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How Do You Do Holiday Marketing On Shopify - Ultimate Guide

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April 5, 2024

The Holiday Season of 2022 is here. Holidaying and shopping go hand in hand and as a store owner, this is your perfect opportunity to perk up your sales and garner more revenue.

Last year, Shopify reported that Shopify store owners made a whopping $6.3 billion in sales globally between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a 23% increase from 2020

If you have been preoccupied with thoughts like how do I market a Shopify holiday store, how do I start a holiday marketing campaign, or what is the best form of holiday marketing, then keep reading. 

In this blog, we will break down eleven cool ways to boost your holiday marketing on Shopify by getting your store holiday-ready this year. Plus, we will give you specific insights into how you can amp up your Shopify store for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. 

Top Shopify holiday marketing campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year 

Black Friday - Cyber Monday is one of the most spending occasions, with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year following soon after. As a result, it is the season for high sales turnovers. 

So how do you get there? Optimize your landing pages. 

Landing pages are one of the best ways for any online store owner to take advantage of the increased traffic and boost sales. With a high-converting landing page, you can quickly generate a month's worth of sales in just a few days. 

A study shows that the top 25% of landing pages convert at 5.3% or higher relative to the average conversion rate of 2.35%.  

The structure of a landing page is key to increasing conversions; by enhancing first impressions, establishing trust, capturing email leads, and proving social proof.

So this is it. Along with all the means of marketing, from direct sales to social network promotion, optimizing your landing page is the way to go.

A landing page widens brand awareness, drives traffic, and increases sales. The things that make landing pages for the holiday season stand out are listed below:

Focus on a specific goal 

BFCM landing page

A Black Friday Cyber Monday landing page focuses on one goal: announcing your upcoming BFCM sales, focusing on one targeted audience type. This way, the landing page will gain more traction, getting the customers to act. 

Simplify customer’s decision-making  

With a landing page, customers will end up checking the home page, which would have tons of information different from what they want. So a landing page takes them directly to the BFCM sales page, where the real deal is.   

Increase Conversion Rate 

Focus on the right niche and target audience and structure your BFCM landing page accordingly. The true head-turner is a sensible landing page with a direct call to action.  

Track data and insight easily 

Monitoring the conversion rate and incoming leads is used to track if the campaign reaches the right customers, achieving the specific goals. Landing pages are an essential part of the marketing campaign as they give knowledge and statistics on how the campaign works and how far it has improved compared to the previous efforts. 

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Tips to make a perfect landing page: 

Headline and content 

The best way to hit success over a headline is to go with BFCM sales encouraged to highlight the season's best deal. It can be something like this: BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY SALES. 

Another way is to mention the discount or a deal such as SAVE 50% ON SEASON SPECIALS or BUY ONE, GET ONE (BOGO). 

Another choice is to place a discount code like DISCOUNT CODE, leading them to SHOP NOW as a call-to-action. 

Background, video, and color theme 

The primary color of the landing page must be in sync with the overall color theme of other pages related to the upcoming holiday events. BFCM is all about Shopify stores' holiday deals and discounts. 

Christmas and New Year remind us of gift boxes, Santa Claus, mistletoe, Christmas trees, and more. Add images and colors related to this theme, like red or dark green, to attract your customers' attention.


You can find free high-quality background images from websites like Pexels. Adding a video to the landing page is another way to make it more attractive and appealing to customers.

Call to action 

The most important requirement on your BFCM marketing checklist is CALL TO ACTION. This is where you get your customers to take action to make an actual purchase. For Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the common CTAs can be like getting a promo code after filling out a form or signing up for your newsletter about sales openings and other special events.  

It could also be an ENDING SOON countdown. But, it is the best way to get customers to make an immediate decision to make their favorite purchase before it runs out. 

Mobile Layout 

Mobile First must always be on your mind while upgrading your website for the holiday season. Whenever a user searches for the keyword "Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale" on their mobile browser, your landing page will be positioned on the top to display the results.  

Now, to the fantastic strategies to take your Shopify holiday marketing to another level.

1 Top Tips To Boost Your Holiday Marketing On Shopify


Analyze previous holiday marketing performance

Carefully analyze the success of the previous marketing campaign you ran last year. For example, if you had two to three campaigns, study the results of individual campaigns and compare the results. 

Let's say you had a pop-up store, a BFCM flash sale at your store, and a third email marketing with 10% off throughout the holiday season. Now, analyze which out of the three had the highest conversion rate. So this year, prioritize that one and include other methods alongside.

