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10 Best Shopify Lookbook Apps To Skyrocket Your Sales [2024]

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April 10, 2024

Running an online business like a Shopify store is difficult, especially in these competitive times, but having a lookbook app onboard can help your store reach new heights. However, researching the top lookbook apps to optimize your Shopify store takes time. As a result, we've taken the opportunity of completing this tedious task for you.

We have curated a list of the 10 best Shopify lookbook apps by considering the app store rating, the number of reviews, top features, pricing, and other subjective characteristics. These apps may assist you in creating picture galleries, and slideshows and offer increased visual experience, thus boosting your overall sales. Let’s dive deep into the list!.

What Is a Lookbook?

A lookbook is a collection of images brands use to display their latest product or service offerings in a more marketable way. Before the digital era, lookbooks used to be physical printed books that brands used to showcase their latest collections and market them. Nowadays, businesses use digital lookbooks which live on the brand's website. 

Lookbook help you generate more conversions and drive your sales. Bundling items and upselling become a lot easier. To make lookbooks more interactive and user-friendly, brands use animations like flipping a page, which add a more traditional feel to it.

Lookbooks on Shopify stores can be simple pages with multiple images of products/services that customers can click on to be taken to a product page for more information. Having a lookbook on your Shopify store can help you increase your social media and email marketing campaign reach. Lets dive right into the list.👇

Let's Uncover The 10 Best Lookbook Apps for Shopify

1. Lookbook ‑ Shoppable Galleries

by Expert Village Media Technologies

Shoppable Galleries Shopify App

Being one of the best lookbook apps for Shopify in 2022, it can be an excellent choice for your Shopify store to consider. It offers various features like fully mobile responsive galleries which ensure that it operates perfectly across various mobile and tablet devices. With bulk picture upload, you may quickly add several product photographs to your image gallery with a single click.

You can quickly set up hotspots on your lookbook gallery photos with the straight add to cart functionality so that your users can easily add goods to the cart by just hitting the 'shop now' button. With infinite image galleries, you can display items wherever you want in your Shopify store without having to worry about the number. Furthermore, all the galleries are interactive, which is a nice touch.

Key Features

  • Build shoppable galleries by tagging products on photos and displaying them in a grid, slideshow, slider, and collage modes.
  • Ability to link products on the images as hotspots.
  • Users can directly add products to the cart using their images.
  • Fully customizable layouts for your galleries.
  • Fully mobile responsive image galleries.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: PRO ($9.99/month), PREMIUM ($19.99/month). PLUS ($29.99/month), and ENTERPRISE ($49.99/month). A 7 day free trial is also available.

Shopify app link

2. Lookbook ‑ Shop by Gallery

by Zooomy

Shop By Gallery Shopify Lookbook App

Being one of the best online lookbooks apps available, It offers helpful features like the ability to create unlimited galleries. You can highlight any featured gallery at the appropriate locations in your store to engage the viewer.

The app offers unique numerous capabilities like moving/reordering images, selecting a location for gallery and product tags, installing multiple galleries on one page, and a lot more. With its no-code installation ability, you can easily set up this without any hassle. Because all the photos are stored at the CDN, the image loading speed rises dramatically.

You can also include hyperlinks to your photos, which allows you to easily redirect your consumers directly to the product pages, increasing your product sales.

Key Features

  • Build unlimited Galleries.
  • Multiple styles of layouts such as Slider, Grid, Masonry, and Portrait.
  • No coding is required.
  • Various custom features such as installing multiple galleries on one page are available.
  • With CDN, load images at unprecedented speeds.
  • Add hyperlinks to your images.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: STARTER (Free), BASIC ($4.99/month), PROFESSIONAL ($9.99/month), and BUSINESS ($19.99/month). A 7 day free trial is also available.

Shopify app link

3. Picca Lookbook ‑ Gallery

by Prezen Tech

Picca Lookbook Shopify App

The app provides several galleries packed with dynamic photos that aid in the redesign of your Shopify store. It allows you to tag different items or links to different types of photos in your business, allowing you to route your consumers straight to your products. You can put galleries anywhere on your website, including numerous galleries on a single page.

With a variety of Lookbook styles to pick from, it is easier to adapt it to the appearance and feel of your Shopify store. The drag and drop feature also makes it easier for administrators to add photographs while building a gallery. To quickly persuade prospective consumers, it allows you to create a dynamic image portfolio with titles and description elements.

