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9 Best Retargeting Apps For Shopify For Higher Conversions [2024]

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April 24, 2024

Are you a busy entrepreneur running a Shopify eCommerce business and looking for a way to boost your conversions? Do you want to boost your store engagement and retarget those visitors who left your Shopify store without buying anything but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered up. We have carefully curated a list of the 9 Best Retargeting Apps for Shopify to help you turn visitors into your customers. 

A little info about the retargeting apps. 

According to the Baymard Institute study, 69.57% of digital shopping carts are abandoned. It means, for every 100 visitors, 70 of them leave your store without purchasing anything. Ecommerce stores lose billions of dollars of sales revenue each year due to cart abandonment. This is where retargeting apps come into play.

Retargeting apps help you run high-return ad campaigns to retain those lost shoppers and remind them about the products they viewed or added to their cart. These apps display ads on their social media accounts, email inboxes, and other websites they visit after leaving your website. You can significantly reduce your ad budget waste with effective targeting to display tailored messages to the targeted audience. Let’s dive deep into the list.👇

Let’s Uncover the 9 Best Shopify Retargeting Apps!

1. Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads

by sixads

Easy Facebook & Instagram Ads by sixads

Being one of the best rated Shopify Ads apps, this app helps you to bring back the lost visitors and convert them into your customers. This automated advertising tool enables Shopify businesses to set up & run ads across platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram quicker and effortlessly. With their dynamic prospecting ads, you can easily promote your products to new audiences without having to manually select and upload product information. Sixads automatically pulls product images, and information directly from your website to create Facebook product catalogs and instantly updates your ads if any of this info is changed.  

You can run retargeting ads to retain your lost customers all by yourself or take help from their marketing experts to save your time and advertising spend. The app helps you create scrolling-stopping ads all by yourself with its ready-made templates and overlays. You can connect your Google and Facebook Ad accounts with a few clicks. Use upsell ads to upsell your current customers.

Key Features

  • Use automation to start a high return on ad spend (ROAS) on Instagram, Facebook, and Google ad campaigns.
  • Upsell your current customers with upsell ads.
  • Sync catalogs feed, & set up pixels.
  • Hassle-free Facebook and Google ad account integration.
  • Easy to use.

Ratings: 4.5/5.0

Price: Free to install. Paid plans start from $14.90/month.

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2. Advertising & Marketing

by AdRoll 

Advertising & Marketing by AdRoll 

Display personalized ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and 500+ networks with this advertising and marketing app. Effortlessly connect your Shopify store with AdRoll in a few clicks. Automatically import product feed to create dynamic ads to reach your target audience. Properly monitor and optimize your ROAS 24/7 with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). Use dynamic ads and emails marketing campaigns to reengage your visitors to drive results. 

Cross Channel Campaign Performance Dashboard gives a complete insight into how well your campaigns are performing. With the help of machine learning, this retargeting software lets you keep your customers engaged and find more similar ones. Their advanced audience targeting options include Demographic, Interest, Contextual, Lookalike Targeting, Retargeting, and CRM Audiences. 

Key Features

  • Show personalized ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and 500+ networks.
  • Efficiently monitor and optimize your ROAS.
  • Seamlessly integrate AdRoll with your Shopify store.
  • Get in-depth customer insights with Machine Learning.
  • Shopify Plus certified.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: STARTER (FREE), GROWTH ($25/month), and EMAIL SENDS ($19/month). A 30-day free trial is also available. 

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3. Paid Marketing 

by Shoelace

Paid Marketing by Shoelace

This app enables you to track pixels, and audiences, and increase ROI, to help you properly do your social media advertising. By using advanced tech, supportive human expertise, and data from several digital marketing campaigns, this app helps you efficiently run your retargeting campaigns. 

Having experience in developing growth strategies for emerging DTC brands, their growth marketing managers help you with creating, managing, and optimizing paid ads and email campaigns. To make you look more professional, and credible and boost customer engagement, Shoelace supports integration with Yotpo to give you the ability to use product reviews as social proof

Key Features

  • Boost engagement by sending newsletters.
  • Optimize email and paid ad campaigns.
  • Increase shopper confidence by displaying product reviews.
  • View your retargeting journey.
  • Clutter-free user interface.

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: GOOGLE ADS ($1500/month), PAID SOCIAL ($1500/month), EMAIL ($1500/month), and AUTOMATIONS ($79/month).

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4. Ako Retargeting Facebook Ads

by Akohub

Ako Retargeting Facebook Ads by Akohub

Being one of the best retargeting apps for Shopify, Ako Retargeting lets you drive up your sales by optimizing conversion rates and abandoned carts retention. Shoot up your ROI with A/B testing for several product sets and creatives. Retarget visitors who viewed your product, collection, homepage, and blog pages by running hyper-targeted ad campaigns. You also get the flexibility to opt for different rich ad formats (cover image, carousel, collection, video).

Reaching the relevant audience is crucial, and with the help of advanced segmentation, you can easily do that. You can segment visitors into groups based on their activities and show them the most relevant ads. Automatically sync your Shopify store items with the Facebook ad system through Facebook Product Feed. Use Product Catalog to create dynamic product ads and Instagram shopping. 

Key Features

  • Use carousel collection ads to run cross sell campaigns.
  • Rich ad formats to run retarget ads.
  • Sequential ad formats to avoid displaying the same ads repeatedly.
  • Maximize your ROAS by using A/B testing.
  • Easy to set up.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: STARTER (FREE), SILVER ($9/month), GOLD ($19/month), and Platinum ($49/month). 