Gift Set and Combo 

Gift Set and Combos  

Gift sets and combos are always great marketing ideas for any Shopify store. It is a known fact that women are willing to buy accessories that pair well with a set of clothing they want to buy. So a gift set and a combo can be best applied to Shopify stores specializing in fashion.

Secret Promotion for Existing Customers

The holiday season is stressful for sellers and buyers alike. So naturally, buyers would want to buy their favorite products. But on the other hand, sellers want to retain customers as high-demand products run out of stock. 

Most customers will be your existing customers, and you want to satisfy them. You can create a promotion code for your current customers to avoid this. Send the code to them via email with the title that this code is exclusive.  

Upsell with a Discount on a Second Item

Upsell & Cross Sell ‑ Selleasy by LogBase

It is a smart and straightforward marketing strategy where a customer buys a product at a discounted price and is offered another discount on purchasing a second one. This is called smart marketing, which is the concept of successful upselling and cross-sells. 

For instance, a customer buys a pair of shoes from your site at a 10% discount; now, a pop-up appears with an offer for special socks at a 20% discount.  

Gift Card for a Purchase from your Shopify store

Helping your customer who buys from your Shopify store with a chance to give a special gift to their loved ones is a more appealing way of rewarding them. So it is an excellent strategy to send a gift card to your customers rather than a discount. The gift could be from your store or another one. You can run a collaborative campaign that way.  

When you find eCommerce stores with the same target audience as yours, you can collaborate to send a gift card from their store to your customers. Again, refrain from competing with products in terms of the partnership. But send your customer a gift card they can exchange to receive a gift from your partner or buy them at a lower price.

Free Shipping

Additional shipping costs are a huge no-no for your customers, especially during the holiday season. Offering free shipping for holiday sales events is a better alternative to retain customers.

Free shipping adds value to your existing customer. But you can still have a small promotion and add free shipping. Otherwise, you will not be able to compete with other eCommerce stores during the holiday season.


Your customers are your best brand ambassadors. For example, during the holiday shopping season, you can help a customer to refer a friend with a personalized gift card written by them to their friend. This is a beautiful marketing idea.

When a customer buys an item from your Shopify store, they get a discount. So when they refer your product to one friend, they get a gift card or a second discount for their next purchase. The friend they refer to also receives a special discount.

A Traditional Percentage Discount

A percentage discount is one of the best promotion ideas. For instance, if you send a gift card to your customer instead of a direct discount, you're reducing the profit and transferring it to the customer. But it is the customer's perception that high price goes with high quality.

Offering discounts on price gives an impression that they will receive a high-quality product at a lower price. So this holiday marketing strategy is always effective. But make sure that your promotion message is evident with the discount percentage. Also, ensure it stays relevant to your ad copy, content, and landing page.

Refined Shopify Store Design  

Relevancy is not only for strategizing your discount options but also extends to how your store outlook is personified. Create a matching theme that resonates with the holidays. 

As we previously mentioned optimizing landing pages, choose a theme centered around the holiday sales events. Use fonts like the white brush-style text on red or green background, and add images such as snowflake patterns or snowmen, gifts, and candy figures.

Adding relevant elements contributes to the boost in your sales, big time. Additionally, displaying a countdown clock will further boost the customers' sense of urgency and preparation. 


Holiday Email Marketing

Email is a great channel to drive many new and existing customers to your holiday marketing promotions. Utilize the power of email campaigns to drive traffic to your Shopify store. You craft the content of your email to include helpful information such as gift guides, giveaways, and holiday deals such as Subscriber-only flash sales. Offers like these are available only to those on your mailing list, and these offers grow your list for retargeting. 

Give Back to Your Local Community

The holiday season is about sharing and caring. And customers are four times more likely to purchase from brands with a strong sense of purpose. So not only as a holiday marketing strategy, but you can also give back to your local community by sharing the joy of the holiday season as a responsible member of your community.


What is a holiday campaign?

A holiday campaign is a marketing strategy specifically designed to boost holiday season sales. And it is accomplished by running different forms of advertising and promotion via multiple marketing channels to grab customers' attention. A holiday marketing campaign promotes valuable offers to customers while boosting revenue throughout the holiday season. 

Why you should pause your Shopify store?

Pausing your Shopify store is advantageous for many reasons. You get to focus on other avenues of your business. It helps you spare time and devotes more attention to other essential aspects of your business and assess how your company is doing while also getting to enjoy the vacation. 

Wrapping Up 

Our 11 best holiday marketing tips will help you achieve your big goals for significant revenue this holiday season. As you place your customers first and follow the right strategies, you are all set for unwavering success this holiday season and beyond. 

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