Add any custom CSS directly via the app's backend, and enjoy more customization options. The options menu enables you to modify your gallery by altering the set width, margin, mobile width, and so on.

Key Features

  • Unlimited galleries can be placed anywhere in your store.
  • Tag products and links to multiple images.
  • Bulk image upload with drag and drop sorting to save more time.
  • Both manual and automatic installations are available.
  • Ability to add any custom CSS directly using the app’s backend.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE, STARTER ($1.99/month), BASIC ($3.99/month), and a PROFESSIONAL ($5.99/month). A 7 day free trial is also avaialble.

Shopify app link

4. Nitro Lookbook  

by Nitro Apps

Nitro Lookbook Shopify App

Nitro lookbook is another excellent alternative for your Shopify business. It offers a lookbook map that allows you to pick the region of a complex lookbook. With the option to display lookbooks as grids, you may display more banners than normal, increasing product sales in your Shopify store. You can easily add this in both blogs and product descriptions.

With this app, you get the ability to alter titles, fonts, colors, URLs, and YouTube iframes, making it easy for you to customize your Shopify store. It is also incredibly simple to install and use, and it works flawlessly. 

Key Features

  • Lookbook Map enables you to select the territory of a complex lookbook.
  • Ability to show lookbooks as grid or masonry, allowing you to show many banners.
  • Lookbook single to show it in blog content and product description as well.
  • Easily customize title, text, font, colors, border, URL, YouTube iframe, and Google Maps iframes.
  • Simple and easy to install and use.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Price: It offers a 10-day free trial with a paid plan priced at $10/month.

Shopify app link

5. Lookbook Image + Video Gallery

by AAAeCommerce Inc

Lookbook Image Shopify App

This app comes with analytic reports that give you a better understanding of the clicks and most clickable photographs in the galleries. Product tagging lets you tag several products on your images to drive buyers directly to the product pages. The responsive design and build of the app allow buyers to flawlessly view this on their mobile or iPads.

With numerous unique galleries, you can better target your potential customers. Upload multiple images and videos in a single click. YouTube/Vimeo video galleries let you upload videos and thumbnails independently.

Key Features

  • Create multiple custom image galleries.
  • Upload multiple images and videos in a single click.
  • YouTube/Vimeo video gallery to create and add different videos and thumbnails separately.
  • Responsive design works perfectly on mobile and iPads.
  • Analytic reports for a better understanding of the clicks and most clickable images on the galleries.

Rating: 4.4/5.0

Price: It offers a 30-day free trial and a paid plan priced at $9/month.

Shopify app link

6. Image/Photo Gallery, Portfolio

by Zifyapps

Image/Video Gallery Shopify App

We all know mobile users make up more than half the traffic of any website and this app surely keeps this in mind. With its mobile responsive design, you can easily add image galleries to your Shopify store and attract your target customers. 

With its numerous layouts and effects to pick from, it allows you to display your portfolio, image gallery, and video wherever in your shop without fear. With custom CSS, you can simply tinker with it to create it to match the appearance of your store theme.

It’s also incredibly simple to add, modify, or reorder your photographs for a more accurate depiction of your items. It allows you to simply adjust many parts of the portfolio gallery albums page, such as the layout, title, color, and text size. Mass uploads allow you to simply upload photographs in bulk and swiftly place them in line with your Shopify shop.

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly portfolios.
  • Custom CSS for better customization.
  • Unlimited bulk image uploads. 
  • Various effects, layouts, and lightbox to choose from.
  • Ability to customize various aspects such as title, color, and text size.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE, $4.99/month, $9.99/month, and $19.99/month. A 7 day free trail is also available.

Shopify app link 

7. Lookbook

by Mod Media

Lookbook Shopify App

This app gives you the power to attach markers directly to your items, thus helping you to boost your overall product sales. You can quickly order the pages in your store using its simple yet efficient drag and drop interface. With this app, you can pick a primary image for releasing your lookbook to make it more appealing.

You can also simply decide how you want your lookbook to be displayed using the themes themselves. It also offers the option to connect your lookbook straight to your navigation, which is useful. The app lets you use any picture allocated to an item as the rollover image for your marker. You can also quickly adjust the display information for each store item, e.g. title, price, and image.