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5. Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping

by Clever Ads

Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping by Clever Ads

Looking for a way to drive traffic through Google Shopping Ads and Google Adwords? Being one of the best Shopify retargeting apps, this tool helps you with driving traffic by using Banners and Search Ads to show ads on their favorite websites. With its quick and hassle-free installation, you can effortlessly start your Smart Shopping, Google Shopping, Display, Search, and Remarketing campaigns. 

By using automation, Clever eCommerce starts optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your budget. Automatically generate keywords based on your items and categories. Create Google Ads for Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or other events and retarget your previously interested shoppers. 

Key Features

  • Automatically set up Conversion Tracking pixels.
  • Effortlessly optimize your Google Shopping Feed.
  • Automatic keyword generation.
  • Dynamic Remarketing Ads.
  • Weekly report, dedicated account manager, and much more.

Rating: 4.4/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: BASIC (FREE), PRO ($29/month), and PREMIUM ($49/month).

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6. Dynamic Retargeting Ads

by Rontar Group OU

Dynamic Retargeting Ads by Rontar Group OU

Display ads on Google with 1000 ad impressions for free and convert your past visitors into your customers and drive up your sales. Design plays a very crucial role when it comes to building brand awareness and with this app, you can easily customize your ads to match your brand personality. Use retargeting techniques to show ads to your visitors anywhere on the web.

Configure and start your ad campaigns in just a few clicks and boost your conversions and ROI. No need for any integrations or third-party analytics to track conversions, the app dashboard lets you track conversions, revenue, and profit. 

Key Features

  • Easily customize your ads to build brand awareness.
  • Track conversions, revenue, and profits directly from the app dashboard.
  • Dynamic retargeting for better conversions.
  • Display your ads on the world's top ad networks.
  • User-friendly interface.

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE FOREVER (FREE), and PAY-AS-YOU-GO ($25/month).

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7. Retargeting for Google Ads

by AdNabu, Inc

Retargeting for Google Ads by AdNabu, Inc

Automatically set up Google Ads dynamic retargeting code across your Shopify website with no program editing required. Like any other retargeting software, the app enables you to create Google Ads to retarget users like cart abandoners, homepage viewers, etc.

This app gives you the ability to segment your audience into multiple categories based on their actions so that your ad campaigns can properly target the appropriate audience. 

Key Features

  • Integrates with Google Adwords, Ads, and Merchant Center.
  • Retarget users with 1 click.
  • Automatically segment visitors into categories based on their past activities.
  • Enjoy no code errors with AdNabu.
  • Intuitive app dashboard.

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Price: Plans are as follows: FREE FOREVER (FREE), and STANDARD ($9.99/month). A 7-day free trial is also available.

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8. Carts Guru Automated Marketing

by Carts Guru

Carts Guru Automated Marketing by Carts Guru

With Carts Guru Automated Marketing, you can combine email marketing, SMS marketing, and Facebook Messenger marketing to find customers at their favorite place and drive up your sales and ROI. Add several Shopify stores to the Carts Guru app without any additional cost. The app comes with pre-built, customizable campaigns covering almost all e-commerce use case scenarios like abandon cart, customer win-back, promotional, and post-purchase campaigns.

Every customer responds differently to certain things and to make sure you have a counter strategy for each action, this app offers numerous automated workflows that counter customer behavior.

Key Features

  • Target visitors with SMS, email, and Facebook Messenger marketing.
  • Pre-built customizable templates for every e-commerce use case.
  • Advanced dashboard to manage several stores and discounts.
  • Support is available in 5 languages.
  • Single-click integration.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: Free to install

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9. AdMonks: Automated Retargeting

by Admonks

AdMonks: Automated Retargeting by Admonks

Developed by Admonks, the app uses cutting-edge automation to increase your ad performance without burning your ad budget for failed targeting. Boost your ROAS by as high as 12 with super-focused, engaging and effective ads. Easily integrate your product catalogs with your Facebook and Instagram. Ad blockers have always hampered ad campaigns but with this app, the Pixel is made ad-block proof. 

Dynamic remarketing enables you to target store visitors and cart leavers by showing slideshow ads of the same item the previously checked. Use customer product reviews as social proof in your ads to make your brand more credible and attractive. Let automation take charge of your marketing campaigns, and you focus on what you love doing. 

Note: The app works best if your site has more than 100 views/day and has admin access to a live Facebook page.

Key Features

  • Get weekly reports of your ROAS and revenue.
  • Control which visitors to exclude from your ad campaigns.
  • Use Facebook feed image ads to re-engage visitors.
  • Save time by putting ads on autopilot.
  • Seamlessly integrate.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: Free to install

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best free Shopify retargeting apps?

  • Advertising & Marketing by AdRoll
  • Ako Retargeting Facebook Ads by Akohub
  • Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping by Clever Ads
  • Dynamic Retargeting Ads by Rontar Group OU
  • Retargeting for Google Ads by AdNabu, Inc
  • Carts Guru Automated Marketing by Carts Guru
  • AdMonks: Automated Retargeting by Admonks

Wrapping Up

The more your targeted audience see your retargeting ads, the more they get familiar with your brand, thus leading them to buy your products/services. Being the most economical and viable way to target your interested shoppers, retargeting apps become a must-have for businesses. As selecting the best retargeting apps for Shopify can be a bit of trouble and time-consuming, we made it convenient for you through this review. We shortlisted the apps based on the features, reviews, ratings, user interface, customer support, and pricing. 

If you think we missed any popular and excellent retargeting app which was worth mentioning, please leave us an email at Want to grow your Shopify store? Subscribe to our newsletter 📧 and receive our in-depth Shopify guides.

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