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9 Best Page Builder Apps For Shopify To Boost Sales [2024]

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April 24, 2024

Are you a busy entrepreneur running an online store, and you can’t get time to look for the best page builder apps for optimizing your Shopify store? Don’t worry; we have undertaken the research on your behalf. We have compiled a list of the 9 best page builder apps for Shopify by thoroughly looking at the ratings, reviews, features, and other comparative parameters.

These apps will help you increase your sales by making your store more user-friendly. With just a drag and drop, you can bring an element from your app’s library straight onto your page. Page builder apps also let you customize everything and add third-party integrations like Shopify trust badges, social proof, forms, or reviews.   

As much as Shopify has proven to be the most powerful eCommerce platform for digital entrepreneurs, you still need page builder apps to improve your store’s outlook. So, let’s get right into it!👇

Tips to Get the Best Page Builder Shopify Apps

Many Shopify landing page builder apps, so finding the best might not be easy. What then should you look for in these Shopify page design apps? Here are some of the tips you should take note of:

Is it easy to use?

You should be able to drag and drop pages in your store without worrying about design skills or coding experience. 

Is it SEO-friendly?

Shopify design apps consider SEO factors like images, meta descriptions, titles, and page loading that influence your store’s optimization and boost its search engine rankings.

Does it have pre-made templates?

These templates should feature massive element libraries, vary in different industries, and you should be able to customize them fully.

How responsive is it?

No customer will want to waste time on your store if it is unresponsive. Ensure that your Shopify store’s pages work perfectly and respond to all intelligent devices.

Let’s Uncover the 9 Best Shopify Builder Apps

1. PageFly Landing Page Builder

by PageFly

PageFly Landing Page Builder by PageFly

PageFly landing page builder is a powerful tool being used by many stores that have incorporated it to offer stunning storefronts. As a Shopify store owner, you might want to join the party! This app allows you to publish high-quality product pages whether you are a small, medium-sized, or Shopify plus store owner.

You can create any page you want, such as about-us pages, blog pages, collection pages, contact us pages, and coming soon pages. Other pages include FAQ, pricing, product, and sales landing pages. The app’s element library features a content display for animation, accordion, color swatches, images, product variants, slideshow, and many more, pre-made templates and sections, and ratings and reviews. 

Key Features

  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Full access to a huge library of elements.
  • Themes are fully compatible with Shopify.
  • Live chat support.
  • High loading speed.
  • Mobile responsiveness

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: FREE (Free), PAY AS YOU GO ($29/month), and ENTERPRISE ($199/month).


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2. Zeno Landing Page Builder

by Zenonian

Zeno Landing Page Builder by Zenonian

Getting a powerful product page builder is not an easy task, especially if you are too busy to do comprehensive research. With Zeno, you can utilize drag and drop elements like built-in add-ons (announcement bar, currency converter, and many more), display, store content, and social platforms.

You also get full control of all pages including blogs, cart page, collection page, the home page, product page, sales landing page, and many more!

Key Features

  • Ability to build any type of page.
  • Flexible building blocks.
  • Unlimited page revisions.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Fully customizable and responsive.
  • Live chat technical support.
  • High converting templates.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: COMMUNITY (Free), STARTER ($19/month), and PROFESSIONAL ($29/month). A 10-day free trial is also available.

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3. LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder

by LayoutHub

LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder by LayoutHub

Building a professional online store with a high conversion rate is always challenging for many eCommerce businesses. LayoutHub is a Shopify landing page builder that understands the fix you are in as an online store owner. This app features pre-designed blocks and layouts that help you set up your Shopify store quickly.

You can also create pages such as an about-us page, blog list page, collection page, contact-us page, the home page, and many more. On top of that, LayoutHub is also simple & easy to use, SEO friendly, and can be used by non-technical people.

Key Features

  • Huge layout & sections of the library.
  • Customizable product pages.
  • One-click preview and publish.
  • The dashboard allows you to quickly choose and customize the layout.
  • Mix blocks or sections with drag & drop.
  • Responsive and compatible with all smart devices.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: FREEMIUM (Free), BASIC ($14.99/month), PRO ($29.99/month), and PREMIUM ($59.99/month). 

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4. Automizely Page Builder 

by Automizely & AfterShip

Automizely Page Builder by Automizely & AfterShip

Are you an online store owner looking for an effective and simple way of building your eCommerce business, but haven’t had much success in finding the best Shopify builder for your store? Automizely lets you create and customize amazing landing pages to your satisfaction with unique templates and publish them in a snap! This app also offers a user-friendly interface, simple and outstanding user experience, mobile responsiveness, and fast page load speeds.

With this app, your clients also get professional-looking templates that meet their requirements. The app also supports all page types including: about us pages, blog posts, collection pages, contact pages, FAQ pages, the home page, and product pages. This Shopify design app also features an analytics dashboard that enables you to monitor key page metrics such as add-to-cart percentages, total subscribers, and visitors.

Key Features

  • Responsive landing pages.
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor.
  • UI/UX optimized templates.
  • Unlimited page design options.
  • Advanced style settings.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: FREE (Free to install), ESSENTIALS ($35/month), and PRO ($95/month). 

