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9 Best Shopify Back In Stock Apps to Boost Sales Instantly [2024]

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April 24, 2024

With the rise of the internet, the competition among online eCommerce businesses is also growing. With so many eCommerce stores available out there, customers are more likely to visit other eCommerce websites or try researching other alternatives of the products if it is out of stock. The best way to not lose your customers from your competitors is by offering them a great shopping experience.

Shopify back-in-stock apps are considered one of the best ways to hold on to your new customers and offer them an immersive shopping experience if circumstances like these arise. While some back-in-stock apps provide tailored emails to customers, others keep their attention with highly graphic back-in-stock and replenishment reminders.

But with a large variety of apps to choose from, you may be thinking about which is the best option for you.

Don’t worry, we've done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of the 9 best back-in-stock apps to instantly boost your Shopify store sales. Let’s dive deep into the list!

Benefits of Using Back In Stock Alerts on your Shopify Store

Back-in-stock alerts enable buyers to get notified about the restocked products via SMS, Email, Web notifications, and Facebook Messenger. These alerts help eCommerce stores to bring back the lost customers by notifying them about their favorite products once they are back. Let’s look at some benefits back-in-stock alerts bring with them.

1. Higher Customer Satisfaction

When buyers choose to come to your online store and find their desired product to be unavailable without any option of getting notified about the restocking of the product, they are less likely to visit your store again. Here’s when back-in-stock notification apps come in handy. These apps enable you to give your customers the option of getting notified about their favorite items once they are back. This way you can offer them an enhanced shopping experience and turn them into your permanent customers.

2. Grow your email list

With these alerts, you get the opportunity of growing your email list and later use them to pitch your new offerings. You can also use our Shopify Upsell and Cross sell app to increase your sales and average order value by upselling your products to these users.

3. Increase your user base

By giving your customers the option of buying the products which were unavailable earlier, you can boost your overall sales. When your current customers feel satisfied with your services, there is a higher possibility that they will suggest your store to their known ones. Thus driving more new customers and new opportunities of driving more sales.

Let's Uncover the Best Back In Stock Apps for Shopify

1. Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

by Appikon Software Pvt Ltd

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alerts Shopify App by Appikon Software Pvt Ltd

Back In Stock by restock alerts is considered one of the best back in stock notification apps for Shopify stores. It adds a sign-up button to your out-of-stock items, so the consumers may be alerted when you replenish their favorite item. You can effortlessly customize the appearance (form & button) and content of the restock alerts to suit the brand theme.

Also, this app is compatible with almost all themes, making the integration process with your store theme seamless and hassle-free. With its ability to support multiple languages, it makes translation into any language quite easy. It also provides complete control over which warehouse locations are connected to your app, thus helping in improving inventory management.

Key Features

  • Availability of Smart automation with automated SMS alerts. 
  • Complete control over warehouse locations for much more improved inventory management.
  • Easy installation with the ‘add app’ button with no coding required.
  • GDPR-compliant with Marketing app integrations.
  • Web push notifications and Facebook Messenger notifications are available.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Free, Starter ($19.99/month), PRO ($29/month), and Premium ($49.99/month).

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2. Back in Stock & Restock Alerts

by CartBite

Back in Stock & Restock Alerts Shopify App by CartBite

This app offers custom notifications for customers with abandoned carts, which helps in improving sales while also allowing you to recoup the lost revenue. Shipping notifications ensure that you don't miss out on any possible sales opportunities with your merchandise. Stock alerts can also be returned to the app via email or push notifications.

Aside from that, this multi-functional tool may be used to prevent cart abandonment and lower prices. Shipment notifications, such as Shopify free shipping, are also available.

You also don't have to worry about the messages not matching your store's appearance because this app is entirely customizable. You may simply change the notification text and have it shown in any language you choose.

Key Features

  • Custom notifications for customers with abandoned carts.
  • Customizable notification messages with the ability to display in any language.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Ability to send tailored messages for driving more first-time customer sales.
  • Custom segments based on customer interaction with your store.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Free, Basic ($5/month), Starter ($9/month), and Pro ($19/month).

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3. Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

by SureSwift Capital

Back In Stock Shopify App by SureSwift Capital

This app comes with an automated email and SMS alert feature, allowing you to notify your customers when their product is back in stock. You can set up this app by yourself without any coding knowledge required, thanks to its easy setup and configurable nature.

This app is compatible with all themes, allowing for a more seamless connection with your store's design. Furthermore, the app's regular release of updates and improvements ensures that you always have a great time using it.

Key Features

  • Automated email and SMS alerts.
  • Simple and Easy Setup.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Location Support.
  • Compatible with all themes.
  • The regular release of updates and improvements for a flawless experience.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Free, Startup ($29/month), Small Business ($49/month), and Medium Store ($69/month).

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4. Back in Stock ‑ Out of Stock

by Ordersify

Back in Stock Shopify App by Ordersify

This app comes pre-equipped with a variety of capabilities, such as sending automated alerts to clients anytime replenished goods are discovered. This allows you to save time while also increasing your profits. You can also completely customize its appearance as well as the guidelines for your clients to provide a more seamless and faultless service experience. 

And that's not all: you can also combine it with Mailchimp, which will help you to synchronize your contacts and build your e-mail list more easily. You may limit your inventory policies while also conveniently managing, exporting client information, and manually sending emails. 

Analytics allows you to simply evaluate and summarize data to present income, total sales, and total subscribers. You may also utilize Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel in addition to these.


Key Features

  • Automatically detect product stock and send email alerts to customers when goods are restocked.
  • Ability to personalize the appearance as well as the criteria for presenting to your consumers.
  • Analytics for better analysis and summarization of data.
  • Ability to limit inventory policy.
  • Customizable text, layout, and stock widget to better suit the look and feel of your store.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Free, Basic ($9.99/month), and Professional ($19.99/month).

