside pick ups and this is perfect. Integrated well with our theme and was able to get some lil' tweaks done with a quick chat. Def. recommend!”

Leading stores using this app

Morning lavender, Foam party hats, Browne trading company

Install Pickeasy now and get a 15-days free trial.

Your Store's Pickup and Delivery made easy.

2. Store pickup and delivery (5.0 ratings, 500 reviews)

Store pickup and delivery app page

Key Features

  • Set pickup days, preparation time, and blackout days
  • Categorize local pickup or delivery orders using tags
  • Restrict the number of orders per time slot or day
  • Provide daily delivery options for specific zip codes
  • Fulfill a specific condition for pickup to disable shipping

Available plans

Lite - Pickup Pickup Pickup + Delivery
$6.90/ month $11.90/month $17.90/month

What do people say about this app?        

“Amazing customer service & does exactly what I need it to! I have three different locations for pop up shops and it allows me to easily offer store pick up from them at the same time.”

“This Pickup App does exactly what we need. Support is always helpful to make changes we need help with.”

“This app was not designed for a high volume store. You are not able to delete appointments, change appointments or export directly from the app.”

Leading stores using this app

Stattin Stainless,, Quinn's Mercantile

Shopify app link: Store pickup and delivery

3. Bird - Pickup delivery date (5.0 ratings, 160 reviews)

Bird pickup delivery date app page

Key features

  • Online store date and time picker
  • Ability to set cutoff time or lead time
  • Holiday blackout days, e.g., Christmas
  • In-store pickup and local delivery management
  • Calendar widget translation into multiple languages

Works with

Shopify POS, Checkout, Order Printer, Calendar, Google Calendar, Online Store 2.0, Mobile screen, Zip code validation

Available plans

Free plan/Trial Essential Advance Premium
Yes/ 7 day free trial $9.99/month $16.99/month $24.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“Nice app with so many customizable options. Very helpful support team too!”

“Great combination of flexible settings and user friendly backend. If you have issues setting up, plugin support is quick, friendly and competent. Very happy”

“App is easy to install and configure. Had a minor "cosmetic issue", which the support addressed immediately.”

Leading stores using this app

Heirloom roses, Once upon a back, Acme Smoked Fish

Shopify app link: Bird Pickup delivery date

4. Stellar delivery date and pickup (4.9 ratings, 701 reviews)

 Stellar delivery date and pickup app page

Key features

  • Location-specific delivery dates and times for store pickup and delivery
  • Display estimated delivery date and time for local delivery on the product detail page
  • Reschedule orders with a delivery date selector on the Thank you page
  • Date picker for local delivery and fraud prevention for store pickup
  • Day-wise varying shipping rates based on the selected order delivery date

Works with

Shopify POS, Checkout, Order Printer, google calendar, Hulk Product Options, Order Limits MinMaxi, Mobile App Builder Hulk, iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Available plans

Partners stores Single location Store pickup Product Delivery
Free $14.99/month $19.99/month $14.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“I was looking for an app compatible with a cart drawer app I currently use. I found this app which is compatible, very complete and the support helped me to place their widget on my cart drawer."

“We have been using this app for multiple years. It has done the job and any issues have been resolved promptly."

“The app does what it says, but lacks an API. Support is outstanding."

Leading stores using this app

Boomf, LaBellePerfumes, Luke’s lobster

Shopify app link: Stellar delivery date and pickup

5. AJ Delivery date and shipping (4.9 ratings, 119 reviews)

AJ delivery date and shipping app page

Key features

  • Store pickup, local delivery and shipping
  • Blackout dates, zip code check, date picker, pre-select delivery date
  • Cut- off time, day-wise, hour- wise and product wise preparation time 
  • Setup for Multiple locations
  • Setup rates by zip code, product and cart value
  • Rescheduling

Works with

Shopify POS, POS, zip code validation, calendar, Order Printer

Available plans

Free Basic Advance
Free $4.99/month $10.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“This app is great! Very customizable - we have different products with different lead times and are able to adjust delivery options as needed.”

