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How To Add A Blog To Your Shopify Store? Complete Guide [2024]

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April 24, 2024

Being one of the most effective strategies to build a long-term audience and increase website traffic, blogs are an excellent way to grow your eCommerce store, especially Shopify. Blogs also help you reach a wide range of audiences and connect with them on a deep level, thus enabling you to convert them into paying clients. Unlike traditional advertisements, blogs give you the ability to reach more targeted audiences at just a fraction of the cost.

Despite having so many benefits, several Shopify store owners tend to miss the opportunity of using blogs to drive traffic. Many of them find adding a blog to their Shopify store hard. So to make things simpler for you and enable you to overtake your competitors, we created this comprehensive guide on how to add a blog to your Shopify store? This guide will help you to better serve your target audience and give you the ability to promote your products and services to drive sales. Let’s get right into it.👇

Methods to Add a Blog To Your Shopify Store

To help you conveniently add a blog, there are 4 main ways we will be discussing today.

1. By Utilizing Shopify’s Inbuilt Blog Feature

Every Shopify store has a prebuilt blog area provided in it called News that enables you to create blogs on Shopify. To access it, you may simply start by following the below steps:

Step 1: Log in to Shopify admin and navigate to the Sales channel's area.  

How To Add A Blog To Your Shopify Store?

Step 2: Click on Online Store and select Blog posts.

Step 3: Navigate to Create Blog Post button and select it.

How To Add A Blog To Your Shopify Store?

By clicking on it, you will be sent to add blog posts menu. Here, you may use various settings and functionalities to create the blog articles your customers will love to read.

After posting the blog article, you may also make a few adjustments to this default blog under the Blog posts area by choosing Manage blogs at the top of your screen. By clicking this button, you will be sent an overview of the blogs that are currently available on your Shopify store.

Simply click on the blog you wish to update, which is usually the default News blog you are currently working on. Here, you may easily alter your blog's title, and how comments are handled and select a template for your blog's design.

This page also shows you a sample of how your blog could appear in search results. By selecting Edit website SEO, you may specify which title, description, and URL you want to show in search results.

How To Add A Blog To Your Shopify Store?

2. By Using Shopify Blog Apps 

You may also use a blog builder app to create and add a blog to your Shopify store. With various functionalities to choose from, these apps make it simple to create stunning blogs for your Shopify store. Blog apps also allow you to keep your readers engaged by showcasing the most relevant blog posts to them. 

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3. By Linking An External Blog

If you already happen to own a blog on an external platform such as WordPress, Tumblr, or any other. You may easily link that external blog with your Shopify store by adding your navigation link.

  • To do this, you may simply navigate to Online Store > Navigation. This is where your top bar navigation links appear.
  • Click Add Menu Item in the menu where you want the blog link to appear, or choose an existing menu item to modify and click Edit.
  • Enter the link's name, such as "Our Blog," and then paste the link to your blog's URL.
  • You may now proceed by saving the menu.

4. By Utilizing a Page Builder App

You may also utilize a page-builder app to do this. Page builder apps make it easy for you to build advanced landing pages and blog post pages. You may use these to create beautiful blogs which your visitors would love to visit. These also make your pages look a lot nicer than the default blog post layouts provided by Shopify.

Some page builders also often provide you with a drag and drop editor, which makes building pages much easier than before. The procedures and features these apps offer differ from one another. However, the overall functionalities of these apps remain the same. Some of these apps also come with various templates to make it easier for users to create blogs accordingly.

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Wrapping Up

Many people don’t know the fact that Shopify also allows you to create blogs in your store. Due to this, they often end up creating an external blog, which often results in reducing the overall user conversion rates. This ultimately affects your store’s overall performance. To solve this, many users tend to find ways to add a blog directly to their Shopify store. However, with so many ways to consider, they often get confused as to which one they should follow. To make this simpler for them, we did all the leg work required. 

Above, we discussed the methods you may employ to add a blog to your Shopify store. Hope our guide on how to add a blog to your Shopify store helped you to create more stunning blogs and drive sales of your products/services.

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