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5. Back in Stock Product Alerts

by Swym Corporation

Back in Stock Product Alerts Shopify App by Swym Corporation

Being one of the highest-rated Shopify restocks alert apps, the app offers numerous class-leading features. You get the ability to easily customize everything to perfectly match the design of your store. The app comes with pre-built integrations with platforms such as Facebook, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.

The dashboard of the app lets you properly analyze the data and have a better understanding of what needs to be done to increase your Shopify sales. Its comprehensive JavaScript and REST APIs also make functionality modification as simple as it appears. You may also use personalized email campaigns to increase your consumer base by utilizing your own ESP, which works flawlessly.

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with many platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Facebook, and Mailchimp.
  • Intuitive dashboard for better analysis.
  • Extensive Javascript and REST APIs for better customization of functionality.
  • Easy to customize to better match the look and feel for seamless integration with your Shopify theme.
  • Ability to use personalized email campaigns via your own ESP.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Free, Starter ($14.99/month), PRO ($49.99/month), and Premium ($99.99/month).

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6. Back In Stock Notifier

by Blessify Infotech

Back In Stock Notifier Shopify App by Blessify Infotech

Back-in-stock notifier is one of the newest yet good product in stock alert apps you can choose for your Shopify store. It comes with stock alerts capability, which notifies your consumers of the moment when your sold-out items are replenished.

Automated emails sent at regular intervals ensure that your consumers never lose interest in your offering, while also requiring no manual work. Customizable widgets give you the ability to design your notify and popup buttons to match your store design theme.

You may also easily alter your email format to appeal to your targeted consumers.

Key Features

  • Out of stock alerts to notify customers when products are restocked.
  • Ability to drive more sales by sending notifications to interested customers.
  • Regular automated emails to reduce manual efforts.
  • Different types of templates for Pop-Ups are available.
  • Customizable widgets for more versatility.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: Premium ($5/month), and Free.

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7. Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alert

by Zooomy

Back In Stock ‑ Restock Alert Shopify App by Zooomy

Zoomly's back-in-stock application is yet another excellent choice. It is outfitted with a variety of capabilities to assist you in providing restocking reminders to your clients as soon as inventories are restocked. Your consumers will never lose interest in the goods they found fascinating if you use automated emails. It also works nicely with nearly any Shopify theme offered in the theme shop.

You may quickly export listings of all your clients using the CSV export list. Additionally, admins may quickly alter the texts displayed in the store, giving them even more flexibility than normal. Basic features like changing text and background colors of the buttons are also available.

Key Features

  • Works with almost every theme on Shopify.
  • Ability to work well with variants.
  • CSV export list of subscribers.
  • Admins are provided with the ability to customize.
  • The stock button’s appearance can be customized.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Paid plans are as follows: Pro ($5.99/month), Premium ($19.99/month), and Advanced ($39.99/month). A Free plan is also available.

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8. Back in Stock ‑ Restock Alerts

by SealApps

Back in Stock ‑ Restock Alerts Shopify App by SealApps

Restock Alerts app comes with a special incentives function that allows you to add discount codes to email templates for your returning customers. This significantly enhances your conversion rates and overall sales.

The customizable email templates let you personalize the emails based on your customer's language and location. With its one-click functionality, you can set up this app in no time. The app gives you the ability to integrate it with your Shopify store 2.0 theme and also edit it in your theme editor.

Additionally, with its no spam function, your consumers will receive a one-time email for confirmation, thus reducing spam. Furthermore, being free to use, you may enjoy all of its features without paying a dime.

Key Features

  • Automated emails with fully customizable email templates.
  • Responsive button design.
  • Special rewards for returning customers.
  • One-click setup for easy setup.
  • Supports Shopify themes 2.0.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: Free

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9. ReStock: Back in stock alerts

by Hengam

ReStock: Back in stock alerts Shopify App by Hengam

Restock by hengram is yet another excellent option when it comes to choosing the right in-stock notification app for your Shopify store. As an app that tells you when something is back in stock, it has a slew of functions to make your life simpler. You may send email alerts to your customers manually or automatically, using its capacity to send email notifications to your consumers.

Additionally, with customized email templates, you may easily edit the templates to better fit your needs. You may quickly extend your clients' email lists using CSV imports and exports, gaining additional prospective customers as you grow.

Furthermore, using inventory management and demand forecasting, you can decide on several elements, particularly during flash sales of your items. They also have a proactive customer support team that replies quickly to your questions to better assist you in various circumstances.

Key Features

  • Ability to manually and automatically send email alerts to customers. 
  • Customizable email templates.
  • CSV import and export option to grow contacts list of potential customers.
  • The proactive customer support team for more customizations.
  • Inventory management and demand forecasting during flash sales.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: Paid plans are as follows: Essentials ($14/month), PRO ($29/month), and Premium ($59/month). A Free plan is also available.

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Final Word

According to the statistics, online businesses lose $22 billion in sales due to the unavailability of the items at the eCommerce stores. In these competitive times, offering consumers a good shopping experience can significantly increase your brand loyalty, thus boosting your overall sales. Above mentioned 9 Shopify back-in-stock apps help you offer your customers a worth remembering shopping experience and also reduce lost sales to your competitors.

To make sure you get the best, we crafted this list by thoroughly analyzing app ratings, user reviews, essential features, pricing, user interface, customer support, and much more.

If you think we missed any popular and excellent back-in-stock app which was worth mentioning, please leave us an email at Want to grow your Shopify store, subscribe to our newsletter 📧 and receive our in-depth Shopify guides.

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