“This app makes it very easy for me to handle multiple deliveries on a daily basis.”

“Good app but at some products it will show the order picker and at some it doesn't.”

Leading stores using this app

Little black pastry box, Estrel’s caramel cakes, Lahja kauppa

Shopify app link: AJ delivery date and shipping

6. Zapiet - Pickup and delivery (4.8 ratings, 1324 reviews)

Zapiet pickup and delivery app image

Key features

  • Add a date and time picker to your online store
  • Manage delivery zones, rates and other limits
  • Manage your pickup, delivery and shipping orders
  • Integrate with Shopify POS so you can coordinate orders in-store
  • Export orders to CSV, Google calendar, Klaviyo and Zapier

Works with

Shopify Flow, Shopify POS, Checkout, Google Calendar, Onfleet, Delivery, Recharge, Roadie

Available plans

Essential Advanced Pro ProPlus
$29.99 month $49.99/month $99.99/month $299.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“Great after support which is essential for a non-developer. Easy to use and even if I got stuck, multiple times it was resolve by the support team.”

“Prompt and very helpful support! Also, I love that certain products can be set for restricted pick up dates.”

“This app is pretty confusing, especially when paired with the general confusion of Shopify itself, but the customer service is really wonderful.”

Leading stores using this app

Nekter Juice bar, Little words project, White Oak pastures

Shopify app link: Zapiet

7. Dingdoong Local delivery date (4.8 ratings, 173 reviews)

Dingdoong local delivery date app page

Key features

  • Display delivery date and time picker for shipping, local delivery, store pickup
  • Restrict area using postal code
  • Set maximum number of order per day or timeslot
  • Setup different rule for different areas
  • Customize delivery date range/available date/blackout date for specific product

Works with

Shopify POS, Online Store 2.0, POS, Google calendar, Mobile screen, Pickup, Local delivery

Available plans

Free Basic Growth Professional
Free $6.49/month $12.95/month $14.95/month

What do people say about this app?

"Great app, it boosts the UX of our website. Support is also quick and very friendly."

“We like the way this app works and it looks very clean in the cart. Tech support is very speedy with helping me make changes as well!”

“The app is well designed, easily customisable etc. However we find customers cannot see the app 20% of the time as their cache or history is not cleared.”

Leading stores using this app

Merely Ice Cream, Thanks a Bunch Florist, Vida en Bloom

Shopify app link: DingDoong local delivery date

8. Amai local pickup and delivery (4.7 ratings, 330 reviews)

Amai local pickup and delivery app page

Key Features

  • Manage multiple locations
  • Configure stores individually or in bulk
  • Convenient with closest pickup point recommendation
  • Local delivery with customizable zones, cutoff times and delivery rates
  • Live chat support

Available plans

One location Store pickup plan Delivery plan Ultimate plan
$8.99/ month $19.99/month $19.99/month $29.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“The app is super convenient and the support is amazing. They helped me out immediately! Would definitely recommend!”

“Super easy to install. Great, affordable app to allow for local pickup.”

“A lot of bugs in this app and very complicated to make it work properly. It does conflict with a lot of other apps as well.”

Leading stores using this app

Raygun, Tubby Todd Bath co., VORO motors

Shopify app link: Amai Local pickup and delivery

9. Estimated Delivery Pickup (4.7 ratings, 287 reviews)

 Estimated delivery pickup app page

Key features

  • Show estimated delivery date and time in cart page
  • Pick a date and time for local delivery
  • Set order limit per time slot
  • Let customers pick nearest location for pickup

Available plans

Free plan/Trial Delivery date pro
Yes/ no $9.99/month

What do people say about this app?

“App is easy to use. Setup is fairly configurable. The support is AMAZING. These folks know their software and are extremely responsive. Recommend.”

