6 Best Shopify Order Management Apps You Can Find in 2022

June 30, 2022

The 6 Best Shopify Order Management Apps You Can Find in 2022

Are you an entrepreneur running a Shopify online store and looking for a way to effectively manage your orders? You want to fulfill online orders, plan order routes, print shipping labels, track shipping orders, and more, but don't know where to start. Don't worry, we've got you covered up! We have done the legwork for you and created a list of the 7 best Shopify order management apps you can find in 2022.

These order management apps will reduce your workload by automating the tasks like shipping, order tracking, order editing, inventory management, and a lot more. With these apps, you can streamline your order management process, save time, ensure your customers get the best shopping experience, and significantly increase your sales.

To help you select the best app, we created this review list after thoroughly analyzing the app ratings, reviews, features, UI/UX, support, and pricing. Without any further ado, let's get started!👇

5 Benefits of Using an Order Management System For Shopify

In this digital world where the competition between the eCommerce stores is growing every day, you need an efficient and reliable order management system (OMS) to stay ahead of the competition. To get a better understanding of the subject, take a look at the top 6 benefits of using such systems.

  • Minimizes your inventory costs: One of the key benefits of using an OMS is its ability to use automation to bring down your inventory management costs. These systems allow you to automate tasks using triggers such as the delivery method selected, weight, and value, which remove the need for manual labor and save time. 
  • Streamline warehouse operations: You get a complete overview of your warehouse, inventory, and courier service from a single platform. You also get real-time updates on orders, shipments, and inventory, and all can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  • Dispatch orders quickly and more accurately: These systems eliminate the need for manual monitoring of your Shopify stores as orders come. You get real-time updates as orders are received, all the way to shipments being dispatched within a single platform. With automated order fulfillment systems like these, users can easily track the current progress of their orders and also search order history if any information about a previous or completed order is needed. 
  • Connect multiple sales channels from a centralized system: One of the key benefits of an order management system is its ability to connect multiple sales channels to minimize complicated tasks and automate time-consuming tasks to save time and reduce human error. You can easily integrate it with marketplaces, inventory systems, shopping carts, accounting systems, couriers, and warehouse management systems. As all sales channels are connected with a centralized system, you can easily update them and prevent your store from stockouts and eliminate the risk of overselling. 
  • Data-driven decisions: You can access all business information from a centralized system and get a deeper understanding of your stock levels. With these insights, you can better forecast and plan demand to efficiently manage your stocks.

Let's Explore The 6 Best Order Management Apps For Shopify 

1. Stock&Buy

by Stock&Buy

Stock&Buy by Stock&Buy

This order and inventory management app let you have better control over your inventory and costing. You can sync inventory levels in real-time, create listings for once and sync them across all your stores. Efficiently manage purchased orders, do cost tracking, and keep track of profits and losses. Inventory reports include stock on hand, low inventory, and reports on inventory forecasts for accurate planning. 

It lets you manage your inventory across multiple warehouse locations and smoothly transfer it from one place to another. With its bundling and kitting feature, you can effortlessly manage the inventory of components, finished goods, and sub-assemblies across multiple locations in real-time. 

Easily track transaction history reports, late orders, and payments.

Key Features

  • Monitor the performance of all your buyers, products, and stores.
  • Demand forecasting lets you properly plan and prevent overstocking or understocking.
  • Track transaction history reports late orders and payments.
  • Efficiently manage your inventory across multiple warehouse locations.
  • Smooth re-stocking and refunds.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: BASIC PRICE ($149/month) along with a 14-day free trial.

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2. Order Management Live Tracker

by LogBase

Order Management Live Tracker by LogBase

Being one of the best order management apps for Shopify, this app lets you track the live status of order preparation in warehouses, restaurants, or kitchens. You can efficiently track order packaging in a remote warehouse and avoid any unnecessary manual communication. For better accessibility, you can allow your delivery staff to manage orders from their smartphones by the delivery date and reduce the hassle of doing manual printing.

Whether you're at your office, out for a vacation, or working from home, you can track the live status of your orders from any device (desktop, mobile, or tablet). You can move your orders across new, in progress, ready, and completed status. Stay prepared and never miss out on new orders by getting notified through alarms. 

The app comes with a thoughtfully designed user interface that helps you increase your productivity manifold. Receive product-wise order preparation reports and set up 7 different order stages.

