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How to Sell Services on Shopify?

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July 5, 2024


Did you know that Shopify isn't just for selling physical products? 

You can also use it to sell your services too!

Whether it's fitness classes, vehicle repairs, or any other services, Shopify’s powerful e-commerce platform simplifies the booking process, enhances customer satisfaction, and supports business growth. 

In this blog, you will learn how to sell services on Shopify using the Bookeasy app, making scheduling and managing appointments a breeze.

What type of services can I sell on Shopify?

On Shopify, you can sell a wide range of services, including:

  1. Consulting Services: Such as business consulting, financial advice, or career coaching.
  2. Health and Wellness Services: Such as fitness training, nutrition counseling, or therapy sessions.
  3. Beauty and Personal Care Services: Such as hairstyling, beauty treatments, or spa services.
  4. Educational Services: Such as online courses, tutoring, or workshops.
  5. Event Services: Such as event planning, photography, or catering.
  6. Repair and Maintenance Services: Such as vehicle repairs, appliance repairs, or home maintenance.
  7. Professional Services: Such as legal services, accounting, or marketing consultations.
  8. Creative Services: Such as graphic design, content writing, or video production.
  9. Travel Services: Such as travel planning, tours, or vacation rentals.
  10. Subscription Services: Such as monthly coaching programs, fitness memberships, or digital content subscriptions.

Watch the video below to understand how to sell services on Shopify

Why You Need a Shopify App to Sell Services

While Shopify lets you add services as products, it doesn't support adding date and time slots for appointments. 

For this, you can use an appointment booking app.

Before choosing an app, consider these points:

  • Flexible to set up
  • User friendly 
  • Affordable cost
  • Mobile compatibility
  • 24*7 support

A quick suggestion for you 👉 Appointment Booking app - Bookeasy

As the first step, install the Bookeasy app and enable the app in the theme editor section.

8 Key Features to Sell Your Services on Shopify

To effectively sell your services, you’ll need to have several key features in your Shopify store.

1. Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers the freedom to book appointments when it works best for them. 

Whether they need vehicle repairs, want to join a fitness class, or schedule a consultation, offering flexible booking options significantly improves their overall experience with your services.

2. Multiple Service Locations

If your business has multiple locations, allow your customers to select the one that suits them best. 

This option is especially beneficial for businesses such as car rentals and chain salons, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all.

3. Preferred Team Member Selection

Give your customers the option to schedule appointments with their preferred team members. 

This is especially important for businesses like salons, where clients often have a preferred stylist, or in clinics, where patients prefer specific specialists.

This feature enhances customer satisfaction by accommodating individual preferences.

4. Multi-Day Booking

For services that span several days, like workshops, training sessions, or hotel stays, offer your customers the flexibility to book multiple days at once. 

This convenience allows them to plan their schedules and ensures they get the time they need.

5. Advanced Scheduling

If your business needs preparation time, allow your customers to schedule appointments well in advance. 

This is perfect for bakeries, spas, salons, and restaurants. It helps both you and your customers plan better and manage time more efficiently.

6. Capacity Control

If your service works best with a limited number of participants, you can limit the number of appointments per slot to ensure optimal service delivery. 

For example, you might want to cap the number of bookings for a fitness class or a training session to keep the class size manageable and maintain quality.

7. Post-Service Payment

Not all services need to be paid for upfront. 

For those situations where payment is typically made after the service—like doctor’s appointments, legal services, and house cleaning—you can provide a post-service payment option. 

This approach can make things more convenient for your clients and help build trust.

8. Product-Free Appointments

If you offer services like health consultations or counseling sessions, you likely don't need to include any products. 

In your Shopify store, you can easily set up appointments without linking them to any products. 

These features keeps things simple and straightforward for both you and your clients

How to sell services on Shopify?

Follow the below steps to enable the appointment booking slot for your services.

1. Add your service as a product in your store.

2. Click on apps → Bookeasy→ Appointments→ Add appointments

3. Name your appointment.

4. If you have multiple types of services, add it from the “Link products” section.

5. Use the “Add location” section if you have stores in multiple locations. This helps the customer to choose their preferred location.

6. Select the team members for the service that you are offering. Your customer can choose their preferred team member for the service.

7. You can specify the time slots when you offer service. Your customer can choose the time slot convenient for them while booking.

8. Specify the lead time in minutes, hours, or days for the customer to make an appointment for a service. 

Here, you can set the number of bookings a customer can make per session.

You can also set the capacity based on appointment, product, team member, location or team member and location. Select the option based on your requirement.

9. If you have days when services are unavailable, you can specify that in the Blackout slots section. 

Those days will be grayed out when the customer books an appointment.

Once you have done the entire setup, save the settings and your store is all set to sell services on Shopify.

This is how the customer would see in the store.

Appointment without product

If you offer services like health consultations, counseling, nutritional advice, etc., and don’t need a product in your store, you can select the “Appointment without product” option in the settings and this will be seen in the home page of your store.

Stores using Bookeasy app for selling their services

Lake Augusta Cabins - a US-based Boat Rental Service Provider

What do they say about the Bookeasy app?


“We've added a boat rental service at our Minnesota resort this year and integrated an online booking system for easy reservations and payments. 

The app has been user-friendly, and the demo/setup call with the customer success team was incredibly helpful. 

The app is constantly improving and adding features. Overall, it's been a fantastic experience!”

Rainbow flower celebrate - A Canadian Decor Service Provider

What do they say about the Bookeasy app?


After testing four other booking apps on the Shopify App Store, I found Bookeasy, which immediately stood out. The other apps lacked essential functions, but Bookeasy exceeded my expectations.

The app is intuitive, flexible, and allows seamless adjustments to meet our needs. Its versatility in enabling bookings with or without a linked Shopify product proved invaluable.”

What type of services do you sell on your Shopify store?

Selling services on Shopify can transform your businesses by simplifying the operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. With the right appointment booking app, like Bookeasy, you can efficiently manage bookings, offer flexibility, and grow your business.

Ready to elevate your service-based business on Shopify? 

Try Bookeasy today and experience the most easy and efficient booking management!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I sell services on Shopify? 

Yes, you can definitely sell your services on Shopify. All you need to do is, install the Bookeasy app, add your services and start selling.

2. What types of services can I sell on Shopify? 

You can sell a wide range of services on Shopify, including consulting, health and wellness, beauty and personal care, education, events, repairs and maintenance, professional services, creative services, travel, and subscription services.

3. Can I offer appointments without linking to a product? 

Yes, Using the Bookeasy app in your store, you can set up appointments without linking them to any products. This is ideal for services like health consultations or counseling sessions.

4. How do I handle appointments and scheduling on Shopify? 

You can use an appointment booking app like Bookeasy to handle appointments and scheduling. This allows customers to choose dates and times, select preferred team members, and book multiple days if needed.

5. What if I need help setting up my booking system? 

Most booking apps, like Bookeasy, offer excellent customer support to help you with setup and any inquiries. You can schedule a setup meeting to get personalized assistance.

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