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5. Shogun Page Builder

by Shogun Labs, Inc.

Shogun Page Builder by Shogun Labs, Inc.

Do you want to create fast-loading and remarkable storefronts? If you do, Shogun Page Builder is your go-to app! When using this app, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned designer. Shogun is simple enough for first-timers and powerful enough for experienced development and design teams.

The app also features a codeless editor that lets you save all your creations. The lazy loading and image compression tools provide all the necessary services without compromising on page speeds. You can also create custom elements using CSS, HTML/Liquid, or JavaScript.

Key Features

  • A/B testing to optimize conversions.
  • Analytics dashboard to monitor page performance.
  • Content scheduling for managing campaigns.
  • Fully customizable templates.
  • Huge library of elements.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: BUILD ($39/month), MEASURE ($99/month), and TEAM ($299/month). A 10-day free trial is also available.

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6. Hypervisual Page Builder

by Sunset + Lincoln

Hypervisual Page Builder by Sunset + Lincoln

For many eCommerce entrepreneurs, optimizing site content and boosting its ranking in search engines has proven to be a headache. But this Shopify visual builder has a solution to all your problems! Hypervisual boasts of successful bouts with many online store owners. This app works for blog posts, collections, homepage, pages, as well as products, so you can create stunning landing pages in a few seconds!

The app also features an add-to-cart form for all collections or products. Furthermore, it also ensures SEO-friendly page content which is immediately served to your clients along with the site. And nothing pleases an online shopper more than a site that loads faster!

Key Features

  • Ability to create stunning pages with no coding.
  • Built-in email opt-in forms to capture signups.
  • Fast page load.
  • SEO-friendly page content.
  • Seamless layout across all smart devices.

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: MERCHANT ($9.95/month), PRO ($24/month), and ULTIMATE ($49/month). A 14-day free trial is also available.

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7. Unstack Landing Page Builder

by Unstack Inc.

Unstack Landing Page Builder by Unstack Inc.

If you are looking for a super-fast Shopify page design app, then this is it. This app gives you total control over your collections, product pages, and much more! The app also makes your product pages load faster and more responsive. With this app, your clients will browse through your store for a more extended period.

Unstack builder does not introduce codes that will render your site unresponsive or try to alter your store’s theme. In a nutshell, this Shopify product page builder offers custom collection pages & product pages. It also comes with the best page templates, a vast element library, analytics & insights, and more!

Key Features

  • No coding is needed to build pages.
  • Analytics, A/B testing, and personalization to optimize conversions
  • Live chat support.
  • Lightning-fast page load.
  • Fast & responsive landing pages.

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pricing: Pricing is as follows: STARTUP (FREE), ACQUIRE ($99/month), and RETAIN ($299/month).

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8. Zipify Pages Builder & Editor

by Zipify Apps

Zipify Pages Builder & Editor by Zipify Apps

Have you been researching the best page builder app for your Shopify store to make your campaigns better and more profitable? Well, you don’t need a developer or designer to build smarter landing pages for your online store! Zipify is a Shopify product page builder that is easily customizable and offers mobile-responsive pages. It also allows you to create endless pages & smarter sales funnels. This also hosts all pages on your store.

This app also offers the regular addition of new blocks, dedicated mobile tools, and popular features like image carousels which make it a powerful drag and drop page builder for Shopify.

Key Features

  • Dynamic product blocks to optimize your pages.
  • Sticky buttons for mobile conversions.
  • Huge library of stunning and profitable templates.
  • Ability to customize any type of page.
  • User-friendly interface.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Pricing: Plans are as follows: BASIC ($67/month) and PLUS ($97/month). A 14-day free trial is also available.

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9. Tapita Page Builder

by Tapita

Tapita Page Builder by Tapita

There are not many free Shopify page builder apps, and most of the ones that exist are not very effective. However, Tapita is a flexible and no-hassle Shopify design app that offers highly responsive pages to help you publish instantly and improve your store’s conversion rates.

The app features diverse elements, speed optimization, drag & drop, a live editor, pre-designed templates, many types of pages, and saved blocks. With this app, you can build an exceptional storefront for all your clients with smart devices. 

Key Features

  • No coding skills are needed.
  • Stunning pre-designed templates.
  • Save blocks for future use.
  • SEO & speed optimization.
  • Responsive pages on all smart devices.
  • Customize easily with CSS/HTML/JavaScript.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Pricing: Free

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Best Free Shopify Page Builder Apps?

The best free Shopify page builder apps are:

  • Unstack Landing Page Builder by Unstack Inc.
  • LayoutHub - Easy Page Builder by LayoutHub
  • Automizely Page Builder by Automizely & Aftership
  • PageFly Landing Page Builder by PageFly
  • Tapita Page Builder by Tapita

Final Word

Page builder apps help you to scale your eCommerce business by making it easy for you to customize your store. You get the ability to improve your store design, enhance user experience, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions, leading to a boost in sales and revenues. E-Commerce sites have an average bounce rate of (20-45%) and with the page builder apps, you can easily get there.

From our research, these are the best Shopify page builder apps we could come up with. However, we also recommend that you do your research to find a page-builder app that suits your Shopify store. If you come across any app that we might have left out, feel free to reach out to us at ( 

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