Key Features

  • Track the live status of your order preparations in warehouses, restaurants, or kitchens and avoid delays or missing out.
  • Enable delivery staff to have the order list on their smartphone by delivery date.
  • Easily track the live status of your orders from any device i.e. desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Stay on top of your every Shopify order by getting notified through alarms.
  • Move orders across new, in progress, ready, or completed status.
  • Filter orders, get product-wise preparation reports, and more.
  • Get instant, free, and unlimited complete app setup support over a Zoom call or chat. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

Price: The app offers affordable plans, i.e. STARTER PLAN ($7.99/month), and SMART PLAN ($12.99/month). Apart from these affordable plans, you also get a 14-day free delivery.

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3. Orderify

by Customer First focus

Orderify by Customer First focus

This app lets customers make changes in order without getting frustrated and slow back and forth with the support team. This enhances their shopping experience and encourages them to purchase more from you without getting worried about the returns. Customers can conveniently edit/cancel or reorder their orders from the status page, customer account page, and order confirmation SMS/email.

The app takes only 10-15 minutes to set up.

Key Features

  • Customers can conveniently make changes to their orders.
  • Customers can edit/cancel or re-order from 3 locations.
  • Increases sales.
  • Easy to use.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: $4.99/month along with a 30-day free trial.

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4. Order Tagger ‑ Auto Tags Flow

by Shop Circle

Order Tagger ‑ Auto Tags Flow by Shop Circle

Repetitive tasks consume a large part of our time, but what if we could automate some of them? This app lets you automate repetitive tasks like tagging orders, so you can keep going without any interruption. To keep your orders organized, you can create infinite workflows to add tags based on online items, zip codes, order attributes, delivery date, existing smart tags, inventory levels, etc.

You can tag orders from consumers with several open orders, which contain out-of-stock items, fulfillment location, and orders that have been canceled to make sure they are not fulfilled. The app uses multiple conditions to tag orders. The workflows are triggered at different stages of the fulfillment process, like when an order is created, fulfilled, canceled, and abandoned. 

Key Features

  • Apply fixed tags when an order matches your workflow.
  • Shopify Plus merchants can use their flow connector to trigger creative workflows.
  • Make infinite workflows to add tags based on line items, zip, order attributes, inventory levels, delivery date, etc.
  • Automatically tag orders based on multiple conditions.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Price: FREE (FREE), and BASIC ($15.99/month). You also get a 7-day free trial.

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5. Order Merger | Combine orders

by Stilyo

Order Merger | Combine orders by Stilyo

Use automation to merge or combine orders and save money on shipping and make tracking orders easier for your customers. By merging orders and shipping them together as one, you make things easier for your customers and simultaneously save your time and money. You can also control what you want to do with the old and new orders, and add some notes or tags to every single order associated with the merge.

You can merge orders based on fulfillment status, customer tag, order tag, shipping address, carriers, and much more. It lets you add order notes, and order tags, cancel original orders, and control order names, shipping, discounts, and tax names.

Key Features

  • Create your own rules to automatically merge orders.
  • Add tags or notes to every merged order.
  • Manage refund cases to the past orders.
  • Merge orders based on matching client ID + shipment address.
  • Easy to use.

Rating: 4.3/5

Price: Plans are as follows: PAY PER MERGE (FREE), BASIC PLAN ($9.99/month), PRO PLAN ($19.99/month), and ADVANCED ($49.99/month). A 14-day free trial is also available.

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6. SKULabs

by SKULabs

SKULabs by SKULabs

This is another multichannel inventory management and shipping system. It accurately measures your warehouse inventory and syncs with all your channels. You can use this to scan to count items, receive, or pick inventory. To help you save some shipping charges, it compares charges between several carriers and shows you the best deal. 

You can print shipping labels from any device. To keep your precious customers updated, you can send them all the shipping and tracking information. It lets you create a purchase order before the stocks get to their low. Effectively manage bundles, kits, and their contents. 

Key Features

  • Print barcode labels for quick counting and receiving.
  • Do stock changes in bulk.
  • Streamline your team's picking and packing process.
  • Accurately manage your warehouse inventory and sync to all your sales channels.
  • Real-time inventory data for interruption-free supply.

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: BASIC ($499/month), PRO ($799/month), and ENTERPRISE ($1,199/month). No free trial is available.

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Final Word

The order management process starts as soon as the customer places the order and ends when the customer receives its order. In between these 2 points, there are multiple processes that play a crucial role in the entire shopping journey. Customers want their shopping experience as seamless as possible and as a store owner, you want to surpass their expectations and offer them an unmatchable experience.

These above-mentioned 6 best Shopify order management apps will help you do all these things to ensure consistent growth in your sales and profits. Apart from order management, some of these apps can be used for inventory management or order tracking

If you think we missed any excellent app which was worth mentioning, please let us know at marketing@logbase.io. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter 📧 and receive our in-depth growth guides for Shopify stores.

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