Key Features

  • Ability to link markers to any product or URL.
  • Simple drag and drop interface for ordering the pages.
  • Set the main image for launching your Lookbook.
  • Select how your Lookbook should be displayed via themes.
  • Ability to connect your lookbook to your navigation.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: It offers a 7-day free trial with one paid plan priced at $29/month.

Shopify app link

8. Gallerify ‑ Product Gallery

by Ecloto Designs

Product Gallery Shopify App

Gallerify, ranked eighth on our list, is an excellent option for a lookbook app for your Shopify business. The customizable gallery lets you control and customize it as per your liking. It also gives you direct access from your product's and collection's admin page, which works flawlessly.

Not only that, but it also features a completely responsive design, which means it always looks good and gives you more adaptability than normal. With its global gallery function, you can easily add a gallery for all of your store's goods or just one. It also allows you to personalize many parts of the gallery.

Key Features

  • Highly customizable gallery for more customizations.
  • Direct access from the collection's admin panel.
  • Fully Responsive Design for more versatility.
  • Ability to customize various gallery aspects such as its layout and advanced animations.
  • Global gallery to add a gallery to all products of the store.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE, ADVANCED ($9.99/month), PRO ($19.99/month), and CUSTOM ($30/month).

Shopify app link 

9. XO Gallery

by Xopify

XO Gallery Shopify App

Save time by uploading bulk product images in a single click. You also don't have to worry about the number of images you use every time. With its infinite galleries and unlimited image capability, simply add a new image gallery for your store offerings.

It also allows multiple galleries on a single page, which is useful for showcasing various goods on your store's website. The responsive design enables you to properly display your Shopify store on all devices. You can also embed your gallery anywhere in your business, allowing you to play with it to get the most out of your product gallery.

Key Features

  • Unlimited galleries with unlimited images.
  • Ability to embed galleries anywhere.
  • Supports multiple galleries on a single page.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • Bulk image upload to save more time.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE, BASIC ($5.95/month), and PRO ($14.95/month). A 7 day free trial is also available.

Shopify app link

10. Shoppable Photo Gallery Maker

by ZINation

Shoppable Photo Gallery Shopify App

Transform your PDFs into digital lookbooks and construct multiple lookbooks like picture sliders, and photo galleries to offer a better shopping experience to your buyers. Also, with the option to offer discounts and bespoke pricing for your VIP clients, you can provide extra incentives to your VIP consumers, strengthening brand loyalty.

You may also create your layout using numerous custom components that you think are appropriate for your shop. You may also include product labeling, which helps to drive more visitors to your business and hence increase sales. The app also allows you to take orders from inside the lookbook. Reduce your workload by automation to send invoices to your customers.

Key Features

  • Convert PDFs into digital lookbooks such as image sliders, and photo galleries.
  • Apply Discounts and bespoke pricing for VIP clients.
  • Utilize custom resources to design your layouts.
  • Add product tagging to your business to increase traffic.
  • Accept order inside the lookbook. 

Rating: 3.7/5.0

Price: Free

Shopify app link

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Add a Lookbook to Your Shopify Store?

You can add lookbook to your Shopify store by simply following these simple steps:

  • Navigate to Products > Collections and click Add Collection
  • Add a Title, and an image, then define the collection as a MANUAL and the template as a collection.lookbook and Save the collection.
  • After the collection has been formed, choose which products will appear in the "Products" section.
  • Now create a product in the Products section then add the product name and assign the collection with the tag, "lookbook-slider" and Save tag, "lookbook-slider" changes.

Now that you've established the Collection and the Product, you should see a picture on the lookbook page. Click on the image, and you should be redirected to the collection page, which should have an image at the top and the items beneath it.

Wrapping Up

Lookbook apps are quite important when it comes to offering a better digital experience and boosting your Shopify sales. However, selecting the right app for your Shopify store can be daunting, and with so many options available, you may get confused. To make things simpler for you, above we evaluated the 10 best Shopify lookbook apps for your store in 2022, based on user reviews, ratings, pricing, and features.

If you think we missed any popular and excellent lookbook app which was worth mentioning, please leave us an email at Want to grow your Shopify store, subscribe to our newsletter 📧and receive our in-depth Shopify guides.

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