“Good support when we had any issue, and app is working as expected and easy configuration panel and also easy to handle orders.”

“A little tricky to navigate, but their excellent customer service helped me through all of it. Great App!!!”

Leading stores using this app

Aqua SD, Brotkost, H Mart Manhattan Delivery

Shopify app link: Estimated Delivery Pickup

10. Local Delivery Date - Nearbuy (4.6 ratings, 102 reviews)

Local delivery date- nearbuy app page

Key features

  • Unlimited locations with separate schedules, settings and restrictions
  • Set delivery areas by radius, zip codes, or by drawing on the map
  • Set delivery rates for local delivery within certain areas
  • Add delivery date, time and time slot picker to shopping cart
  • Set availability of delivery and pickup products by location

Works with

All the latest themes

Available plans

Basic Advanced Development
Free $9.99/month Free

What do people say about this app?

“Superb application! We had some minor requirements that the team helped with. Good customer support. Totally recommend it.”

“Really helpful support when migrating from our existing theme to a new one.”

“Orders limit feature doesn't work. Also, even if it did work, it's a limit for the entire day and not on a time interval basis.”

Leading stores using this app

Pacific cookie company, Swee Chon, KOW steaks

Shopify app link: Local delivery date Nearbuy

So what are you waiting for?

If you are a Shopify store owner looking for ways to expand your business, improve your customer experience through Shopify’s local delivery and store pickup apps.

Choose any one of the above apps and ease your entire shipping, store pickup and local delivery process. 

Easily schedule your store's Pickup and Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the Shopify settings to enable local pickup and delivery?

Yes, you can activate local pickup and delivery in your Shopify settings under the shipping and delivery section. 

But, if you need a date and time picker feature for these settings, you can explore any of the above mentioned apps.

2. What are the charges for local pickup and delivery?

There is no charge for local pickup.

The local delivery charges are applicable based on zip code, distance, etc.

The settings in Shopify do not require a CCS API. 

But if you use any of the above apps to enable local delivery rates, you need to activate the CCS API in Shopify settings, a mandatory feature by Shopify. None of the above apps charge you for this.

Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus users can enable the CCS API key at no cost, while Shopify plan users will be charged $20/month. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not accessible for users on the Starter and Basic plans.

3. Can I set a local delivery rate by distance? 

Yes, you can enable a local delivery rate based on zip code or postcode, specifically relying on the cart total parameter. 

However, for a more customized approach that incorporates additional parameters like cart total, quantity, and specific conditions (such as delivering within 10 miles on weekdays and beyond 10 miles on weekends), you'll need to use an app. 

Apps like Pickeasy provide a convenient storefront box where you can verify product availability for a specific zip code.

4. Can I restrict certain products not available for a particular fulfillment method like shipping?

Unfortunately, Shopify does not include a built-in feature for restricting specific products for local delivery, pickup, or shipping. However, you can employ various apps and utilize their product override functionality to impose restrictions on delivery or pickup for particular products.

5. How to set up a minimum order value for Pickup, shipping & delivery? 

Yes. While Shopify allows you to set a minimum order value for shipping and delivery, it does not support setting a minimum order value for pickup. 

To set a minimum order value for pickup, you can explore one of the mentioned apps.

6. How to have three options: Shipping, Pickup, and Local Delivery separately? 

In Shopify, shipping and delivery are treated as a single parameter, with no distinct option for each. The native Shopify feature provides options for both shipping and pickup. However, by using an app, you can distinguish between pickup, shipping, and local delivery.

7. How to make specific days, not available Pickup or local delivery?

In Shopify, to mark certain days as unavailable, you must manually access the settings and deactivate them. Conversely, if you want to make those days available, you'll need to manually enable them in the settings. However, utilizing an app streamlines this process by allowing you to block out days when delivery or pickup won't be available, automating the entire scheduling procedure.

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